Friday, November 8, 2013


Pharr is moving foward while Brownsville lingers - how long do we wait? Forever - I guess

"The highlight of the visit will be a meeting on Thursday evening with Sinaloa Gov. Mario López Valdez at the Hotel Lucerna in Culiacan, Sinaloa. Discussions will center on how the City of Pharr and its international bridge can help facilitate the shipping of fresh produce from the Culiacan and Rio Fuerte valleys in Sinaloa to the east coast of the United States via a new superhighway linking Mazatlán to Matamoros."

Source: Rio Grande Guardian

I have discussed the support on Commissioners court to build a commercial bridge and road from Matamoros to our port.  I have indicated I would support this project conditioned on an auditor watching every penny.  Without this bridge Pharr will get the jobs and not Brownsville or Cameron county.

Read the article above:  These people are serious and they are moving forward with job creation.  Our esteemed Mayor is still trying to figure out ways to screw the poorest people in the country for the benefit of one of the wealthiest university systems in the world.

In the past I spoke of a meeting I had with leading business people about what can be done to move Brownsville forward.  I told them they need to organize a sub-government to make things happen because our city commission never will.  There is no one leading the city commission or Brownsville.  One city commissioner cannot do it by themselves.  This failure is squarely on Tony Martinez.

I know the business community in Brownsville, out of fear they will support Tony's reelection, and then watch how Hidalgo county sucks up all the new jobs.

What ever needs to get done, needs to get done now.  Commissioners court needs to move forward on this new bridge as fast as humanly possible, while keeping an auditor watching every penny spent.

Work is being done to make our port deeper so it can handle bigger ships.  Once the redo of the Panama Canal is done, it is essential our port be ready for the additional cargo which will come with a deeper port.

On more reflection I realized the county cannot lead on this issue of encouraging South America perishable cargo coming through Brownsville.  Commissioners court cannot act in a way which benefits Brownsville's airport over Harlingen's.

This task remains with the city.  Tony Martinez will never act.  When it comes to vision, Tony Martinez makes blind people seem like superman with x-ray vision.  All it takes is two commissioners to put the issue on the agenda to send a delegation to South American to pitch Brownsville's airport for international cargo, and we can be on our way.  Of course, the delegation would have to be funded to hire someone like Tony Garza to make the necessary connections with the various trade offices for the different countries currently doing air cargo with the US.

We need two commissioners to put on the agenda the moving of the airport to 511.  This is a must.  If the money comes through for a 12,000 foot runway, it would be tragic to waste that many millions of dollars on a dilapidated airport located in a place almost impossible to access given current traffic trends.  Everyone agrees we need a new terminal.  Why spend millions patching an old shack when we can simply spend the money on a modern terminal and new runway on 511, with easy access for all of the Rio Grande Valley.  Not that it matters, it would also put the air cargo right into the port down 511. 

Juliet Garcia gets an "F" on this one.  For years I begged for robotics training.  She simply had no interest.  How do we bring modern manufacturing to Brownsville if we have no trained workers?  You could talk until you were blue in the face and she could never understand this simple concept.


I met with the chair of the College of Education at UTB to get them to do a study, or have a PhD candidate do a study on the correlation between special needs children and parents born at home with midwifes instead of  doctors.  I have seen too many examples of the children of these people born at home now being special needs children, and then having special needs children.  If we can prove the correlation through a study Brownsville might be able to get more state and federal funding.  But whether it is UTB or BISD, the special needs children are throw away children.

Many who are now adults who never got help at BISD cannot get job training because the system will not provide them accommodations based on how they learn.  I know of someone who had to leave the medical training program at UTB because he could not pass physiology and anatomy.  We went to the instructor with 150 index cards with questions and answers.  I asked the instructor to shuffle the deck and then to start asking the questions.  After about 30 or so questions the instructor stopped and asked him, how is that you know all the material but cannot pass the test.  For someone who teaches physiology and anatomy this instructor did not know much about the brain.  We are not all the same.  It is called learning and testing styles.

So this man will never get job training, although he can learn the material, because UTB and now TSC will not provide accommodations.  Oh they will tell you otherwise - but at a substantive level they lie.  You see, if this man could raise the hundreds of dollars needed to pay a professional to test him and prove his learning challenges, then accommodations would be provided.  But that is not going to happen when you struggle to feed your family.

I went to the College of Education [where education goes to die] and asked why not have the students being trained in this testing conduct the tests under the supervision of an instructor.  It is basically a practicum for the students and  future educators.  Answer:  No - now go away.

There is a reason why Brownsville is the poorest city in the US  and all of the above says why.


Anonymous said...

Here is a news flash for you. Fresh produce, read tomatoes, cannot be shipped out of the port of Brownsville regardless of how many bridges you build. They will be shipped by truck. What the hell would you do with a ship load of tomatoes? First of all, you would have to use US flagged ships because of the Jones Act, which are prohibitively expensive. And, if that were not enough, you have to use union labor to unload the ship in wherever US port on the east coast on to trucks again.

Reynosa side is the logical place to do this as it will be the storage and distribution center and the produce will then cross at the Pharr Bridge because it is already there and working. The trucks will then make there way to various points east.

BobbyWC said...

I get you prefer Pharr and fear competition. I asked my readers to read the article and the article clearly shows Pharr is way ahead of the game on this. So my readers have full disclosure on this.

The deeper port is part of the greater game plan here. Tomatoes are not the only thing being shipped. But why can't you ship tomotoes from Brownsville to New Orleans for example? Not every port is union. The goal is to get it to the point where it can be shipped the fastest to the midwest, and not necessarilty NYC, where we all know is not the play to make Salsa

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby,

According to city officials, Brownsville is on the rise, lots of Businesses?? Is this true?

Also, did they ever do decent Bus Stops for its citizens. Do they have recycling? Do they have clean restaurants and a decent Mall?

Just asking, cuz all this important. Last time I was here….I would grade Brownsville a F-, thats why we all like to go out of the city and smell the roses, even in San Benito, the air is cleaner!


BobbyWC said...

There are a growing number of minimum wage businesses going in - I am certain some of the engineering firms are hiring.

There are plans for a new electrical plant - that will bring jobs.

But there is nothing big to create an economic engine - the new bridge must go forward with the deapening of the port for example - this will bring jobs - including to AMfels

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I disagree in part about the county commisioners. They should do what ever possible to grow CC. A sound business strategy is to build Brownsville because of the bridges and the port. If we wait for our elected city council Brownsville will rot to death.
If the citizens of Brownsville re-elect Martinez they deserve to remain the poorest damn city in the nation.
Thank you mayor Martinez for putting Brownsville on the map. I wonder how many people google "poorest city in the U.S" every day. Shame should overcome these so called "leaders".
Cascos should grow a pair and step up!

Anonymous said...

Our esteemed mayor said the numbers took him by surprise. What do you know Mayor Martinez?