Monday, November 11, 2013

I will afford every candidate the opportunity to submit at no charge a statement of their qualifications, conditioned on answering one question which I believe goes to their weakness.  Neida Ruth did not run from the challenging question, and in my belief has the perfect answer needed to overcome what many believe is her weakness as a candidate.
My question is based in the fact Neida Ruth has not worked in the District Clerk's office.  I feel like this is a legitimate concern of many voters.
My Question:
How is it possible for someone who never served in the military, to be a great commander in chief? You are in the same situation - but I note many Presidents who never served were great commanders in chief. What did they know which allowed for this result?
Neida Ruth's Answer:
Going into unknown territory is not new to me. I did that when I was promoted from School Principal to District Personnel (Human Resources) Director. The operant words here are school and district. I applied the principles of excellent leadership and am happy to say, had excellent outcomes. The answer to your question is: He knew that he didn’t know it all and he knew how to tap into the proper resources to get the job done. He had the courage of his convictions and he also knew that ultimately he was responsible for the outcomes.  
Yours in Service, Neida Ruth Soto-Grantland

The following are my qualifications:

I retired after 31 years of experience with Brownsville ISD. 24 of those years were in administration. The other 7 were in the classroom. I started at entry level as a teacher aide and worked my way through teacher, assistant principal, principal, director of personnel, and my last position was Administrator of Special programs where I supervised 5 directors and oversaw a budget of over $15M dollars of Federal State and Local funds.

I hold a Masters degree with an emphasis in Mid-management and graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree. As principal I led faculty and staff of over 50 people and in my role as Personnel Director (Human Resource Director), I was in charge of personnel issues of over 7,000 professional employees. During that time, I was called on by the Superintendent to be the legal liaison between the district and all legal cases for the district. I also was the BISD representative for certified employee grievances that went to level two, presenting the BISD side to hearing officers.

In my community service, I was board chair for the Friendship of Women organization, a shelter for victims of domestic violence and rape, for four years out of my six year term. I participated in Leadership Brownsville Class XXII, I was the 1990 recipient of the Rotary Vocational Service Award, Selected 1987 Woman of the Year by the Brownsville Business and Professional Women's club, 1983 recipient of the Kappa Delta Pi National Laureate Scholarship (one of six nationwide) and 1975 Sharp Elementary Teacher of the Year.

I realize that leadership in the Cameron County District Clerk's office will be a learning curve for me. I have looked over the job description posted on the County website and am confident that I can handle it.

Yours in Service, Neida Ruth Soto-Grantland


Anonymous said...

Nieda Ruth should win easily, her son-in-law, Judge Arturo McDonald will carry her to victory with all his political pull.

Anonymous said...

You go gal!! You can do it.

Anonymous said...

Art is her son in law?