Monday, October 28, 2013


Many people will remember my discussion of the special needs child at Hanna who was not being provided the smaller classes needed for the child's success. During the ARD meeting at Stell in preparing the child for Hanna the father was mislead as to his child's rights.

We  did an emergency ARD at Hanna after a complaint to Carl Montoya and with Trustee Minerva Peña being the only trustee caring enough to respond to the father's concerns.  The father and I were shocked to learn off the bat that this child who is in 9th  grade and testing at a 3rd grade reading level was not in resource reading.

BISD does not get it and never will.

Anyway BISD under pressure from the father put the child in very small classes for all subjects with specific instruction to the child's teachers that the child is an auditory learner.  Most classes range in size from 3-10 students.  The child is getting intensive help. 

This child was beyond elated when the child's grades showed from 89-100, depending on the subject.  The child is learning and learning fast now that the child has the help.

Inclusion works for children who can handle a regular classroom, but it denies an education to a child who cannot handle nor learn in a regular classroom.  This child is attending class and BISD is getting paid for that attendance.  If things continue this way this child will graduate and become a productive taxpayer.


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Way to Go!!! Here is wishing the student nothing but the best in education................You go child! :)