Thursday, October 31, 2013


This is an impossible case from an emotional perspective.  No one will argue it is a good thing if an adult talks sex with a minor on the Internet.  But as Justice Cochran, a very, very right wing Republican noted, that under the law as written by Texas, an adult male in Dallas talking sexually with a minor in Mongolia could be prosecuted under this law.

The key to the opinion is the law does not focus in on the adult's intent to act on his words. 

From a very conservative all Republican Court this is a remarkable opinion.

The sad part is if they were all Democrats the Republican Party would be headlining with Democrats Promote Sexual Predators.   This is the type opinion which has to come from an all Republican court so as to stop the nonsense accusations.

You can read the Opinion here

Now given the fact adults talking sex to minors on the Internet is constitutionally protected how is Josefina Fisher [Canales-Begum] calling Yolanda Begum the self anointed princess a fake not free speech?

See Criminal Charge


With there being no question Saenz would become the new DA, Begum and his partner gave Saenz $3,500 on the eve of the election.  I fear no lawsuit for defamation on this - it was donated for influence.  I am 100% certain a jury would agree with me.  That influence got Josefina prosecuted on a bogus charge.  I am nearly done with the complaint for the FBI and the Civil Rights Enforcement Section of the DOJ based in Dallas.  Begum and Saenz need to be indicted and sent to federal prison for this.

See campaign finance report

This only reinforces the DOJ's view of DA  Saenz

"A convicted drug trafficker has testified that he once bribed Cameron County District Attorney Luis Saenz when Saenz was a special prosecutor.

Federal prosecutors called Carlos Justino Ramos as a witness against attorney Eduardo "Eddie" Lucio."

See Valley Central Report

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