Tuesday, November 5, 2013


If you cannot get it on your TV, you can watch here. http://bisd-kbsd-itv.pegstream.com/

I just learned from a reader the link for the meeting is not working.  I guess the Board prefers you not watch.

Click for Agenda

Guys, I have no interest in watching adults play and act like children.  I have a billion other things to do other than watch this joke of a meeting.  Presas-Garcia has never given a rats ass about Special Needs and now she wants to use it as a weapon.  Yes, the special needs department remains a joke - it was under Rendon, Jimenez and and its current unqualified leader.  The current administrator needs to be fired - but under what standard - we are back to the Rendon standard - will Garcia use that as a standard - I think not.

Nothing will change.

Tonight's show is just that - a show - people will realize they forgot they had nothing to do and go back to doing that realizing nothing is more important than watching these children at play.


BobbyWC said...

Your comment is rejected - it is so devoid of reality - do you people drink?

I have opposed Carl Montoya since the day Escobedo and Presas-Garcia orchestrated his hiring to do their dirty work.

J Montoya can print any garbage he wants on this guy - I will never - ever come to his defense.

His injury to the district and children is irreparable - the blame is 100% on Escobedo and Presas-Garcia - he was hired as a trained monkey and that is what they got.

Now poor Cata is mad she no longer can pull his strings.

When Gonzalez was fired it was political - but in reality he needed to be fired for incompetence - if Montoya is fired it will be political =- but in reality he needs to be fired - it is that simple

Have at it Juanito - the BV will never - ever come to the defense of Carl Montoya - you have a free hand to print everything Cata pays you to print - no rebuke from the BV will be forthcoming

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

You link ot the AP above is actually the board agenda.

BobbyWC said...

Thanks will fix it right now

Bobby WC