Wednesday, November 13, 2013


The signs are clear.  No cell phones.  Yesterday all three of the privileged class looked square at the signs in front of them and said, "does not include me."  Mary Esther Garcia as a former court employee, and Luis Sorola, as an attorney certainly know the rule.

This morning I filed a formal protest over their conduct with Justice Hinojosa.  Justice Hinojosa ordered the bailiffs to confiscate the cell phones and pads of everyone using them.  The bailiff did nothing.  Mary Esther Garcia just texted away again today.  She then left and Luis Sorola showed up and opened his tablet and cell phone and went at it.  Not an ounce of respect for the court. 

The Raul Salazar case is about abuse by public figures.  Mary Esther Garcia [soon to be Sorola] has shown nothing but contempt for one of the most honorable jurist in south Texas, and she wants to be a Justice of the Peace.  Luis Sorola has shown no more respect for Justice Hinojosa than Mary Esther Garcia.

Yesterday Juan Montoya was texting away. Today he showed up an hour an a half late  - returned after lunch an hour and ten minutes late, and then left 15 minutes early, which is why he has no substantive news on the trial.  What is amazing is his hatred for the Cadriels is so intense he failed to see the importance of Roberto Cadriels testimony.  Today Montoya kept his phone on vibrate and kept on leaving the courtroom to answer it.  This disrupts the court.  I can assure you that nonsense in federal court would have the deputies escorting him out of the building.

I will file a new protest in the morning with Justice Hinojosa to demand Mary Esther Garcia, Luis Sorola and Juan Montoya explain their conduct.


Anonymous said...

BWC, hope your bloodwork goes well and that you are starting to feel better.

Anonymous said...

BWC, I hope your blood work goes well and I hope you are starting to feel better.