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What you will see is clear evidence that DA Saenz is using his office to help his friends or major campaign contributors to settle personal scores through criminal investigations and or actual criminal charges.  I am also investigating two cases wherein charges were dropped.  In one case a possible campaign donation was made - the name fits as a relative of the beneficiary but I am trying to verify that it is not someone else with the same name.  The other claim I will further investigate this week.  All I have is a written claim with a signature - because I am document driven I need to pull several files to verify the claims.

Click for the document which shows Ed Cyganiewicz dismissed a criminal complaint against Norma Hernandez initiated by Zeke Silva.  Villalobos refused to move on the case, so DA Saenz filed a motion with the court to have an Attorney Pro Tem appointed to pursue the investigation against Norma Hernandez.  The cost to the taxpayer $405.00.  Now, I will bet the farm Saenz knew it would go nowhere but $405 of taxpayer money was the price Saenz was willing to pay to shut Zeke Silva up.

Before I get into the cross allegations between Zeke Silva and Norma Hernandez I want to clarify something.  Unlike those who claim to care about the seniors involved in this mess, I actually care about them.  Paid cyber-politiqueros can type a billion words claiming many of these seniors are mentally incompetent to vote, but they can never produce any evidence to prove their words.  It is insulting to every senior citizen they have to hear this nonsense, and it speaks volumes about the candidates who pay for these insults against these senior citizens.

But there is an issue which any reasonable person cannot deny.  Most of the seniors in daycare centers are there for one of two reasons - one, they choose to be there to feel safe during the day while family members are at work - it may be something as simple as a fear of falling - or two a family member who has guardianship over the senior puts the senior in the adult daycare to insure their safety while they are at work.

Those who are there by their own choice and not under the care of a guardian are free to come and go as they please.  But it does not make it safe.  There will come a point, and rightfully so, one of these adult daycare centers will be sued for allowing the senior to go vote while being transported by a campaign.  The senior can fall - the senior can have a heart attack - the senior can have a stroke - and because they are in one of these vans they will not have the immediate medical attention they need. 

This is what should concern everyone.  It would not hurt the process if everyone of these adult daycare centers were warned - they will be sued if a senior in their care is allowed to leave the center with someone other than a designated caregiver or family member.  To put this another way - I oppose 100% under any circumstances taking any senior from an adult daycare to vote unless the person taking them is a caregiver or a family member.  It is real simple - their safety and welfare comes first.

Having said the above let's look at a series of documents.  There are two police reports I have been able to secure using an open records request.  I got the billing from the county, and the other reports from the DA's office.  I got one report directly from the police department.

The first document is DA Saenz, through his first First Assistant Rene Gonzalez, asking that an attorney pro tem be appointed based on a conflict of interest.  It is a request to investigate Norma Hernandez based on a complaint filed by Zeke Silva.  As the above document shows - it went no where - except costing the taxpayers $405.00

Click for Appointment of Attorney Pro Tem

Below is the incident report created at Zeke Silva's request.

Click for report

Below is the incident report created at Norma Hernandez's request.

Click for Report

The first thing you notice is the lack of detail in the report prepared for Norma Hernandez.  How can you have two police officers at the same scene of an incident and have such a difference in reports?  Answer - one decided to not take down all of the details.

The second thing you will notice is Zeke's report has a supplemental based on him going to the police station.  It would seem this forms the basis of a terrorist threat.  The police agree Norma Hernandez gave a recorded statement at the PD, but yet nothing in that statement is included in her report.  The statement was not made available.

Last, Zeke's is referred to the DA, but Norma's is not.  The statement clearly states he attempted to assault her with his door.  What is the problem?  The problem is police officers playing games.


How is it the report generated for Zeke references Norma's claim he tried to hit her with the door of his car, but the report generated for Norma does not?  The officer clearly had no interest in doing his job.  Further, why does the report generated for Zeke reference Norma's recorded statement and some of its contents, but not the one generated for Norma?  It is game playing - plain and simple.

Let's look at Zeke's statements - he went to the daycare to pick up his father to go vote.  When he got there Norma was already there with a van picking up seniors to vote.  This was a chance meeting, but no conspiracy.

Zeke's father knows that Zeke is on his way to pick him up to vote.  Seniors are leaving the center to go vote in the van.  Zeke's father walks out of the daycare behind other seniors headed to Norma's van.  The report is clear on this.  A worker outside says they can get in the van.  How was this worker to know Zeke's father was not part of the group heading to polls in Norma's van? 

Zeke decides to declare WWIII.  His statement is he was the only one with a right to park in the pick-up zone to retrieve seniors leaving the facility.  What makes Zeke's father so special?  There is nothing in the police reports that any senior was going against their will.  If they are there on their own accord, they are free to come an go as they please.  It is not a concentration camp.  They have as much right to have someone pick them up at the curb as Zeke's father.  In the real world where crazy people are not always yelling conspiracy and vulgarities, you wait your turn - oh no, not Zeke - he is "special."

The reports if taken as true means Zeke started the entire thing based on a misunderstanding. Any rational person would have simply moved on.  Any rational person would have seen the entire thing as a coincidence that they both were there at the same time.  But not Zeke - he had to make an issue of it for political gain - at the expense of senior citizens.

Do not trust me, just read the reports and form your own opinion.

I hope Norma Hernandez reads this and demands  her report is amended to reflect what is in both reports, and her recorded statement.  If the police will not refer it to the DA, when she needs to walk it in to DA Saenz and demand an attorney pro tem look into the matter.

I am not asking my readers to believe a word I am saying - just read the police reports.  Who started the entire altercation based on a misunderstanding?

Undisputed Facts:

Norma Hernandez was there first taking seniors to vote - perfectly legal - albeit dangerous to the safety and welfare of the seniors involved.  I oppose this 100%

Zeke Silva showed up to retrieve his father to go vote.

His father was walking behind seniors heading to the van.

Zeke Silva decides to go haywire and creates an incident.  Norma Hernandez had no control over Zeke Silva father's decision  to exit the building when he did,.  He was expecting his son to take him to vote.  Maybe he hears "they are outside taking people to vote" so he goes outside.  Maybe Zeke called him and said he was outside waiting for him.

It was one big misunderstanding escalated into an incident by Zeke Silva - and what does DA Saenz do, he orders taxpayer money expended to prosecute Norma Hernandez because that is what Zeke wants.  No rational person can read these reports and find the events were anything but a misunderstanding escalated by Zeke's bad language and conduct.

No attorney pro tem was appointed to investigate Zeke because the BPD never sent Norma Hernandez complete report to the DA.


Click for an excerpt from DA Saenz campaign finance reports.  You will note a donation of $3,500 from Villarreal and Begum.  In the 181 pages of reports I paid for this is the single largest donation in a single event.

Now click on the criminal charge brought against Josefina Canales for calling Yolanda Begum a fake.  According to DA Saenz this is considered obscene.

No attorney has come to DA Saenz defense on this one.  People will have to form their own opinion of whether or not Villarreal's and Begum's $3,500 donation bought influence to bring a 100% frivolous charge against Josefina Canales for calling Alex Begum's mother a fake.

Like I said, I am moving on two more cases.  In one I have the match up of the name with a donor and someone who had their charges dismissed.  On the other one I just have a signed written statement from the victims and his family.  I need to research that one to learn what is true and what is not true.


Anonymous said...

Your articles backed up by actual documents are fantastic. Thank you for your tireless efforts to expose what is going on here in Cameron County at every level, city, county, school district, etc. I hope more people take notice of your blog and start making the right choices when voting and doing the right thing when exposing the "bad guys." Have a great day and hope you get to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Anonymous said...

Zeke Silva, Gus Garza, and Melissa Zamora, Saenz can really pick them.

BobbyWC said...

What exactly has Melissa Zamora done to hurt Saenz's office? Nothing - the press seems to love Saenz - which to me means she has done her job.

I am all over Gus Garza - I do not know who is worse Gus Garza or Zeke Silva

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

pending an investigation it could take months for me to get the report - you seem to have access to it

Anonymous said...

BOBBY..great job, can the hernandez win an eleccion without the ederly.when the feds are going to stop this.

BobbyWC said...

The politiqueras in terms of harvesting mail ballots are dead for the primaries - but this is only one part of winning an election

The people are tired of so so and is corrupt based solely on allegations - nothing has ever been proven against them

They have a well established political machine

without a political machine backing you it is hard to win an election

but anyone running a campaign based on endless allegations without any findings by a court is running a campaign of distraction and no ideas - the people do not buy it and it will not work

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The press Loves Luis because he gets convictions not because of Melissa. Come on Bobby we all know she is the one feeding inside information. You yourself has hinted numerous times it is her. You are actually hurting her more than you care to admit. No one in the DA likes you or trusts you. Not Luis or any ADA. You turn on everybody and you walking time bomb that will release your source just to prove a point. The only reason you only report stuff on the DA is because Melissa gives you inside information so that you don't write negative or the truth about her. Just for that reason you have lost all credibility. The reports you have downloaded say nothing, prove nothing and just shows you have a hatred on people that don't cave to your threats or demands. Simple as that and if you have any balls left you will let this comment through. Have you ever interviewed Zeke or Luis to get their side of the story. The answer is no and why is that because you are not after the truth just causing problems because you can. Its your blog and you could do whatever you want but don't expect us to fall for your lies.

BobbyWC said...

The above post is so devoid of reality and filled with evidence of this person's wild hair up their butt for Melissa it is not even a challenge to refute the entire post

Luis himself has told me he is very happy with Melissa Zamora and how she runs her part of the office - that aside lets look at the comment the press likes Luis because he wins.

Today - Israel Lopez - hung jury - the ADA failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt this previously convicted murderer murdered again.

Pay attention Zeke this is not a win.

Luis was warned that his office had no evidence in the Pedrazo case - Luis went forward anyway and Justice Chew ordered the jury to find Pedrazo not guilty because Luis Saenz's office failed to put on any evidence for the jury to even consider.

This is two big wins for Nat Perez.

The Manuel Velez case - another murder case - tried by Luis Saenz himself - now granted a new trial.

The Mara case tried by Luis Saenz himself now entitled to a new trial

Do I really need to continue Zeke?

Yes, I have interviewed Saenz - like everyone else at the courthouse for the press conference after the first raid on the 8 Liners. I asked him questions and published his answers.

Luis and I spoke and met over the problems with the domestic abuse case I discussed - and even with our discussions the ADA allowed the victim to cry all weekend only to go to court on Monday to find out there was no trial because a plea bargain was struck the Wednesday before.

I and the victim again met with Luis Saenz to lodge our protest.

On the CVU problems I met with Luis and took the paperwork to the person he directed me to and did everything he asked of us - only to get nothing.

Documents speak for themselves - I asked my readers to read the police reports and to form their own opinion in the Zeke Silva case. The police report speaks for themselves - Zeke initiated the altercation

What do you expect DA Saenz to say if I were to ask him if he believes the charges against Josefina Canales are valid? Of course he is going to say they are valid. There is no purpose in asking him.

SO I post the charges and ask my readers to form their own opinion - do you believe calling someone a fake is obscene?

The campaign finance reports speak for themselves - either Begum's lawfirm gave Saenz $3,500 or they did not - the campaign finance report speaks for itself

People like I asked are free to form their own opinion.

So Zeke do you really think you helped DA Saenz with your stupid comments.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

God Bless You, Bobby. There is a special place in heaven for men like you who protect those who cannot protect themselves. I know so many people who would love to turn over documents and factual evidence that back up what you are accusing this pig of.

BobbyWC said...

Zeke I am deleting your last comment for its distractions - it is clear you cannot refute anything I say so you go to distractions instead of the issue

But I will address some of your claims:

"Now I know your a liar. Why would Luis tell you he is happy with Melissa and why would you even ask."

Exactly where did I say I asked Saenz about Melissa? It never happened - he just told me - for no particular reason - think about that Zeke.

Also Zeke why did Saenz have someone in his office call me to direct me in the exact wording I needed to get the Attorney Pro Tem documents related to you and Norma Hernandez? Think about that Zeke.

"By you saying that Luis said he is happy with Melissa only proves your full of it, why I said that is because the DA has over 120 employees why would you only ask about Melissa???? Why not ask about the Chief or the ADA's?"

Okay this is simple - you only attacked Melissa - so I responded to your comment about Melissa.

When I tell Luis Saenz our conversation is private it is private - I will not discuss other people we have discussed - but we have discussed at least one ADA.

Now Zeke you seem to think this is about you - it is not - it is about reporting what is happening in the DA's office

Politics is politics - when people come at me I never see it as personal because for it to be personal it would mean if someone else were making the same claims they would not attack that person - they would - because the attack is not really on me - it is about protecting the corrupt or inept person who is paying their wages

Do you really want to keep this going

So now you know Saenz on his own praised Melissa to me and Saenz on his own had one of his employees contact me to tell me how to do the open records request on you and Norma Hernandez.

You can claim Melissa is leaking things to me, but name one thing I have discussed which was not made public to everyone else - it has never happened.

And Zeke, I reject on a regular basis allegations of DA employees filing endless complaints against you - you no why I reject the claims? - because I cannot prove them and an open records request will not get me access to personnel matters which are pending

And for the record, have Montoya do an open records request on my Attornrey Pro Tem Open Requests Request - it is there for anyone to see

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Talking about open records requests, you need to go get the travel reports on county officials' travel. Way out of line and would call to question the travel policy in place by the county.

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know Bobby, The ADA that prosecuted the "Pedraza" case, Korina Barraza, submitted her resignation today to Luis Saenz. I wonder why? Maybe she couldnt handle the embarassment of the judge directed verdict from that case.

BobbyWC said...

No, everyone knows I have issues with Korina Barraza - she was part of the Livingston case - she is the ADA who allowed the victim in the domestic abuse case to go all weekend crying without so much as calling her to say a plea bargain had been reached - as the victim she was never consulted.

I was in court in the Pedrazo case when she blamed the BPD for not turning over the defendant's statement when in fact the statement was in the package she gave to Justice Hinojosa for in chambers review

Having said that I think if she did in fact resign it is something personal

When I was in court on the Pedrazo case an attorney walked up to her and said I thought you were leaving Cameron county and she said something to the effect of "not quite yet" So what ever the reason she was already planning an leaving not only the DA's office but also Cameron county

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight Bobby. You want us to believe that District Attorney Luis Saenz directed you on how to obtain a public information request (knowing you were an attorney) to bash his Community Outreach Coordinator while along knowing that you were going to bash Zeke???? Is Luis trying to get rid of Zeke? This happened over a year ago and it was on the just doesn't pass the smell test. Why would Luis want for you to bash his own staff?

BobbyWC said...

No your facts are wrong - it was not a year ago that Ed Cyganiewicz recommened no charges be brought - that just happened - not that facts matter to you.

I never said Luis Saenz meant for me to bash Zeke - he knew I had the story and just needed the motions and the police reports. I got the billing from the county. So I knew the result.

Saenz knew I was mistating special prosecutor when I meant Attorney Pro Tem - he had a staff member call me to tell me to change it to Attorney Pro Tem and then he would release the documents.

Instead of making this about Zeke why can you not see this as DA Saenz not wanting to obstruct the process? - that would be a good thing - so he does a good thing and now you want my readers to believe he tried to obstruct the process

Dude get you lies straight - the post was actually a complement of Saenz for not obstructing the process just because I was looking into a matter related to Zeke Silva

You obviously care about protecting Zeke more than DA Saenz - who simply did the right thing

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby if that was the case that you were giving Luis a compliment then why did you put as your title WHO IS RUNNING THE DA'S OFFICE?


But no you went attacking first. How stupid do you think we are. You must have gotten Melissa in trouble and had to put a good comment to show Luis to kiss your ass. Look Boss Bobby likes you.

BobbyWC said...

YOu can spin this anyway you want, but you cannot avoid reality.

The post was - Zeke demands Norma be prosecuted and Saenz used taxpayer money to shut Zeke up = plain and simple

Now in comments they take on a different theme - in part - the question posed dealt with why Saenz had his office cooperate with the open records request - answer he followed the law

They is separate and distinct from whether or not Saenz gave in to Zeke's demand Norma be prosecuted

what does any of this have to do with Melissa - Zeke everyone in that office knows you will not rest until Saenz fires her - the way I hear it - DA employes complain to Saenz daily about your interference - In my opinion Saenz is looking for a way to force you out - Melissa is well liked and the staff is happy with her work

Other than you Zeke I have heard no one say a bad word about her

But here again, Melissa has nothing to do with this and you seek to blame her

Bobby WC