Wednesday, November 6, 2013


It is way too early for anyone to predict the Abbott/Davis race for governor.  But one poll, which although it puts Davis 15% down has a shocking result on abortion.

"The poll also asked voters if they oppose the abortion law that put Davis in the spotlight with her 13-hour filibuster of the proposal, that eventually passed. Voters are split: 40 percent approve of the abortion restrictions while 41 percent opposed them."

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If these numbers are correct. the abortion issue may not be an issue.  Statistically it seems of those with an opinion we're 40/40 with maybe 20% not sure. 

If someone said to me - guess what percentage of Texans favor restrictions on abortion I would have said easily 55% of more.

I think these numbers mean being pro women's choice may not be that big of a negative.  Other issues may actually decide this election.


Anonymous said...

Great! A bunch of old rich conservative men don't have any business dictating what a women does or doesn't do with her body. I'm a male and if a couple hundred women had the authority to castrate me because I'd. lets say fathered out of wedlock (whatever) that wouldn't go over so well with me or by two buddies down south of my navel.

BobbyWC said...

For the women's choice group this poll is very good news - thing about 61% either oppose the new law or have no opinion. That number blows me away

Bobby WC