Thursday, October 3, 2013


From Chris Davis, Cameron County Elections Administrator:

"The Office of the Texas Secretary of State and the Texas Department of Public Safety in partnership with Cameron County and the Cities of Brownsville, Harlingen & Rio Hondo will offer Election Identification Certificates (EICs) at mobile stations across the county. EICs are available to qualified voters who do not otherwise have an approved form of photo ID for voting. Learn more about EICs here."

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I do not oppose the idea of voter ID's.  The problem is Texas and other states have played games on what constitutes a valid ID.  I have no idea where this will end in the courts, but here is the deal.  If you know someone who needs an ID, take them to one of these locations and get them the ID.  This solves any question as to that person's right to vote being infringed upon. While we need to continue to fight Texas' version of the Voter ID law, we also need to be proactive and help everyone who wants to vote to get a valid voter ID - in the end it makes any argument of infringement moot.


Anonymous said...

I guess La Feria and Santa Rosa do not count...can you please ask him why?

BobbyWC said...

I am certain Chris offered every city the opportunity. I really do not want to put him in the position of explaining which cities responded and did not.

I think once it starts here it will spread.

Let's see if he comments

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

It's just 7 miles from either Santa Rosa or La Feria to the annex building on Wilson Rd. In Harlingen. So cry me a river, will ya?

BobbyWC said...

Regardless, I do support bring this program to every city - some people are 100% dependent on bus or rides from friends - so 7 miles can be the same as a 100 miles in some cases.

But while we fight this law, I firmly believe those of us who oppose the law have a duty to help everyone who needs an ID to get one.

So if you live in a city where this is not happening, aks at your church - whereever - who needs help with a ride to get an ID

Bobby WC