Monday, November 11, 2013


Normally, I would not reprint a letter to the editor of the Herald, but since they chose to censor Norma Hernandez, not disclose the letter they printed in her name was substantively changed, and Montoya made a big stink claiming Norma never attributed kicking a woman when she is down to Alex Dominguez - here is the real letter and not the censored letter by the Herald. "

Letter to the editor,

As as a wife and mother of two candidates,I understand that when one is a candidate ,one has to be up for all the scrutiny you can handle and then some. In recent days my daughter Erin Garcia , Justice of the Peace has done just that. Baseless accusations have been made, and a frivolous law suit was filed by Louis Sorola which now has been withdrawn by Mr Louis Sorola .

It was brought to my attention that On October 29,2013 (Tuesday) Alex Dominguez walked into a Justice of the Peaces office to file a case. His first Order of business was to gossip stating to a clerk laughingly, "now that Erin Garcia is getting all this bad press, you should be getting a lot more weddings" . Mr. Dominguez ,Kicking someone when they are down is horrible and kicking a young WOMAN when she is down is deplorable in my book.

As proud as I am of Erin ,I'm not so sure your parents can say the same about you. Picking on a young educated lady will not win you many points. Try and stay focused on your opponent,not my daughter. Your actions have certainly opened my eyes on the type of campaign you will run and the person that you are.

Norma Hernandez Mother of Erin H. Garcia


Anonymous said...

It is very easy for some of these
"men" to target women because their hate for them is apparent.
One blogger is always slandering Jessica, Linda, Erin, Scarlet, Minerva, Melissa,(and the list goes on).
Another has even printed the most horrific things about his wife for all to read.(poor children of his to have to read such smut about their mommy)
A DA abused his power when it was divulged that he was having a liason with an underling who was paid off.
Mr. God Bless You and holier than thou homophobic has strayed---no secret.
So it does not surprise me that these macho bullies continue to belittle and harass women.

You know what DOES surprise me?
The females that coddle and are in league with these demons.

Wait---considering who some of these females are---maybe NOT.

Thank you Bobby for keeping us informed. Blessings

BobbyWC said...

From what I am hearing = people are fed up with candidates coming in and going negative but never presenting any ideas.

The polling out of Washington is showing the same.

You just look at the comments here compared to elsewhere - the BV is on balance a more civilized place. It's what the people want

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Of course the comments here are more civilized. This is due to the fact that you,dear sir, set the tone for us.
thank you.

Anonymous said...

"More civilized" thanks to keeping vulgarity and unfounded accusations from the comments section. Thanks, BV, for not letting anonymous idiots set the tone of the blog.

Anonymous said...

Liar, idiot, coward. A few of the civilized words you like to use on this site.
Pathetic Coward and Con Man

BobbyWC said...

Wgeb you learn to read, maybe readers will take your comments seriously

"the BV is on balance a more civilized"

I said on balance and everyone knows on balance - at least those who can read, means on balance

Bobby WC