Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Today is some levity and maybe a risque comment or three. The other day someone asked me about how I feel getting older.  I found it an odd question.  The question came because I was discussing how one older sister no longer really recognizes anyone anymore - she is 82 - another who is 79 is in and out with her memory.  A 76 year old brother's mind is solid but his body is lost.  We all share the same father but different mothers.  The neurofibromatosis has been hard on my brother.  But he did his 25 years in the army and is living a very comfortable retirement.  Someday I will tell the story of my 5 siblings from a different mother.  Daddy was less then forthright about their existence, and mom had no idea until two of my older sisters along with their husbands knocked on the door in Salt Lake asking for daddy - it was 1959.  My sister in California has asked that I not tell the entire story until after she passes.  The story is my connection to Brownsville. 

A side part of the story - It was 46' or 47' and daddy was bringing my mom and her sister and two of her sister's kids across the bridge from Matamoros. They had first met in Nicaragua and later at a Pan American Christmas party in Panama.   They had just travelled by bus from Nicaragua.  My mom was to fly on Pan Am - my daddy's employer - but instead used the money to buy bus tickets for the group.  At some bar on the Matamoros side near where Garcia's is now, my brother in law asked my daddy's permission to marry my sister.  They spoke in English and my mom had no idea.  My sister had been living in Brownsville at some Catholic school along with another sister.

I am number 11 of 12.  So as you can imagine the older ones are getting on in life.

My thing is actually quite simple - would I like to be 21 again or 30 again - hell know.  My life has been an amazing journey.  I learned the parable of JOB well - if you know and understand the parable life becomes a journey of joy no matter what happens.  If I were 30 again I would not have experienced everything I have experienced in the last 25 years.  Why would I want to give up that journey?  It has been a great ride - you can never be happy if you are searching for life - you can only be happy if you embrace life as it happens. 

Yes, I am getting old - my doctors are now looking at hypothalamic disorders for why my pituitary gland has shut down.  I see a specialist on the 25th who will order more testing.  I was blown away by how well the disorders fit the puzzle.  For me it is just another adventure.

Now that I have a roommate to care for the house, pool, and Buster, I will be in NY for Christmas - it will be another adventure.  I am researching new plays which I might go to on the 26th or 27th.  NYC in the winter has the best smells. 

I will go out east on Long Island and eat fresh Peconic Bay scallops.  With any hope there will be a lot of snow.

This is what getting old is all about -remembering the many adventures of your past and looking forward to the new ones.

Okay risque - you know your are old when Nelly says - not tonight my arthritis is acting up.  You know you are getting old as a man when you wake up in the morning and step on your own scrotum.  You know you are getting old when you have so many benign bumps on your body your doctor can read your medical history in Braille by rubbing her hand over your body.

But so what - A well lived life with an open mind is an endless study in psychology and sociology.  When I travel abroad I eat everything I am offered - why not?  if the locals can eat it so too can I.  I never fear getting sick.  In Nicaragua I use to drink the creek water on my uncle's farm.  The only water to ever make me sick was in Tennessee.

Guys, getting old is a good thing - it means you have lived.  Embrace it - laugh - keep your name written on the mirror for that morning you cannot remember your name.   


Anonymous said...

Bravo! I loved this and admire your perspective. Inspiring! God bless you richly and keep on writing and fighting!

Anonymous said...

You are truely enlightnened. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

In the twilight of our lives this is the attitude to take. I concur Bobby. Look forward to your rich perspective daily. Keep up the good work!