Wednesday, October 30, 2013


My issue begins with a simple concept - do not start a campaign claiming your opponent is dirty and you are clean when the evidence shows you are not clean.  He has two Texas Ethics investigations pending.  It is that simple.  He is not clean.  Does this mean Ernie Hernandez is clean - no - no one has worked longer and harder against the politiqueras used by Ernie Hernandez than the BV.  The BV is the only blog to seek criminal charges on the issue.  My recollection is Margarita Ozuna was charged and plead no contest.

The BV remain the only blog denouncing the use of taking seniors to the polls in vans controlled by the campaigns.  It is a firm rule which will apply to everyone - period.

If I were to vote based on the candidate having to be 100% clean, I would not be able to vote.  No one is 100% clean.  Politics is what it is, it is how much dirt we are willing to accept, compared to what the candidate is offering.

What I do is balance the fact of dirty with what I care about.  In the case for Cameron County Commissioner race between Ernie Hernandez and Alex Dominguez I have heard nothing about their plans to move Cameron county forward.  How they can unite the various cities to make us into a metroplex. 

We do not need United Brownsville. We need a commissioners court which can unite the cities to make Cameron county an economic engine.  In the March primaries and then in November these are the issues I will look at before I vote.

Both Brownsville and Harlingen have very strong things going for them.  A competent County Judge with competent county commissioners can unite the two cities to make them as a unit into a powerhouse.

All I am saying is when you decide to vote, vote based not on distractions but on ideas.  Has the candidate articulated how they can make Cameron county into a metroplex.

While I do not get to vote in the Hernandez/Dominguez race, I have yet to decide who will best serve Cameron county.  The race is very short on ideas.  I have no opinion on who is the best candidate.

I propose Dominguez stops this campaign of "I will not hire relatives" - dumber than shit btw, and start talking ideas.  When he starts talking ideas which move the county forward they all will be covered by the BV in a positive light. 

Someone, anyone, tell me why this standard is bad.

For the record - universities teach their students how to network and make connections with the employers because the one way you do not get a job in the US is dropping an application off at the personnel office.   All over the US someone has networked with someone with an inside source and this is how most people get their jobs.

Every so often the personnel office will hire based on applications filed - but this only happens when none of the candidates have networked into the company.

This is how America works - do I like it - no - I think the best tend to not get jobs because of this system.  But to blame the entire system used in the US on one person is nonsense and misleading.

Now, if it is shown that any public official had someone take a test for a family member so they can get a job - I say - hang them and put them away.  No sacred cows.

Dominguez would do well to listen to the friends who have been trying to tell him to change his tactics.  Dirty politics does not work - All ideas will also be presented on the BV in a positive light regardless of who the candidate may be.


BobbyWC said...

The BV does not post distractions it is a game I do not play - I rejected one this morning which was 100% a distraction - conclusory statements without one example add nothing to the discussion.

I now rejected a second commment by the same person - the claim this post is in response to his first distraction

No - this morning after leaving court someone who knows Alex had a conversation with me and told me that Alex needs to stop with this not hiring relatives issue and start talking ideas.

Since this came from a friend of his - someone who was in part defending him - I decided in fairness to clarify what I am talking about

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I guess you do find valid criticism a distraction. Why not let the readers decide which comments are a "distraction" and which are not? As far as examples, all your posts relating to the Hernandez fiasco are prima facie evidence of your bias.

The Hernandez clan/tribe have now managed to place themselves into a position as a public laughing stock for all to see. No amount of blogger spin will save them. They are finished politically and if the IRS rumors are true, pay checks should be cashed immediately.

I think you picked the wrong horse and but even more importantly, you picked the wrong race as well.

BobbyWC said...

To a judge and lawyer I have interviewed the only one politically dead is Sorola.

Your continued insistence I am backing the Hernandez family ignores even the reality of this post.

As to your IRS rumors they are pure BS. County documents tell the truth about the IRS and liens and they tell the truth.

I have represented a lot of people against the IRS - they absolutely hate to do anything which puts a business out of business. Paychecks are paychecks.

I never had the IRS refuse a fair payment plan - and for the record the payment plan is based on the ability to pay.

So your entire claims is all BS

Not that you give a crap about facts but if your were to check the county records you would learn the IRS had nothing to do with the Hernandez's selling their home. The records show that they have built and sold 2 homes in that development and still own another lot for the new house. It is called making money. It is perfectly legal

BObby WC

Anonymous said...

Hate to say it bobby, But to an outside observer you look incredibly biased in this whole mess.

BobbyWC said...

No I look biased to people who hate the Hernandez family - I have not changed my position about the politiqueras, I have not changed my position about taking people to vote in vans. I can assure you the Hernandez will not like my response if I find out they are doing either of these things come March - the BV will condemn it in the strongest language.

I am simply reporting the facts and to a judge and lawyer - in fact no fewer than 6 lawyers approached me in court today to tell me Erin Garcia is a victim and Sorola is going to face sanctions with the State Bar if Erin files a complaint.

So I will go with the lawyers and judges as to who they believe is properly arguing the law.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

'He has two Texas Ethics investigations pending."

What are the two Texas Ethics investigations? Please elaborate.

Anonymous said...

Very bad choice on Alex's part to involve himself with zeke silva already a huge minus for voters!