Monday, November 11, 2013


The most trite thing any person can do is say to a veteran, "thanks for your service."  They are words without meaning.  Idiots like Alex Dominguez think we are as stupid as Alex Dominguez.  Go sit at the VA clinic and listen to the veterans.  You will here "If I hear one more time .... I am so tired of ... thanks for your service."  They will go on to say stop talking and start acting. 

Texas compared to the other 50 states gets an A+ in terms of its actions for veterans.  The benefits, beyond medical care [which is federal], provides veterans so much more than anything offered by the federal government.

This past election included two constitutional amendments to extend tax benefits to the surviving spouses of disabled veterans.  For the heinous crime of wanting to help these surviving spouses vote this past election cycle, Alex Dominguez sat silent when his campaign manager Zeke Silva attacked Sister Phylis Peters for helping these surviving spouses get to the polls.

Who attacks someone who wants to help people vote for tax benefits  for the survivors of disabled vets?  Zeke Silva - Alex Dominguez's campaign manager.  Who remains silent after the attack? - Alex Dominguez

Words mean nothing - but the actions of Sister Phylis Peters means she actually is saying thank-you through her actions.  She called County Commissioner Ernie Hernandez for help.  Cameron Park is not part of the city, so Ernie Hernandez in their only representative.  This is what normal, emotionally stable people do - they call their local representative for help.

Chris Christi put politics aside to thank President Obama for his help in NJ after hurricane Sandy.  You know why?, because dirty contemptible politics has no business in policy while trying to help people in need.   These spousal survivors of disabled veterans needed help and Sister Phylis Peters and Commissioner Ernie Hernandez stepped up to the plate to help them.  This is how you say thank you and not with bullshit say nothing do nothing adds in the Herald so as to win votes.

First of all, people do not read such long ads - and second the veterans I know all asked if this guy, meaning Alex Dominguez, really things we are that dumb.  We want people to stop saying thanks for your service and start acting.  The people of Texas acted on election day by approving these constitutional amendments for the surviving spouses of disabled veterans.  Again Texas gets an A+ in terms of actions.

As veterans we have heard all of this political nonsense in ads for decades.  We are well educated about the moron who does not even know we exist until he wants our vote - meaning Alex Dominguez.

Every veteran's group knows that for years Ernie and Norma Hernandez in their business have been providing free services or highly discounted services to veterans.

So when it comes to actions Commissioner Hernandez has proven himself beyond words.

Now only because I know there are idiots reading this - does this make Ernie the most qualified? - no - but it means he has acted when it comes to veterans.  He is not just words to get votes.  This is the theme of this post.  Does it mean I accept ballot harvesting no?  I will be going after anyone engaged in ballot harvesting.

We as veterans are smart enough to know words are like assholes - everyone has one - but not everyone acts.




Anonymous said...

You are loosing it Bobby. Stick to attacking Luis Saenz that makes more sense but you attacking the air for changing directions is crazy. Stop this frivolous claims it really doesn't make any sense at all. You keep protecting the Hernandez and really people don't believe anything the Hernandez and you are just their messenger. We know they are paying you to post negative posts on Alex,Zeke,Luis, Mary Ester Garcia,Sophia Benavidez, Yolanda Beguamand anyone that isn't with their click. The more you attack them the more you lose credibility. When if any have you spoken to Alex and Zeke? Never Why.. Because you might realize they are not in it for the money but really to help the community move forward. Call them. They are not hiding and are easy to find.

Anonymous said...

I believe that ultimately the buck stops with the candidate. If someone that is out there working for you or representing your campaign says something that is just plain wrong and against what you believe, then the candidate should speak out and say that is not what he/she stands for or at least try to explain his position. Remaining silent after comments like these speaks volumes about a candidate.

BobbyWC said...

First, I'm not sure which post it was under, but I rejected a comment about Zeke. I do not publish negative things I cannot verify - sorry.

As to the first comment you can use all of the distractions you want, but I gave Alex Dominguez an open forum to respond to his campaign managers conduct. Alex chose to not respond.

The people just wanted to vote for tax breaks for surviving spouses of veterans - that's it. And for this crime Sister Phyliss was attacked. I spent the morning at two veteran events and then lunch with a bunch of veterans - we discussed this attack on Sister Phylis Peters and they were not happy.

This is not complex - Alex's entire campaign is about creating distractions from the fact he has no vision on anything.

His plan is for Raul Salazar to get convicted this week or early next week and then say vote for me because Raul was convicted.

People who are falling for this will get what they deserve.

Tony Martinez had not one idea in his platform. How well has that worked out for us?

I have not pulled back from my position on politiqueras and will go hard against anyone who uses them.

The BV remains the only blog committed to a wall of shame for any candidate using vans picking people up at nursing homes etc.

So on the issue of integrity during elections, the BV is the only one trying to do anything about it.

Facts matter - but you cannot respond to the fact I gave Alex a chance to do the right thing and he refused - so instead you go for the distraction and insults.

Alex cannot show his face in Cameron Park - there is a huge ongoing email campaign against him in the gay community, and veterans are mad over the Cameron Park matter.

How smart can this man be to not see how Zeke Silva is costing him votes? Not very smart at all.

Bobby WC