Monday, November 4, 2013


The city of Brownsville due to a lack of leadership has nothing to offer the people of Brownsville or Cameron county.  Tony Martinez has proven you can be educated and be clueless at the same time.  The real sad part is, he will have no problem getting reelected.  Unless someone willing to finance their own campaign to the tune of a $250,000, Tony Martinez cannot lose.  The Herald has declared a news blackout concerning any matter which shows Tony in a negative light.


Right now Commissioners Court is a place where the county moves along at a slow pace, but nonetheless moves forward.  But we need more.  I have been interviewing commissioners, and prospective candidates who have yet to announce for county judge.  There are ideas out there.  The problem is we do not have a dynamic County Judge leading the commissioners.

I see the potential in a metroplex.  It would seem that Harlingen has the upper hand with the pending medical school and eventual VA hospital.  Harlingen is going to boom.

We need a leadership which sees Brownsville and Harlingen as a joint center for a metroplex.  The key is a BH metroplex.

Joint efforts are moving the port forward for a deeper port which will increase the amount of tonnage coming through our port.  The new trans-Mexican highway from the pacific could have a major impact on our port.  I know for a fact Ernie Hernandez and Dan Sanchez support a new commercial bridge which will connect Matamoros and our port.  I have discussed this in the past and said I would only support it with assurances that an auditor is watching every penny.  Apparently the commissioners get this - so maybe this will happen.

I remain convinced Space X's only interest in Brownsville is as a pawn to get Florida to give it a better deal.  But I also get that if our elected officials believe this is good for Brownsville then they must pursue it.

No one has covered the airport and its issues like the BV.  It is the economic engine which has seen no real progress since Ernie Hernandez sat at Continental's door in Houston and would not leave until they would meet with him.  This is a true story first told to me the last time Ernie ran for mayor or city commission - I do not remember.  I have told the story before that I asked him if he used politiqueras and he said no.  But at that same time my brother-in-law turned to me and told me the story about how Ernie would not let the issue go until he convinced Continental to come to Brownsville.  This hard core reality brought our airport back to life.

Since then the airport has seen one misstep after another.  Yes we have American - which is good.  Yes for a while we had Aero-Mexico- and that was good.  But the key issue is the runway.  There has been no leadership from the city on this issue.


Click for BV History on the Runway

 Had we had leadership at the city a very long time ago the runway would have been expanded to 10,000 feet, and we may have gotten the Boeing contract.  Our city and county seem to never want to invest in a future.  For years I lobbied UTB/TSC to start job training in robotics - Simply no interest.  - now TSC simply does not have the resources to start a new job training program.  TSTC did get a grant which will allow them to start the job training in robotics.  We must prove we have trained workers in robotics before manufacturing will return to Cameron county.

Bob Hedrick was obviously the wrong person to lead the Pan Am project of bringing air cargo from South America.  But the idea remains viable.  We do not have it because the city of Brownsville under Tony Martinez is as feckless as any city can be.  Nothing except vision prevents our leaders from hiring Tony Garza to help us make contact with the trade representatives for the various South American countries involved in air cargo to the US and convince them to demand the companies currently providing the service use Brownsville as a port of entry.  Texas is so big, in the beginning the cargo coming into Brownsville could literally serve all of Texas.  Since the city refuses to lead on this issue, then it is time Commissioners Court lead on the issue.

There is only one way I would ever get behind Space X.  Build the 12,000 foot runway first, as they are promising we will get, and I will become the biggest Space X advocate in Cameron county.  Space X in terms of real job growth is a joke and does not justify the damage it may do to the environment, and the closing of Boca Chica for launches.  But the job growth which could come from a 12,000 foot, runway is enormous.

But with a feckless city commission, Brownsville will make a big mistake building the runway at the current airport.  Brownsville needs to move the airport to 511.  With the direct connection now going in between SH77/IH69 to 511, access to a new Brownsville airport will be a breeze for everyone.  Boca Chica simply cannot handle the traffic once growth comes.  No one is going to want to spend 20 minutes driving down Boca Chica to get to the airport.

On this issue city commissioners can put the issue on the agenda to start the debate.  The mayor simply does not see it.


How about we start to talk about how Commissioners Court can move the county forward instead of the endless mud-slinging.  How about we demand the candidates shut their mouths unless they can relate ideas related to turning Cameron county into the BH Metroplex.  Ideas are not enough - the candidates must prove they have studied the issue and know how to execute on their ideas.

It is time we stop the nonsense of the endless distractions and electing one official after another with no leadership and start demanding ideas and proof the candidates know how to execute on those ideas.

Who these candidates are?  The ball is in their court.  It is open to anyone and everyone.  It is for the candidates to prove their ability to lead and a viable vision for the county which is more than ideas.  The candidates must prove they know how to execute on their ideas.


Anonymous said...

Wow I just had a very similar discussion with someone last night. I was a Tony supporter but have seen that the lack of credible leadership speaks volumes. I have felt for many years that until we are willing to pay a mayor we will continue to get mordida type politics in Brownsville. The only other hope would be a native Brownsville philanthropist that sees Brownsville as his/her philanthropy IMO

BobbyWC said...

"a native Brownsville philanthropist that sees Brownsville as his/her philanthropy" Right on the mark

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

So you plan to focus on substantive typos on candidates Facebook flyers?

BobbyWC said...

Those were not typos - and in fact when the mistake was pointed out to Alex Dominguez weeks before I filed my complaint - he blew off his friend

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I agree that Space X is not the Brownsville jobs catalyst that many of our elected officials keep claiming it is. BUt they dont have the background or common sense to realize it. The reality is that it may bring a few hundred jobs, but initially those jobs will go to people who are not from Brownsville because the graduates from UTB and TSC are not qualified yet. There is a silver lining though. A very real benefit will come when those people who come down to work for SpaceX start buying homes and shopping/eating/paying taxes in Brownsville. Just my two cents.