Saturday, November 30, 2013


I get a call about some bizarre post by Montoya. I said no way - Sorola cannot be that stupid.  But then I checked the county records on line and yep, it's true.

I was informed about the barratry issue last week.  Montoya's story is so full of holes it is amazing it did not sink before publishing.  No sources within the police department spoke with him.  Mary Esther Garcia knows the couple.  They are friends.  The couple must have told Mary Esther Garcia about the police showing up at their door.  It is my understanding the Police Chief wants this to be a joint investigation with INS.

Once the couple told Mary Esther Garcia about the police she I am certain told Louis and the story then went to Montoya. I wonder why he left out of the story Mary Esther Garcia is long term friends with the woman?  Hum?

I am not disclosing what the couple told the police about Mary Esther Garcia because it comes to me third hand.  It is total bullshit when Montoya claims a friend of the couple spoke with him.  How did they know to talk to him?  The police are talking to no one.  Until I see the police report I will not play the game of a source told me the couple told the police.  The best evidence is what Detective Ibarra puts in the report as to the couple's statement.

Montoya would have you believe all on their own this couple contacted a lawyer outside the county to file a federal lawsuit for them and that its 100% coincidental that Tinning then brings in Sorola as cocounsel for the couple.  It is also 100% coincidental that the couple has been friends with Sorola's wife to be Mary Esther Garcia for some time.  We all know why he left that part out.

I love how Montoya throws into his piece that he cannot get ahold of Sorola because according to Sorola's office he is  out of town.  The idea is to lie and distance Sorola as the source.  We all imagined how Sorola and Mary Esther Garcia talked every day to Montoya during the Raul Salazar case.  Like he does not have their cell phone number.

For me the more interesting thing is, when Detective Ibarra revisits the couple will they indicate Mary Esther Garcia or anyone else tried to get them to change their story? 

But here is the best part and why Louis Sorola is a complete idiot. 

Click to Enlarge Docket Sheet

This just blows my mind.

"A case or controversy, also referred to as a Justiciable controversy, must consist of an actual dispute between parties over their legal rights that remain in conflict at the time the case is presented and must be a proper matter for judicial determination. A dispute between parties that is moot is not a case or controversy because it no longer involves an actual conflict."

Source:   Yes, the above is the federal summary, but every lawyer knows it applies equally to all 50 States.

But to please the people who will demand proof it applies equally to Texas.

"A declaratory judgment is appropriate only where there is a justiciable controversy about the rights and status of the parties and the declaration will resolve the controversy. Bonham State Bank, 907 S.W.2d at 467.

To constitute a justiciable controversy, there must exist a real and substantial controversy involving genuine conflict of tangible interests and not merely a theoretical dispute. Id. The Act does not empower courts to issue advisory opinions. Brooks v. Northglen Association, 141 S.W.3d 158, 164 (Tex. 2004)."


You will note Sorola first simply filed for the 72 hour waiver.  Okay how stupid is that? -  a judge cannot retroactively give someone a 72 hour waiver to get married.  It is so stupid it becomes a key piece of evidence for the barratry investigation.  Yes, Louis, the PBD can bypass Luis Saenz and ask that the State Bar conduct both the disciplinary and criminal investigation.  The AG can then bring the charges by forcing Luis Saenz's hand on the matter.

If this were not dumb enough Sorola then amends the petition to be a declaratory lawsuit.  The docket sheet fails to show what if anything Cornejo Lopez signed.  I will check on this Monday.  

A judge cannot sign an order declaring some one's rights unless there is a named defendant - hence a justiciable controversy.  Beyond that the sections under which he sued are self executing.  This is like first day of law school stuff.  If she signed anything the county can and should take her on Mandamus for want of jurisdiction.  And why is Rosie Sheldon-Sotelo still charging a fee now that it has been established the District Clerk cannot charge for a 72 hour waiver?  Why is Sorola not suing Rose Sheldon-Sotelo for charging an illegal fee?

This totally without merit filing adds proof to the claim Sorola has recruited this couple to file lawsuits for political purposes.  The State Bar will see through this.  If the BPD had any doubt based on what the couple allegedly told Detective Ibarra, this bogus beyond stupid lawsuit will seal the deal of sufficient evidence of probable cause barratry was committed.  Remember probable cause does not mean a crime happened.  It just means enough eividence to take it to court.  A court or the State Bar can still find no barratry occurred.


Over the last three weeks I comparative priced 3 items I considered buying on Black Friday. Based on all variables, Target had the best prices before Black Friday. So on Friday at about 1:30 I doubled checked Sams - they were still the most expensive. I then went to Target and the price had gone up on all three items.   They were still cheaper than Sams - but the price actually went up.

Over the next  few weeks the items will go on sale and I will buy them - but once again Black Friday proves to be  one big con.  I am certain that on a few electronic items a handful of people got a good deal.  But like I experienced with this computer - the Black Friday price was the normal sales price just a few weeks after Black Friday.

Friday, November 29, 2013


The story of the corruption in the Raul Salazar case is now well beyond the corruption which occurred in the testing scandal for Robert Cadriel.   The full story on Monday - I need to confirm one more thing.  The time for Luis Saenz, Guz Garza, and Ismael Hinojosa to inform Justice Hinojosa of the alleged perjury is long past.  But given this fact the alleged perjury is the least of Luis Saenz problems at this point.

I think we are at this point.  "The FBI defines a criminal enterprise as a group of individuals with an identified hierarchy, or comparable structure, engaged in significant criminal activity. These organizations often engage in multiple criminal activities and have extensive supporting networks.

Source FBI

There are separate and independent ongoing criminal investigations against a host of players.

Here are the posts which caused such a stir within Saenz office.

""A proceeding known as a "court of inquiry" will determine whether Judge Ken Anderson, when he was a district attorney, failed to turn over all documents that would have supported the defendant's claims of innocence and whether he tampered with evidence and court records, according to the order signed by Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson."


"Ernie Hernandez would do well to immediately hire outside counsel. Yesterday Ed Cyg should have been before Judge Janel Leal, who is presiding over this grand jury, demanding an emergency hearing asking for a stay pending a ruling from Justice Hinojosa on the perjury issue. She would have granted a stay before the grand jury pending a ruling from Justice Hinojosa."

In the end whatever happens at this point will depend on what counsel for Raul Salazar and Ernie Hernandez, and maybe even Erin Garcia do to expose the truth.  I can now tie together all of the actors.  For argument sakes we can say the Hernandez family has won elections using mail-ballot harvesting.  We can also say they have benefited with special business deals from holding public office.  But this is nothing compared to what this criminal enterprise has done.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Give the video a minute and the best part starts.

I have a busy morning, I am making pumpkin pie, bread pudding and fresh sweet potatoes for 36 people.  Oh, do not forget the bourbon sauce for the bread pudding.


I have received several petitions to demand certain stores not open tomorrow.   People who need to shop tomorrow are not about family or the true meaning of Christmas - they are about their need to consume.  Grocery stores being open until maybe 1 p.m. or so makes sense, since there is always the person who forgot to buy the turkey,  This morning I am checking for everything I need and then making a list of everything I am out of or may run short on.  But I get the idea that some people will forget to buy certain things and will need to run to the grocery store.

Years ago I decided to buy this computer on Black Friday.  I think I got on line at Office Depot at like 8 p.m. on Thursday for a 5 a.m. opening.  I think they only had 5 at the price I was willing to pay.  It was a great deal for 6 GB of operating memory.  Well you know what, the regular sale price 2 weeks later is exactly what I paid for this computer - never again.

It is sad so that we can believe we got a deal, so many of our fellow Americans have to work tomorrow - not much of a message of family.


This is what Bela is getting for Christmas.  It does not fit my normal standard of educational - but she loves to cook and loves to use her imagination.  This picture I do not mind because it is gender neutral and even promotes interracial family.

But as I price around for this product, some pictures only have girls.  I have also learned as is always the case the manufacturer makes different models for different big stores so true comparative shopping is not an option.

When Bela watches her grandfather and I work around my house she likes to help.  She loves to paint.  So while looking at the above product we also looked at the below product.

When I asked her if should would maybe like a workbench like mine, she said "that's for boys."  Bela for some reason has a very strong sense of what is traditionally for boys and what is traditionally for girls.  In my house she uses certain tools with supervision.  She is actually pretty good at painting.  When you shop you will see a lot of products with only boys on the cover or only girls on the cover.  It is sad we are not beyond this point and all products cannot be like the first.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I know this is a lesson post, but this is a good time to teach the effects of the "Revolution of Rising Expectations." I hate when people say Reagan won the Cold War.  No he did not - if anything through extreme incompetence he extended it.  I can see Gorbachev in his office on a daily basis asking himself - can this guy be this stupid?  Well yes - and same goes for the Democrats and Republicans opposing President Obama on the Iran deal.

Nixon who won the Cold War, understood that by opening China and the Soviet Union to more western ideas, and prosperity, internal change in China and the Soviet Union would come naturally.

Iran has a new moderate leader, chosen by the people - albeit under the supervision of the religious leaders.

As the sanctions are lifted, this deal will give Iran's new president political capital against the religious leaders to continue to liberate Iran.  The liberation of Iran from the religious leaders is the only solution to the nuclear question. 

Do I know this will work - no - but it is something which has worked over and over again.  The Iranian people will see a positive change in their lives as the sanctions are lifted.  The new moderate president of Iran will get the credit.  This will empower him in the eyes of the people.  This will weaken the religious leaders.  It is truly this simple.

Monday, November 25, 2013


From Twitter: "Carl's Jr.‏@CarlsJr23 Nov #Brownsville #Texas! We open at 6am TUESDAY at 4250 N. Expressway 77. 1st 500 to buy a breakfast combo get free food for a year! #seeyathere"

It is located in the Target Shopping Center on Morrison.

I realize these are low paying jobs, but a job is still a job.  A lot of people are looking for part time work for the holidays and these jobs make Christmas possible.

I also know a lot of people who work full time looking for these part time jobs as a way to earn more money.

Chick-fil-A has broke ground at 4 Corners.  We just got a Subway on Boca Chica near the Airport. 

Again these may not be the best jobs, but they are still paychecks for people who did not have any job.

So go support these new employees and be one of the 1st 500.  I will be asleep by the way.


Above, Michael Morton, second from left, and his legal team, left to right, Gerald Goldstein, John Raley, Barry Scheck and Nina Morrison

The Texas Innocence Project and ACLU are taking a new path in dealing with DA's who have corrupted the process - jail and disbarment.  In this case the former DA also lost his judgeship.

For Order against for DA Ken Anderson click

"A proceeding known as a "court of inquiry" will determine whether Judge Ken Anderson, when he was a district attorney, failed to turn over all documents that would have supported the defendant's claims of innocence and whether he tampered with evidence and court records, according to the order signed by Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson.

Courts of inquiry can be convened when legal officials and other public servants are accused of wrongdoing, and have the power to hear evidence and summon witnesses. It is similar to a grand jury proceeding, but Anderson will have the chance to defend himself against evidence presented."

"Morton's legal team accuses Anderson, the case's lead prosecutor, of keeping key facts from the defense. That included statements from the couple's then-3-year-old son that he witnessed the murder and his father wasn't responsible, and the fact that Christine Morton's credit card was used after her death. The attorneys say Anderson did not turn over all evidence police had collected, even after presiding judge William Lott explicitly ordered him to do so."

Source CBSNews

This procedure is being reviewed in terms of Cameron County District Attorney Luis Saenz.  Click for statute

The time for DA Saenz and ADA Gus Garza to inform Justice Hinojosa of the perjury in the Raul Salazar case has long past.  It is not just the Raul Salazar case.

In the case of Manual Velez, the court granted a new trial based on effective assistance of counsel which included failure to challenge fabricated evidence.  This is the Raul Salazar case.  Judge Cornejo found no prosecutorial misconduct, but the reasoning is odd.  Cornejo Lopez seems to put the blame on the defense counsel for not doing a better job in discovering the abuses by the state.

Click for Cornejo-Lopez Opinion, upheld by the Court of Criminal Appeals

COST FOR HABEAS IN MANUEL VELEZ CASE - $63,864.  This is just the court appointed attorneys for the habeas before Judge Cornejo-Lopez.  It does not include the expert fees.  It does not include the 7 years of previous endless litigation and costs of experts and attorneys fees for the court appointed attorneys. It does not include the costs for the new trial, and if Velez is convicted the years of endless ligation which will follow because DA Saenz refuses to remove himself from the case.

I know of three cases which can be used to seek a Court of Inquiry against DA Saenz - Manuel Velez [in this case the ACLU is determined to take down DA Saenz], Raul Salazar, and Josefina Fisher.

I have no insight into what is happening in any of these three cases other than what I am hearing second hand.  I know the DA's office is in a free fall panic.  I know that Raul Salazar's case seems to be on hold with no one knowing what to do.  The clock is ticking and his attorney seems unwilling to act.  It is not complex.

All they have to do is subpoena the four County Commissioners and Judge Cascos to the hearing before Justice Hinojosa, along with a document subpoena for all related documents to the issue of reorganization of HR to include all documents reviewed in Executive Session.  The Executive Session documents will be reviewed by Justice Hinojosa in chambers with the attorneys.  This is where he will decide what gets into evidence and what does not.  However, even if he does not allow in a particular document, all of the commissioners and Judge Cascos will know Justice Hinojosa will know the truth so if they lie under oath, Justice Hinojosa will know. 


I needed to stimulate my brain so I can finish this morning's post and decided a few quick laps would help - while it was invigorating it was so, so cold. I will do a few more laps after I make my formal post.  It is addicting - it is like - I want back in right now.

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Montoya posted a comment by someone claiming the AG already responded to Luis Saenz concerning the matter of JP's signing waivers.  As its 100% typical of everything Montoya does, another lie.  Why tell the truth when a lie will be so received by the ignorant who love to be played.

Click here for pending opinions.  See Oct. 28

Click here to see all opinions released through yesterday

When you have nothing truthful to print, why not just print a lie

Friday, November 22, 2013

This post is more of a lesson post.  This is our second hung jury in the same case.  I just got the text.  It is the type case which is nearly impossible because how do you convince a jury a 14 year old girl is lying about having been sexually molested by an older man.  You cannot attack the girl while she is on the stand.
The only reason we have two hung juries and not not guilty is because in these cases, jurors lie  about being willing to listen to the facts and simply want to convict before they are chosen to sit on the jury.
The key facts to this case which got us the hung jury twice is - one the father waited some 5 years, according to his story, after he was told about the incident to report it to the police.  Second, he reported it to the police after his son was sentenced to 10 years TDC for trying to kill the daughter of the man he was now accusing of sexually assaulting his daughter.  With these kind of facts a jury should be able to come back fast, not guilty.  But sometimes some jurors will never consider the evidence and just go with their bias.
My job was to predict evidentiary issues, and have the defense counsel ready to go when they came up.  The judge threw TRE 610 out the window and allowed the girl to testify she is a pure as snow because she follows the church's teachings.  This opened the door her prior sexual acts to show she lied.  The judge said no way.
The second time, their own witness testified she was thrown out of school for her sexual activity, so in effect their own witness told the jury she was lying when she claimed to be loyal to church teachings.
The sad part is the state will try this a third time.  We have a bad judge and a DA who cannot take a hint from two hung juries.
The job of the defense attorney is to insure the state follows the rules.  If the defense attorney does that then they have done their job.  People think a jury verdict means someone is innocent or guilty.  It means neither.  It means based on the evidence the jury found innocent or guilty.  Every day guilty people walk and innocent people go to jail.  But in the end, it is the only system we have.
Escobedo and Dominguez are cut from the same clothe. Their entire campaigns will be their opponent is tainted so we should vote for them, regardless of their qualifications or ideas.

It is true, Eric Garza and Rosie Sheldon-Sotelo are both hopelessly tainted for things which happened in both the criminal and civil sections under their watch.  It is very possible with Villalobos talking both or one or the other could see themselves indicted before the primary.

But Escobedo is as dirty as they come.

In the above ad he lied to the people by claiming it was paid for by James Hunter, when in fact he illegally used money from his BISD account to pay for the ad.

What Enrique did to cover up his illegal conduct was write a check to James Hunter's law firm for the ad, and then had James Hunter claim he paid for the ad.

The Texas Ethics Commission saw through the illegal conduct and issued a sanction order - albeit with Escobedo neither admitting nor denying the allegations.

Click for Order


Given this fact - why are Montoya and McHale running cover for a judge who has had this finding made against him by the Texas Supreme Court?

See Opinion

No court has made any legal ruling saying Judge Erin Garcia has ever done anything wrong.  But yet they want her indicted and removed from office, while taking money from Art McDonald in exchange for silence.

If every judge hit with a reversal or mandamus were indicted every judge in Texas would be in jail.

But money buys lies and cover up - and fools accept the conduct.

Judge McDonald is party to this nonsense and is bringing humiliation to the judiciary by funding what he knows to be lies.  Is this someone you want on the bench.  If the answer is yes, then you are the problem.

The BV will start publishing all of his reversals.  This is the standard he wants the community to use - so be it.

This case has been ready for sentencing for sometime. The only reason the government would agree twice to delay sentencing is, Rosenthal is talking. The new date is December 2, 2013, at 1:30 p.m.

The thing that makes the Rosenthal case interesting is, if he is speaking, he may have the goods on judges all over the state, and no one outside Cameron county is watching.  He may be posturing to hit the Texas judiciary with a major blindside which could force major reform within the Texas judiciary.  This would be a good thing.

Rosenthal is sitting in jail desperate to get out.  Because of his conduct during trial, Judge Hanen would not grant him bond pending sentencing.  This guy wants to be free which makes him desperate.   This also makes any evidence he has to offer suspect.  Unless he has corroborating evidence he will be challenged to convince the DOJ he has anything they can use.  But if he does, he can buy himself 2 years of freedom as the indictments are processed and cases are tried.

The other side is, the DOJ and Rosenthal are trying to work out appellate issues so as to avoid Rosenthal taking an appeal.

I tend to think Rosenthal is talking.  A man like Rosenthal never envisioned being in jail.  He wants out.  He knows he has the goods on several judges - if he can prove what he claims this is his get out of jail card.


There is a lot of confusion right now in the Ernie Hernandez/Raul Salazar mess.  DA Saenz, Ernie Hernandez and Raul Salazar are all scrambling.  Outside counsel is the only option for Hernandez and Salazar to avoid going down - and to be frank with you I do not think either understands the level of treachery within Cameron county politics and the courthouse to understand why they need outside counsel.   

Time will tell - but what I am loving while everyone is watching this ball no one is watching the Villalobos ball.  Additional indictments  can come before the primaries based on Villalobos' cooperation.  This will mean his March sentencing will be delayed until after the trial of everyone he takes down.

Oscar de la Fuente who admitted to any number of criminal acts continues to practice law.  I see him every day in the courthouse.  I even saw him at traffic court on Monday.

DA Saenz promised action against Oscar de la Fuente and nothing - why?

Villalobos is not stupid - he can delay the State Bar so long as he remains out of jail testifying for the DOJ. 

The system is beyond broken - it is designed to reward criminals who play along after getting caught.

Thursday, November 21, 2013


A lot of what I know about the law came to me by old guard judges who remember the days when lawyers were still lawyers. Clinical experience will always be more valuable than what you read in a book. I always tell my doctor - who is an amazing clinical practitioner btw - "my body did not read the medical books."

SIDE NOTE:  This last caudal I had in my lower spine, while painful as hell - ended all the pain.  I am swimming every day again and will be back at the gym this weekend.  I feel like a million bucks.  I will be back on the treadmill tonight.  For me exercise is the ultimate high.

I spent far too much time at the courthouse yesterday.  Everyone wanted to know what I knew about the grand jury proceedings.  I told everyone the same thing - "nothing - they are secret.  But one person who has been in the grand jury room in other cases reminded me that a truly independent grand jury will order the DA to bring people before the grand jury the DA knows will not bode well for the DA's argument.  This may explain how Juan Gonzales, A.R. Flores, and Cris Valadez were called before the grand jury.  The grand jury may recognize they are being played by Saenz and wanted to get to the truth inspite of Saenz.

I have done a lot of grand jury work.  The first thing I would do in every case is send a letter to the grand jury to notify them I am counsel for the target and would like to address the grand jury.  Any competent attorney would do this.  The DA cannot prevent the letter from going to the grand jury.

In one case when I believe the grand jury was being corrupted by the DA, I went to the presiding judge over the grand jury and got a hearing on the matter.  Why Ed Cyg has not done this is beyond me.

This is where I am concerned local loyalties are denying Ernie Hernandez a fair hearing before the grand jury.  To a person I spoke with told me Ed Cyg has a loyalty to DA Saenz.  It is not a question of intentionally throwing Ernie Hernandez under the bus, it is a question of not wanting to cause your friend problems.  This is why in highly political cases like this, YOU NEVER HIRE LOCAL COUNSEL.  Ed Cyg relies on Saenz for good plea deals for his clients.  Ed has to think about all of his clients and not just one.

Ernie Hernandez would do well to immediately hire outside counsel.  Yesterday Ed Cyg should have been before Judge Janel Leal, who is presiding over this grand jury, demanding an emergency hearing asking for a stay pending a ruling from Justice Hinojosa on the perjury issue.  She would have granted a stay before the grand jury pending a ruling from Justice Hinojosa.

Ed Cyg certainly knows the rules.  He along with Trey Garza III just won the Manuel Velez case which included evidence an expert hired by DA Saenz as the special prosecutor lied to the jury, or at least mislead them.  In this case, Ed Cyg had the ACLU watching his actions so he had no choice but to take down Saenz on this one.

Ed Cyg's failure to go to Judge Leal yesterday raises serious concerns in my mind about his competence.  It is not just going to Judge Janet Leal - he can put before the grand jury the issue of perjury being put before Justice Hinojosa along with documentation and ask they take no action before Justice Hinojosa rules.

Depending on the ruling from Justice Hinojosa, Ed Cyg can get Judge Janel Leal to disqualify DA Saenz's office from the Ernie Hernandez case.

I am sitting here watching this play out and am asking myself - who does Ed represent - Ernie Hernandez or Luis Saenz?  It is an appearance issue based on Ed Cyg's failure to act.  This is why you never hire local counsel in highly charged political cases.


The Cameron county marriage license received by the JP's prior to marrying a couple expressly states in ¶ 3c "Obtains a written waiver from a Judge of a Court."

Click here for back of marriage license

I met with the proper people in Joe Rivera's office and the form will be changed, to reflect the law.  The back of the license I chose is dated in October after the controversy started.  I do not expect the clerk's office to check every form all of the time to check for compliance with the law.  What I expect is for reasonable people to report the mistakes when they are discovered.  I understand just how many forms Joe Rivera's office is dealing with.  This mistake created no real injury to everyone.

SIDE NOTE:  When someone tells me they believe something written by Montoya, I ask them really?  The typical response will be - "but this time he sounded credible."  Well I get it.  I assumed he was telling the truth about where you go for a marriage license.  Even that he lied about.  To get this license I went to the Clerks Office on the 2nd floor of the courts building just down the hall from the JP courts.  How many times has he told us Judge Linda Salazar has someone waiting near the clerk's office to direct couples to her court just down the hall.  Well it is not just down the hall - the office is in a completely different building.  Just another lie to create another false story. 

Now if I were Montoya being paid by Joe Rivera's opponent I would take this as evidence of Joe Rivera's incompetence.  It is no such thing. 

Just this week, the United States Supreme Court ruled 5/4 against federal district court judge Yeakal's injunction against the new abortion laws.  For the record Yeakal is a Republican appointee [just do not want some fool posting he was a judicial activist Democrat and making a fool of themselves]

If we were to use the standard being urged by  Luis Sorola, Alex Dominguez, Juan Montoya, and all of their moronic follows, Judge Yeakal should be indicted along with the four US Supreme Court Justices in the minority.  According to these idiots none of these judges know the law and should not be on the bench.  If this clearly politically motivated argument were the rule, every sitting judge in the US would be unelected or impeached. 

Controversy as to the law happens in every case.  Judges are not expected to know every aspect of the law.  This is why lawyers write briefs to guide the judges through the law.  Judges quite frequently rely heavily on the lawyers to guide them through the law.  If this were not the case, why do you have to brief the issue twice to be heard by the US Supreme Court, or for that matter have to submit briefs in every appellate court in the US?

This explains the high reversal rate.  Also a high reversal rate is meaningless because the stats do not tell you how many cases were never appealed.


When you look to the statistical data for cases affirmed on appeal within the 13th Court of Appeals, which covers Cameron County, the majority of the cases are not affirmed.  Does this mean our trial judges do not know the law?  And if so, then does it become a basis for throwing then out of office?  No.  But mind you if I were to post Judge McDonald's reversal record, Montoya and his moronic supporters would claim all of a sudden actually never making a mistake is impossible and a judge making a mistake is not a basis to unelected them - well unless you are being paid to get Judge Erin Garcia unelected because of a possible mistake. 

The above is how we know it is 100% political and not an argument on the merits.

Below is the link for all appellate courts.  The numbers are basically the same all over the state.  You can click on activity detail.

I do not care if you are a US Supreme Court Justice or a Justice of the Peace, when you first take the bench for the first month or so you are highly dependent on your staff to guide you through the process.  Judge Erin Garcia's predecessor sign 72 hour waivers along with several other JP's.  In fact clerk records show at least one JP is still marrying people before the 72 hour waiting period expires.

As  a JP her staff tells her there is a form she can sign to waive the 72 hour waiting period.  The license from the County Clerk's office says any judge of a court can sign the waiver.  As a JP until the problem is brought to her attention she had no reason to question what was happening.  Beyond this simple hard core reality, the law says any judge with family law jurisdiction can sign the waivers.  No one disputes JP's have jurisdiction in family law cases.  This is why one JP is holding his ground and still marrying people on less than 72 hours.

No one disputes that Aurora de la Garza and her chief civl clerk, Rosie Sheldon Sotelo are charging an illegal fee of $276 for a waiver.  The San Antonio Express news has verified this, and I verified it by calling the clerks office of every major county in the State?  We cannot have anyone questioning Rosie Sheldon Sotelo's competence because she is paying Montoya and McHale for silence.

It is not just the fee where she has shown incompetence - under her watch an employee was stealing child support money and an employee was sending cases to Limas, bypassing the system.  If she cannot manage just half the office with any level of competence, what makes anyone think she can manage the entire office?  Well money buys silence.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Let's see what bullshit lies he posts today.  The fact he has to lie in a way anyone can prove is a lie, tells me Saenz and Alex Dominguez are running scared.  Telling a verifiable lie is as stupid as having someone take a test for Roberto Cadriel.

"It seems that he can well overlook brazen vote-harvesting, the indictment and guilty pleas of politiqueras associated with a certain political machine, the accepting of corporate contributions to certain candidates, and even the sale of waivers to the state-mandated 72-hour waiting period between the issuance of marriage licenses and the performance by a JP of the ceremony.

FACT:  From Montoya in defending Robert Lopez and his deal with Ernie Hernandez and attacking Chavez.

"She faces Robert Lopez, a Cameron County administrator who came very close to defeating Robert Lozano in the runoff for Texas Southmost College trustee last time around.

The political arena is rife with rumors of a "smoking gun" that Chavez-Vasquez supporters say that she has on Lopez. But, unless she pulls off a Hernandez and reveals something in a court document somewhere, it is doubtful that mere allegations will carry the day without solid evidence or a judgement. "

I think the trial of Raul Salazar proved the deal which Montoya denied existed.

FACT:  In the Hernandez/Pena case which lead to the indictment and conviction of Margrita Ozuna it was Montoya attacking me daily for helping Pena expose the vote harvesting.  It was me who posted the evidence on the Internet to show how the election was stolen.  Montoya was defending Ernie Hernandez at every turn and accusing Pena of witness intimidation.  It was me who took the transcript to the AG in Austin resulting in the indictment of Margarita  Ozuna.  This is fact.  No one can copy and paste any comment by me ever turning a blind eye on this issue.  In fact I plead with Cowen to stop the delay in the Begum/Garcia contest because the clock was running.  He sat on the lawsuit and did nothing.

FACT:  I have no idea what he is talking about a corporate donation.  I know there was an allegation against Portillo on this issue, but I certainly did not back Portillo

FACT:  No court or AG has found that JP's cannot issue waivers.  The law is actually quite clear.  What Montoya does not tell you because that would be the truth is, on the marriage licence prepared by County Clerk Rivera it tells the JP's that any judge can sign the waiver.  It actually says that.  Just because someone makes an argument for money does not make it true.

And for the record, it was Montoya who defended Robert Lopez and his vote harvesting not the BV. See above -  In fact the BV broke the story of mail-ballots in exchange for Robert Cadriel getting a job back in October of 2011.  It was Montoya and McHale defending and endorsing Robert Lopez, while I worked against his election.  But why let facts get in the way when Saenz, Sorola, and Dominguez are sinking fast and one or all of them are paying him money for the lies.

Click for BV October 2011 link

I told people to file the complaint over the harvesting of mail ballots and Montoya attacked me with the same bullshit lies he prints today.

From the BV October 17, 2011,


Was use of politiqueras the kick-back for allowing Ernie's brother-in-law a job


These numbers are now with 100% reporting Run-off Results


Estela Chavez-Vasquez 2075 (calling as the winner)

Mail-in: 53, early voting: 1,335

Robert Lopez 999

Mail-in: 126, early voting: 553

In the original election Robert Lopez received more mail-ballots than Tony Martinez. When ESTELA CHAVEZ-VASQUEZ noted this in an ad, she was attacked. (By Montoya by the way)

Here are the original numbers before the run-off - note Lopez received more mail ballots than Mayor Tony Martinez

MAYOR 366 Mail Ballots "

BUT IN THE END - The attack is an act of desperation and only proves just how desperate Sanez, Sorola, and Dominguez have become.

My confusion is, Ernie Hernandez's indictment is around the corner.  It is what they want.  On the weight of the evidence the BV will wait for the trial.  But that will not change the fact their is a lot of activity as we speak to expose Saenz as engaging in abuse of office.  The BV will cover that.  If he is indicted the BV will wait for the trial to assess the evidence put before the jury.  The BV will not convict anyone based on an allegation.

Montoya could not give a crap about integrity in elections.  He switches sides with the size of the check and the documents prove it.

The one area where I will give Saenz credit is, he knows defense attorneys are notorious for their incompetence.   He knows with certainty whomever is advising Raul Salazar is telling him he can wait until the last minute to file anything.  Wrong - dead wrong.

Saenz is using this to his strategic advantage and has subpoenaed Juan Gonzales, A.R. Flores, and Cris Valadez to the grand jury.  He knows they cannot talk about their testimony.  We could have an indictment of Ernie Hernandez any day.  It will not matter that these three testified Ernie had nothing to do with this mess, because they cannot tell anyone their testimony.

The appearance will be they testified against Ernie Hernandez and no one can refute it.

On this strategy Saenz gets an A+ , but and F for ethics.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


First, I have confirmed with documents that back from March through September there were two personnel reviews of David Garcia and Pete Sepulveda.  On March 7, 2013, the personnel review was initiated by Ernie Hernandez.

Click for Document

The matter was then voted on to proceed in Executive session. " Upon motion by Commissioner Benavides, seconded by Commissioner Sanchez and carried unanimously, the Court met in Executive Session at 10:35 A.M. to discuss the following matters:" " (A)     DELIBERATIONS REGARDING THE COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR’S AND DEPUTY COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR’S DUTIES AND EVALUATION OF THEIR ROLES IN THE ADMINISTRATION OF COUNTY AFFAIRS IN ACCORDANCE WITH TEX. GOV’T CODE ANN. §551.074(a)(1)."
See Item K

On September 20, 2013, a second request was made to review Pete Sepuvleda.   It was made by Pete Sepulveda himself.

Click for document 

On September 26, 2013 "Upon motion by Commissioner Benavides, seconded by Commissioner Garza and carried unanimously, the Court met in Executive Session at11:27 A.M. to discuss the following matters:"   "DELIBERATION AND DISCUSSION REGARDING THE DUTIES OF THE COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR, PURSUANT TO V.T.C.A. GOVERNMENT CODE, SECTION 551.074."
Click for item K
You will note, in each case every commissioner voted to do the review.  I'm just curious for all of you conspiracy people, if Commissioners Court does not review the job performance of the top two administrators - please do tell - who does?
And if you believe Pete Sepulveda he put his own review on the agenda because Ernie Hernandez forced him to.
Again there was no story.  All of the commissioners agreed to the review and it was Luis Sorola's future mother in law who initiated the vote each time to do the review.  There is nothing nefarious - just standard practices.

I know the above was above your IQ, but this one might be easier for you.  Calling in witnesses to intimidate them is called witness tampering.  By storming the Dancy building you proved to everyone that you will try and intimidate witnesses regardless of the evidence.  Does the name Roberto Cadriel sound familiar?

All  four commissioners and County Judge Cascos will be called to testify that  Ernie Hernandez had nothing to do with the personnel reorganization in HR and that pay reduction was never on the table.

What makes you think interrogating Juan Gonzales, A.R. Flores, and Cris Valadez, will change this simple fact.  The commissioners know best their intent and everyone of them and Judge Cascos will testify that Ernie had nothing to do with the reorganization of HR.  What in gods name did you hope to accomplish by making a fool of yourself at the Dancy building.  The commissioners and Judge Cascos' testimony will not change.

Again all candidates are entitled to free advertising on the BV. You just have to let me know.


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On 11/19.2013, I confirmed with the elections office Judge Garcia at this time has no opponent

Luis Saenz is playing the victim - he did not know - he knew everything.  Below on the right is Ismael Hinojosa, co-ADA in the prosecution of Raul Salazar.  He is working the campaign of Alex Dominguez, who is running against Ernie Hernandez.  Does anyone believe that DA Saenz did not know this?  He saw no appearance issue with this.

Do not forget Guz Garza's argument in closing "Defendant Ernie Hernandez."  Nothing was fair or just about this trial.  Saenz has had all day to inform Justice Hinojosa of the truth.  God save Saenz and his office if Raul Salazar gets to Justice Hinojosa first.


A source from the Dancy building has told me that DA Saenz personally went to the Dancy building and told Juan Gonzales and Cris Valadez to report to the DA's office for questioning.  A.R. Flores was interviewed in his office.  Saenz had an investigator with him.

Saenz is fooling no one.  Hopefully the FBI is already all over this and will seek subpoenas on all emails and texts for Ismael Hinojosa to determine if he was communicating with Alex Dominguez during the trial.  Saenz thinks he is going to cover this up.  He is dead wrong.

If I have to I will personally take Raul Salazar to Dallas to meet with federal investigators - with documents in hand.

The FBI needs to immediately call in David Garcia and provide him immunity if he has solid evidence Guz Garza knew the truth.

Has DA Saenz filed anything with the court to inform Justice Hinojosa of the perjury in the Raul Salazar case?
Bobby WC


Funny Thing - with the evidence overwhelming Montoya basically takes from my morning article and concedes something smells wrong.  Yea when the documents tell a clear truth - you cannot spin the story.

The only thing dumber than the original decision to have someone take a test for Robert Cadriel, was the decision to push this false testimony that Ernie Hernandez was seeking retaliation against HR personnel because of their actions in the Raul Salazar case.

Guz Garza is as stupid as Robert Lopez.  He had to have known documents existed to prove the truth - but remember in his closing argument he slipped and said "The defendant Ernie Hernandez," and then spent 15 minutes railing against Ernie Hernandez claiming the employees were facing retaliation as the trial was happening.

The first document is from A.R. Flores, head of HR.  Notice the date - October 23, 2013.  Notice to whom it is addressed - Dalia Robles [who in my book remains the hero in this story], and Pete Sepulveda.  Without consent or action by anyone at Commissioners Court A.R. Flores took over Dalia Robles job as Civil Service Coordinator on October 24, 2013.  This was before the Raul Salazar trial began. 

Knowing this, I know why Guz Garza did not call Dalia Robles as a witness - because she would have told the truth and the truth did not serve Guz Garza or DA Luis Saenz agenda "the defendant Ernie Hernandez."

Click for October 23, 2013 letter

The following document is the item request to put the reorganization on the agenda as completed by Juan Gonzales, counsel for Commissioners Court.

Click for item

You will note missing from the request is the following form.

This form was not included because as a commissioner told me this morning in an email - "I checked the agenda request form…it was Juan Gonzalez that placed it on. I can tell you that there was & is no intent or initiative to lower anyone’s compensation." 


Unfortunately for Guz Garza there may actually be no one in the DA's office with the skills to explain this to him - but here we go.  If David Garcia runs to the FBI and tells them that Guz Garza knew the truth because he had the documents, improperly secured from the county without a subpoena, Guz Garza could be indicted under 18 USC 242.  This is a possible race to the FBI.

DA Saenz's needs to personally sign off on a notice to the court as to the truth.  Guz Garza spent 15 minutes pushing this lie on the jury.  You cannot say it did not have an impact on their verdict.

Any honest DA at this time would file a motion to agree to a new trial because of tainted evidence.

The reality is, if Guz Garza fails to notify Justice Hinojosa that his witness was less than truthful, Guz Garza can be sanctioned to include disbarment.  Justice Hinojosa could go so far, depending on the evidence to sanction the DA with an outright dismissal of the charges.  To be fair it will take a ton of evidence before Justice Hinojosa would issue such a sanction.  A new trial is the most likely result.

With every second Guz Garza fails to act the deeper this will become for him.  If I were Raul Garza I would be on the phone with the Civil Rights Enforcement Division of the DOJ in Dallas right now trying to get an appointment to file formal criminal charges against David Garcia and Guz Garza.  I would then be on a plane to Dallas for the meeting.


To protect Guz Garza my  fear is DA Saenz will simply agree to a dismissal of the charges.  NO WAY JOSE - The people need a hearing to get to the truth.  If there has to be a second trial, as opposed to an outright dismissal, so be it - but we need the truth about this issue and who was involved and that is done with a full fledged hearing before Justice Hinojosa. 


So in the JP 2-3 race Mary Esther Garcia agreed to comply with the law and add the word "FOR" to her campaign material after an investigation was opened. Now, with so much advanced notice of the problem comes Pete Avila, who was an elected constable and has run for office many times, and makes the same mistake.

Someone, anyone please tell me, if Raul Salazar commits a misdemeanor crime why is that fact a campaign issue, but the fact Mary Esther Garcia and Pete Avila both of whom have failed to follow the law on this issue are to be given a pass.  An act which is a class A misdemeanor, is not an issue?  The same goes for Alex Dominguez.  Why does Alex Dominguez get to use Raul Salazar's misdemeanor conduct as an issue, but demand people ignore his conduct as just a big nothing?  Here is a clue Alex - the legislature made a law.  It is a class A misdemeanor.  It is a big deal. 

If anyone wants to know who I am going to vote for in the JP 2-3 race.  A retired lawyer - if one decides to get into the race.  I agree with the San Antonio Express News, the legislature needs to change the law and required all new JP's be lawyers.  The currently elected ones would have to be grandfathered in.

Monday, November 18, 2013


UPDATE:  This morning I received the following from a commissioner who is not Ernie Hernandez "I checked the agenda request form…it was Juan Gonzalez that placed it on. I can tell you that there was & is no intent or initiative to lower anyone’s compensation." 

I am hoping for a rapid turn around on my open records request.  To put an item on the agenda forms must be completed.  I have reqested all of those items.  I have been told over and over again - this reorganization was planned for sometime ever since Commissioners Court authorized the new hire in HR.

If I get the documents today I will post them.  But staff for the commissioners are telling me, that there was no conspiracy to lower wages and the entire thing is one big made up story.


Item N page 8, of the Cameron County Agenda for Thursday  shows that Commission Counsel Juan Gonzales put the item on the agenda and not Ernie Hernandez as was alleged in the trial of Raul Salazar.

This is significant because an investigation has  begun as to how Guz Garza got access to a draft agenda item.  Various sources within the Dancy building have told me the how, but because they will not let me quote them I will not use the allegation.  If they will not commit, I will not submit.

But this I do know, if a witness called by Guz Garza committed perjury, Gus Garza has a legal duty to inform Justice Hinojosa.  If he fails to inform Justice Hinojosa and the matter is brought to Justice Hinojosa by and through counsel for Raul Salazar, then Gus Garza could find himself in a heap of trouble.

I cannot remember if on this question Victor Ramirez objected based on hearsay and this is when Justice Hinojosa allowed David Garcia to testify about the agenda item if he had personal knowledge.  The objection and ruling did happen, I just do not remember if it was on this issue.  If this is the question, then we have a problem, because the agenda item clearly shows that Juan Gonzales is the one who put it on the agenda and not Ernie Hernandez as alleged.

What I am trying to find out is whether or not with Juan Gonzales' request was attached the following form.

Without this form then the issue of lowering wages was never an issue.

I have confirmed through the staff of several commissioners that for well over a month  Commissioners Court approved a new position for HR.  It was the intent of Commissioners Court to reorganize HR to accommodate the new hire and his/her duties.  But there was never an issue of lowering wages.  If you read the item, there is no reference to wages.  But then if it shows the above form was filed as part of the Agenda Item including a lowering of wages, then there is documented proof.

I have confirmed that there is an investigation as to how Gus Garza came into possession of a draft document without serving the proper subpoena on the county.  This issue and what legal action if any will be discussed in Executive Session during Item D.  Now, they may have to call a special meeting to actually take legal action - but first they have to get through item D in Executive Session first.  For an ADA to secure a county document through back door means and not through a subpoena is never smart.  But if it happened the impact on Guz Garza will smart.

Here is  the fundamental problem.  If David Garcia mislead the jury and it can be proven he lied, Guz Garza has a legal duty to inform Justice Hinojosa.  Gus Garza spent his 15 minutes of closing hammering the jury with the argument that the HR personnel were being retaliated against as the trial was happening. 

It is my understanding Juan Gonzales if called as a witness will make it clear that David Garcia's claims were without merit and that he either did not have any personal knowledge of what was happening and lied when he said he did, or he had the document and intentionally misrepresented the contents of the documents to the jury.  At least one allegation includes a claim, Guz Garza had a copy of the draft agenda item and allowed David Garcia to mislead the jury. 

Only a hearing will tell the truth.  The ineffective assistance of counsel is, the Best Evidence Rule.  Victor Ramirez simply had to demand they produce the written copy of the Agenda Item and it would have shown it was Juan Gonzales who put the item on the agenda and not Ernie Hernandez.  It is possible that Juan Gonzales will testify that Ernie Hernandez urged commissioners court to get this done.  But I have been assured by several staff members that this issue has been on the table for at least 30 days.

But the bottom line is, if Guz Garza sits back and does nothing, and Justice Hinojosa finds wrongdoing, Guz Garza's career is over at the DA's office.

I am working on getting the above document.  If it shows a reduction in wages for HR personnel - then who ever made the decision to put this item on the agenda at this time is not very smart.  This process is document driven and an Open Records Request will get to the truth.  But Judge Casco can also be called to testify that this reorganization of HR has been on the table for some time and it had nothing whatsoever to do with the trial, and David Garcia knew this to be true.


So this morning I had a thoracic C-Scan.  I met with medical records over the mess with my last lab results.  Well everything was audited and as it turns out they have verified my PSA is .88.  A 30 year old man would love a .88.  I'm 55.  As the chart from the NIH shows, my PSA is amazing.  I can do as much as 2 gallons of water between 6-11 p.m. and not have to get up and go to the bathroom.  Why?  The perfect PSA.  Ladies - it is a test  which measures prostate function - more or less.

"Older men typically have slightly higher PSA levels than younger men. Commonly used ranges are as follows:
  • Men below age 50: PSA less than 2.5
  • Men 50 - 59 years: PSA level less than 3.5
  • Men 60 - 69 years: PSA level less than 4.5
  • Men older than 70 years: PSA level less than 6.5"
Source: NIH

Side note - I take a double dosage of testosterone Androgel.  They are learning more and more about how to use Androgel.  Dr. Teo Ong recommended instead of double application on the shoulders to do one application on the belly and one on the shoulders.  Well my testosterone jumped.

Sunday, November 17, 2013



I wanted to do this post last week - but the Raul Salazar case took the headlines all week. 

The Port, Cameron County, and Congressman Vela are all working as a unit to making the deepening of the port a reality.  It is my understanding it is an uphill battle, but with the help from the State of Texas it could be a reality.  I am developing this story and looking at what needs to get done.  I think the key is to convince the Texas Delegation it is in the best interest of Texas for this to happen.  We also need to push both Greg Abbott and Wendy Davis to push for the deepening of the port.  We have to turn it into a vote getting issue for them so that they both promise to  fight for this reality.


In any divorce there comes a point wherein the parents need to put aside their differences and put the children first.  It is time that UTB and TSC put aside their differences and start to look for ways to align TSC and the new UT campus.  For reasons which are not important neither Dr. Juliet Garcia nor the current president of UT Pan Am are going to be the president of the new campus.

Dr. Juliet Garcia needs to face this reality and try and heal the rift.  TSC and UT still need to work for the best interests of the students.  Dr. Juliet Garcia as part of the healing can reach out and create a position for herself as the person who aligns the local community colleges feeding into the new UT campus.    It is time to heal.  I truly hope everyone can put aside their differences in what was surely a messy divorce.


I do not know what to say - with Tony Martinez unwilling to budge as to his ways I see no change.  The city commissioners  fear for their political future so the city of Brownsville lingers in limbo.  There is nothing to say as to what can be done.


It is not that BISD does not graduate a lot of very bright and soon to be successful students.  It does.  Same goes for TSC and UTB - both are graduating students who are moving forward.  The major problem with BISD in terms of educating our children is, the Board has no meaningful interest in Special Needs Children.  There needs to be a national search for a highly qualified Administrator over Special Needs.  Until we have such a person in charge of Special Needs, nothing will change.  I do not worry about the kids who do not need extra help.  They will make it through and find a future.  I worry about those who need the help and are not getting it.


We need to stop all of the endless distractions and look for ways beyond words, to move forward.  Right now the movement on the port is important.  I hope to have more on this later in the week.
I was checking all the web pages for my Sunday night post of upcoming fundraisers and found this on Alex Dominguez's page.  Yes, Alex, if we were raised a Buddhist, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, and any number of a 1000 other religions we would not be as qualified.  This is the type bullshit campaign ad I expect from the radical right Republicans.
And for the record, there is nothing wrong with being a Christian - the issue is how he insults non-Christians with the implication of his statement.  Like I have said many times, had I been Catholic I would have become a Jesuit priest.  A Jesuit would never insult non-Christians.
He has now officially offended the Catholic Church, the gay community, women, all non-Christians, and now the left.  Who's next, men with hair - I can say that given I basically have no head hair.
The funny thing about this Republicanesque ad is, hey Alex it was a Republican who discovered your campaign ethics violations - it may shock you when a Republican with money announces.  You are so obsessed with Ernie, you are not even paying attention to your back.
A Bible Lesson for you Alex - Book of Matthew - Chapter 6

Translation - you do not wear your faith on your sleeve.  You might take the time to learn the actual words of Joshua, aka Jesus

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"Come Join the Eric Garza for Cameron County District Clerk Golf Classic at the Brownsville Golf Center, 1800 West San Marcelo Blvd, in Brownsville, Texas, on Saturday, December 14, 2013, at 8:00 a.m. FORMAT: Three (3) Person Scramble (1) One Single Digit Player Per Team &... See More"

This is the only fundraiser I could find.  All candidates are entitled to free promotion of their events.  Last week I missed two - but both candidates posted the events after Sunday. I only now just discovered them.  To all candidates, you need to give your supporters a good 2 weeks notice if you want word to get out.


Apparently Valley Central ran an interview they did with me after the Salazar trial.

Let's look to Zeke's lies.  "The guy that ran to the camera to get interviewed is no other than Bobby Whitman Cervantes blogger of the Brownsville Voice. He has been defending Ernie Hernandez and Raul Salazar since day one. 

Oh, it's printed and going to his insurance company as further evidence of his malice.

First the reporter will verify I was heading to the elevator when she called out to me and asked if I would give a statement.  I did not run to the reporter.  The reporter will verify this.  Zeke was not there - but hey when you believe you are "saved" you are free to lie with impunity.

Second, Zeke cannot copy and paste one statement I have ever made defending Raul Salazar or Ernie Hernandez related to this trial.  This kind of proves to me it has been Zeke I spent part of Sunday debating with.

And Zeke, you know who my other witness is that I did not run to the camera, Juan Montoya - they stopped him also.  Anyone can view the video and see I condemned the entire thing as stupid.  Not one word defending anything they did.  You know why they used my quote and not Montoya's because I know enough to speak in soundbites, which is what they need.

The following sentence by Zeke is not only a lie, it makes no sense.  "They have accused us of being women haters because they bullied women and employees to do illegal actions with fear of retaliation of losing their jobs."   No Zeke the multiple police reports against you by women claiming Internet harassment, this above post, your anti-gay posts - your posts under your fake Facebook account are why people believe you have problems with women.

One woman at the proceedings I approached and asked if it were true she had had a run in with you and she must have assumed I was going to defend you because in her anger she came at me with the "F" word.  I had to explain I was not defending you. 

And what proof do you have Ernie Hernandez or Raul Salazar harassed any of these women?  None - Dalia was going to tell the entire truth, and your buddy Guz Garza would not let her testify.  Carmen testified Ernie and Raul had nothing to so with it and it was all Robert Lopez.

But then I guess when you believe you are saved you can lie. 

If Alex Dominguez has to hire a convict (correction convicted person who has not made amends through his conduct), and pathological homophobic liar to run his campaign, what does that tell the community about Alex Dominguez?

Hey, Alex you might want to consult a real lawyer - If I can show he is defaming me as your campaign manager - you too can be brought into the litigation.  I can provide you the name of a view competent lawyers if you want.