Monday, November 4, 2013


The good news is, with Sonia Solis' sentencing on the eve of early voting and the mail-ballots for the March primary, I cannot imagine anyone but a complete idiot working the mail-ballots or engaging in harvesting the mail-ballots.  If they do hopefully the DOJ will target the candidates using the practice.

But I think for March - this issue is resolved.

But there remains another issue.  Commissioners Court absolutely refuses to properly fund the Cameron County Elections Office so that they can address election fraud.  There is no reason or excuse why the Elections Office was not given the money to do an educational video for seniors concerning mail-ballots and fraud. 

The biggest problem I see come March is the taking of seniors away from nursing homes, assisted living centers, and adult day cares to vote.  It is dangerous for these seniors to leave these locations.  They are there for a reason.. God forbid one needs medical attention while in a campaign van.  I will continue to push this issue - and as everyone knows I am the only one pushing this issue.  The candidates paying Montoya and McHale have yet to decide if they will forgo this practice so Montoya and McHale are unwilling to join me in creating a wall of shame for every candidate who refuses to join a moratorium of this practice.  It is dangerous to the seniors and must stop.

The candidates are not going to be moved by the health care needs of these seniors. 

One possible idea is for Commissioners Court to fund a roving polling place which spends a 1/2 day at each of the larger centers during early voting so that these seniors can vote from their nursing home, assisted living center or adult daycare center.  This would mean none of these people would have a reason to get in a van controlled by any candidate.  It would decrease fraud while insuring the safety of these seniors is not compromised in these vans.

But I know Commissioners Court - there is never money for what is needed. 

Cameron county may finally have the harvesting of mail-ballots under control - why not take the next logical step and work to stop the practice of campaigns removing these seniors from the safety of their nursing homes, assisted living centers, or adult daycare centers?   Answer - they are candidates who will be on the ballot come March and probably plan on using this practice.  Well those candidates will be on the wall of shame.  It is that simple. 

If Commissioners Court is unwilling to properly fund the Elections Office to address this issue, then the entire Commissioners Court will go on the wall of shame.


Anonymous said...

Might help to check with the State Attorney Generals' office to see if they have any educational materials for the public..

BobbyWC said...

I will look into it, but during the last major legislative review of election fraud we asked for the law to mandate the SOS create an educational video for state wide distribution. We were turned down.

BObby WC

Anonymous said...

Voting citizens living in a nursing home or attending adult day cares do not need transportation from political candidates to the polls. Most nursing homes and the adult day cares will provide transportation if requested to the polls.

Anonymous said...

Is this the lie Norma, Ernie and Erin are telling you to tell the people on your blog? Come on Bobby we know that the ones that go to the adult day cares are the Hernandez? Zeke busted them and you bashed him for standing up to them. When will you stand up for justice instead of kissing ass to those politicians that feed you inside information. I have been reading your blog for about 8 months now and it seems it depends which side gives you or tells you what you want to hear you side with them. People are actually reading your blog for entertainment but no one is taking you serious. You have no one but yourself for not researching the people you attack. You seem like an intelligent person but some of the bias stories you write are confusing.

BobbyWC said...

Your entire post is pure BS - I am the only one committing to a wall of shame for any candidate who does not agree to sign a pledge to not use vans at the nursing homes, assisted living, and adult day care. No one else is making that commitment. If Ernie and Erin refuse to sign the pledge their picture will go on the wall - it is that simple.

As to Zeke - well lets just say several law enforcement agencies are working on that event. To an agency they all agree the reports show Zeke instigated the event.

What the Hernandez campaign was doing was not illegal. In my opinion it endangers the seniors - and that is my point.

So since I am the only one calling for an end of the practice and for humiliating any candidate who engages in the practice any idiot can see your entire post is pure BS.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Let's look at it another way - what funds has Commissioners Court allotted for addressing this problem? Can you tell me - because when I checked with the county I was told none.

And if the Hernandez family is the only ones doing this - wrong btw - why would they want me to do a story demanding commissioners court allot money to stop the practice?

Your entire post is pure BS and any fool can see that

Bobby WC

Chococat said...

Maybe you don't take BWC serious, but I do.
If you don't like or agree with what he writes, don't tead it. It is so simple.