Sunday, October 27, 2013


He accuses Judge Erin Garcia of going into hiding thereby almost confirming the accusations.  The Imp who has no real contacts seems to believe judges can speak to pending cases.  They cannot.  It is unethical for a judge to speak about a pending case.  So according to the Imp it is an admission of guilt if the judge complies with the rules of ethics.

Nothing like reaching for a story where one does not exist.  Montoya and the Imp are cut from the same cloth of lie when you have nothing else to say.

Even a green behind the ears journalist knows lawyers tell their clients to remain silent and to allow them to speak for them.  But the Imp being less than a green behind the ears failed journalist does not even know this.

Has he called any of the local press to see if she has spoken off the record with her lawyer and a story is pending once the answer to the lawsuit is filed?  Nope - nada - because again when you have not story you just make one up.  Has he called her attorney at the county for a comment - nope.

His attack is simple - he is Juan Montoya - if you do not talk to him he trashes you.  It is that simple.

Has he checked with criminal enforcement agencies to see what is going on behind the scenes?  Nope - has he checked with the State Bar to see what is going on - nope - has he checked with the Commission on Judicial Conduct to see what is going on - nope

It is simple - Judge Garcia refuses to ignore the advice of her counsel so he trashes her - Juan Montoya journalism at its best.

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BobbyWC said...

The Imp cannot handle reality and posting insults to his own blog

His click is set for NY Time time - I say the post I am about to post at 2:16 NY Time but 1:16 our time. It is now 1:21

You will note the Imp logs on to the BV at 12:56 at our time and then immediately posts an any insult on his blog

5 (1 this visit)Entry Page Time:27 Oct 2013 12:56:09Browser:Chrome 30.0OS:Win7Resolution:1366x768

Total Visits:5Location:Kyle, Texas, United StatesIP Address:Road Runner ( Duardy

Here is the Imp's comment

"AnonymousOctober 27, 2013 at 2:16 PM
Boobie Wightman is a clown. Why worry about what he says. No one I mean no one I know believes anything he writes. His blog is comatose as you wrote months ago. jmho"

He says he only post intellegent comments - so now we all know what he calls intelligent - mindless insults which do not address the issue.

This was too easy - I was resting by the pool reading a good book and decided to run this experiment

I feel bad on how easy it was to play the Imp

Bobby WC

Unknown said...

I believe you got them running scared. And I for one believe everything you write. Your not bought or paid for misleading your blog followers.

Unknown said...

I for one beleive everything you write. You are the blogger to follow. For one you are not for bought or sold, and you back up your facts with links where we can see the actual documents. Thank you Bobby for sheading light on the truth.

Anonymous said...


Oh, he's published some "novels", Bobby! Which I've heard, even the dollar stores refuse to sell. lol!!!

BobbyWC said...

Hisa books are available at Amazon and Barns and Noble - I'm not sure they are even available at regular book stores because of how they are published.

I do know you can buy any paperback at Amazon by NYT Best Sellers for a lot less than his - the reason is because he is self-published or with a non-traditional publisher who has to charge a lot more to make their investment worth it

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The Imp's game is what is called "Vanity Press". Today, anyone can "publish" their great American novel regardless of its merits. Kind of sad but I am sure he sells a dozen or copies to libraries that specialize in Vanity Presses and the odd "Chicano Studies" Program.

BobbyWC said...

When I do book reviews I make clear it is based on what I like and it may be what other people like.

His type books have sold for centuries.

Every so often a self-published author gets lucky and gets picked up by real publishers.

the "Celestine Prophecy" is a great example of a self-publishing author going mainstream

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

(odd "Chicano Studies" Program.)

LOL! Thing is, if the IMP wasn't so dark skinned, he'd go and profess that he is white. Sad, indeed.