Saturday, November 2, 2013



Anonymous said...

Are you stuck with the Hernandez. What is it to you if she is not guilty or if she is? It seems like her fight is yours. Like if you are the one being accused. You are way to attached and that my friend is making you no different that Erasmo Brownsville Cheezmeh and any other blogger that are Cyber Politiqueras. Honestly Bobby the word on the street is you are now the Cyber Poliquera that replaced Brownsville Cheezmeh. You have no one to blame but you. No one hates the Hernandez we just don't trust them. There is a difference. Peace

BobbyWC said...

Word on the street- there are 200,000 people in Brownsville how many of them have you spoken with. You really have no idea how stupid you sound when you make such statements.

The only truth in what you say is people do not trust the Hernandez family.

This is 100% true. Given their history with politiqueras those in the know have reason to not trust them.

I have never disputed the above paragraph. I have never disputed any of the contract issue claims against the Hernandez family.

Again I am the only one working to stop the use of the vans during the election in March. To believe your the Hernandez family is the only one using this tactic.

Given what you believe and I am the only one fighting to stop it, then I am the only one fighting the Hernandez family on this issue.

Nothing I have said has been refuted.

FACT: DA Saenzed lied to the AG about the applicable law

FACT: Montoya lied about the filing fee and whether the couple in the federal case was charged a waiver fee for the 72 hour waiver

FACT: Under the law during the applicable period the law gave every judge with jurisdiction under Title III authority to sign waivers. Under the applicable law JP's have authority under Title III.

You make the bigger point. Because people do not trust the Hernandez family anyone who speaks the truth about the law when the law supports the Hernandez family is just bought and paid for by the Hernandez family.

You are no different than the Anglos who stood and watched black men hang for talking to white women - all the white woman had to say is the black man touched her and he hung - not on the evidence - but on being black.

You by your own words your are saying Erin is guilty because she is a Hernandez - what is the difference?

My issue and only issue is the law - and no one has refuted me on this. This is why every judge and every lawyer who have spoken to me have thanked me for standing up for the law instead of buying into this moronic idea - she is a Hernandez and therefore guilty.

This is the US not North Korea - the law still applies

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

My friend,

I think you have lost it. You are not standing up for the law. Your ridiculous photo posted today is a prime example. You are saying that Erin is not guilty and will bask in sweet revenge. If this is not bias, I do not know what is. If you truly cared about the law, you would not pronounce her innocent before the fact.

You fool no one with this.

BobbyWC said...

So becaue your intellect is limited in scope there is only one interpretation of this? Wow

I have been clear - the legislature needs to step in and regulate the marriage fees.

I have also been clear that the waiver fee, while cannot be charged by the county, it is not clear a JP can charge them.

Having been clear on these two key variable where do you get I am saying Erin will be cleared in all regards.

What I love most about intellectually limited people the most - until the bullet hits you square in the head you have no idea someone is pointing a gun at you.

There are so many outcomes possible which could bring sweetness to this at the end which having nothing to do with whether or not Erin did anything wrong - but your limited intellect keeps you from seeing that

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby, the first anonymous post came from Zeke. He seems to be the one who is obsessed. He's probably feeling the fire at his feet. Great work Bobby.

Anonymous said...

If that first comment was posted by Zeke, his writing and composition skills have improved significantly, but
he still needs practice.
The Doodman!