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UPDATE:  I have been out all afternoon. I have now confirmed that Judge Cascos admonished Zeke Silva he had no idea what he was talking about.  The law mandates that the county provide Judge Erin Garcia a defense if there is a lawsuit pending against her.  Funny how Zeke decided to not report to Montoya how Judge Cascos took him to task.

Zeke is a part-time county employee.  So it is not clear if he was on county time when he was at commissioners court.  I am told an investigation has been opened to determine if he was assigned to be working for the county at the time he was at commissioners court.  If he was, a complaint will be filed.  But I warn people - he is a part-time employee.  It seems to me he was probably not assigned to be working for the county, at the time he was at commissioners court.

But his words and non-sense are being forwarded to the AG as further proof of DA Saenz's bad-faith conduct.  The fact the AG, assuming Montoya is telling the truth, refused an expedited ruling means they see no harm to the community - translation DA Saenz in sunk.

Sorola will not refile the lawsuit.  To an attorney and judge I was told they all agree Judge Tagle will offer up Sorola's huevos up on a platter as rocky mountain oysters and make him eat them.  This is done.  We now wait to see what action if any the State Bar takes against Sorola and Saenz.

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Montoya cannot speak without lying.  He is reporting Commissioners Court voted down providing a defense for Judge Erin Garcia - a lie - but then again his source is Zeke Silva.

If there is no lawsuit what is there to defend?  Get it - it's a typical Zeke Silva Juan Montoya con job.

What I am waiting to find out is if they gave counsel permission to file and immediate answer in the event a defense is needed- meaning the lawsuit is refiled, or does it have to be reset before commissioners court for authorization.  I do not know the answer to this.  But I do know I spoke with several commissioners and Judge Cascos and they all agreed the county must defend any pending lawsuit.  Since there is no lawsuit, what is there to defend? - nothing.


Zeke Silva who works for DA Vindictive Dick Luis Saenz, went before commissioners court and demanded they ignore Texas law and deny Judge Erin Garcia a defense.  I am told the laughter could be heard in Mexico City.

I do not see how it is possible that Saenz can have anything to do with this matter at this time.  His bias is clear - he intentionally mislead the AG as to which law applied to the facts of the case, and his employee Zeke Silva is on line and before commissioners court defaming Erin Garcia.

I suspect there will a battle royal to have DA Saenz removed from even investigating this matter further.

I am waiting on confirmation as to what happened at the meeting in terms of a vote.  As as soon as Cameron county releases what ever is public I will publish it.


Anonymous said...

Who does zeke think he is? What does he know about the law? Get him out of there!

BobbyWC said...

Zeke is Saenz's fools gold.

The decision if true, of the AG not agreeing to an expedited ruling works against DA Saenz - it means they see no urgency because they see no breaking of the law.

If they believed one minute there is ongoing illegal activity they would have responded immediately

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"I spoke with several commissioners and Judge Cascos and they all agreed"

I think you just violated the open meetings act by participating in a walking quorum.

Anonymous said...

Zeke is SEXY...

Anonymous said...

Very true it's just Saenz and his puppet Silva blowing smoke. If the law had been broken there would be no need to wait for a response from the AG. They should check how they are doing with their taxes before they blame someone else for misusing anything!

BobbyWC said...

To the walking quorum expert. This is the United States - I'm I going too fast for you? Not North Korea. I have a right to approach elected officials and ask them questions as to policy. They are allowed to answer my questions without first getting your permission.

From the AG "The Act does not define a "walking quorum." See generally id. § 551.001. However, a Texas appellate court has defined the term to mean "serial meetings of less than a quorum." Willmann v. City of San Antonio, 123 S.W.3d 469, 478 (Tex. App.--San Antonio 2003, pet. denied). See also Esperanza Peace & Justice Ctr. v. City of San Antonio, 316 F. Supp. 2d 433, 474 (W.D. Tex. 2001) (describing the term as "an overlapping series of meetings or telephone conferences [when] a quorum of members was not in the same room at the same time")."

Me asking individual commissioners about a policy is not a meeting - it is me and the commissioner.

Also see above update on Zeke

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby, hasn't then Zeke being an employee of the DA then created a "conflict of interest"?

BobbyWC said...

I think there is overwhelming evidence Saenz is biased. Any normal DA would have shut up Zeke a long time ago. It is as if Zeke has Saenz blackmailed or Saenz is just plain stupid.

If this were me I would ID the judge over the grand jury which took my records and file a motion to have DA Saenz office removed from any further investigation based on bias.

The evidence is clear and overwhelming - but that could cost the county a pretty penny. If Erin Garcia wins her motion it could force the county to reimburse her her fees while the county is also forced to pay for an independent attorney to investgate.

What I know for sure every commissioner wants Saenz to resign - save Sofie Benavides - Sofie is in a self destruct mode - sources have told me that Sorola is not welcome in her home but that she is holding her tongue to please her daughter. Sofie seems to feel very strongly Sorola has done unimaginable damage to her daughter's political career.

Politics are going to get real nasty come January - lines are being drawn - attorneys know that if they have anything to do with Saenz or Mary Esther Garcia it could cost them

The judges are beyond mad that such frivolous claims could get so out of control. They know any attorney willing to now give to Mary Esther Garcia supports the destruction of innocent judges for political gain.

It is a very, very dangerous mine field in the Democratic Party - it could actually self destruct over this as the battle continues.

If Sofie Benavides and Mary Esther Garcia had a half a brain between them Mary Esther Garcia would withdraw from the campaign while taking some responsibility for what has happened. This could put her in a position to run for something in 2016.

But she will not. What I am hearing is war is being declared within the party and Sofie Benavides is prepared to lead the party to self destruction.

People are real mad.

I cannot find one attorney or judge who supports Sorola in his actions. There are mixed feelings about Mary Esther Garcia not denouncing him for his actions. People get the conflict - future husband and all - but political machines win races and the machines are not very friendly to Mary Esther Garcia at this precise moment. Winds change and by January people may forget.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I'm not the one telling the people if you vote for me I will bring integrity back to the courts.

The way Rincones ad reads is as if Judge Garcia is doing something wrong and that is wrong - there is zero evidence he is a bad judge - her ad is deceptive and she knows it - if you start with a misleading ad playing on the emotions of the people you cannot be trusted.

Further why should I be the one again to expend thousands of dollars for this. We are a county of 200,000 - a law firm needs to file the lawsuit

What you are saying is, since I am the one documenting the problem I should have to use my retirement money again to take action.

NO - this battle belongs to Cameron county and not me

I did my part in Villalobos and Limas and made Cameron county a bit better - time someone else step up to the plate.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby NO ONE can beat your coverage ---no one even comes close to providing all the facts---they eat your dust(we used this phrase a long time ago)---way behind you,

These fiends hate women and are always bullying them on line---they need to be stopped---how come they don't get in a man's face or harass a male? Cabrones---that's why.

Thank you for your coverage--Blessings. :D

Anonymous said...

Im with the post at 7:11! These vicious fools are just as corrupt and dangerous as those who held that office before. They use that office to play games, settle political scores, and intimidate the innocent.

BWC, you deserve an award for exposing this BLATANT ABUSE.

-Why would the DA hire a convicted felon then let him embarrass everyone at the county with this behavior?

Anonymous said...

Of the 3 candidates for JP, MEG, PA, and MP, I think MEG is now the weakest even though she has the most contributions. You would think her downward spiral and the sanctions you seek would benefit one of the other two candidates, but I don't think they can command the kind of respect or wide support to beat MEG's money and family connections. I think it is time for someone with experience and clout to step up to the plate. The question is who? Are there any rumored or potential candidates that could jump in?

BobbyWC said...

Pete Avila has a political machine and so too does Minerva Pena. MEG has the money advantage for now - but that may change now that so many lawyers fear being associated with her.

Both Pete and Minerva have law enforcement experience - Minerva understands the truancy issue which is a big issue for JP courts.

I really think this is really who will get the political machines behind them.

The Hernandez machine certainly will not be backing MEG - I know of another machine which will be working against MEG but have been asked to not disclose the candidates intent. I do not know if they will be supporting Pete or Minerva.

My hands are tied in responding because I know of a lot of things behind the scenes I have been told to not discuss. But by January it could be people will be saying MEG who?

So long as she remains engaged to Sorola she is politically dead and her mother knows it. Sofie is very displeased with with Sorola has done to her daughter. But I have a news flash for Sofie, her daughter chose to act the way she did - no one forced her. It is chicken shit for Sofie to blame Sorola.

Their ties to Dominguez could blow up in their faces. I am working on a criminal investigation. Two attorneys have told me the same thing. I just have to find a way to prove it. I will not discuss what I am researching until I can prove it. Plus I do not want to let him know what I know - the reality is it could all be lies.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby, hasn't then Zeke being an employee of the DA then created a "conflict of interest"?