Saturday, November 9, 2013


Regardless of what anyone thinks, who other then the BV has the promotion of Brownsville as its signature logo?  No one.  The BV is about making Brownsville everything it can be.  To get there, the BV has to talk about the good (Southmost) the bad (unethical politicians) the ugly (the politicians engaged in illegal conduct.  Brownsville is no different than any other city.  It has the good, the bad, and the ugly.

A signature aspect of the BV is ideas.  I have spent years promoting the airport and how we can make it better.  Yes, I have been begging the city for 9 years to resurface Iowa, and have failed.  But I have also pushed for the extended runway because I see the airport as an economic engine which will never move  forward without the runway.  I have pushed for a new airport on 511, because I see its growth and the unavoidable traffic problems on Boca Chica.  I have pushed our city to take the lead in bringing international air cargo from South America through our airport.

The BV is not just about pointing out the bad and ugly - it is always about ideas which can move us forward.

My long term readers know I have a special place in my heart for special needs children.  I have multiple findings against BISD for violating special needs children's rights.  I have pushed for reform.  I have bucked the consensus of inclusion to argue for smaller classes for some special needs children who cannot learn in a regular classroom.  I am so proud of this 9th grader I helped at Hanna.  This child is doing all of the work and gets all of the credit, but the child is doing the work because of the smaller classroom size.

I have spent years talking about the help so many adults need in order to get job training.  Yes, it is a cliche, but a mind is a terrible thing to waste.  I know far too many people who want job training, but none of the training offers special accommodations for their special learning needs.  I know of someone who has been with the same company for nearly 20 years and barely gets by at $10.50 an hour.  His bosses come to him to fix problems.  He is the expert on just about everything.  But he has no paper to say he is educated.  He wants the paper - but our system says no.  "You do not learn the way everyone else learns so you cannot have that paper."  But on the job he became the expert the bosses go to for solutions.  This is so profoundly wrong.

The BV is about the good, the bad, the ugly, and ideas to move Brownsville and Cameron county forward.

I hope everyday our port gets deeper and commissioners court builds that bridge.  How wonderful both will be for Brownsville.

I hope everyday that TSC can find the funding to do robotics training so we have a trained work force for new manufacturing.

I hope everyday that our city commission will open its eyes for just two seconds and see why we need to move the airport, especially now that money may come available for the 12,000 foot runway and terminal improvements.

I hope every day that our leaders will look to Kentucky and see how Republicans and Democrats came together to make industrial hemp a reality.  It uses 50% less water than cotton.  We can grow it, process it, and manufacture so many things all here in the LRGV.  Kentucky leaders see the days of tobacco are coming to an end so they are looking for a replacement crop.

I hope everyday someone anyone at UTB sees the economic benefit to both their students and our community to provide free testing for adults with special learning needs so that they can then use those test results to get accommodations in their job training.

I sit and wonder how can our leaders not see any of this.

It is not a matter of agreeing on everything.  No rational person expects everyone to agree on everything.  Diversity of ideas is key to development.  But our leaders seem to have no connection to the community and its needs. 

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