Saturday, October 26, 2013


I received a call that the reason for the Special Meeting is the commission had to table several items on Thursday because certain people were unavailable.

This discussion is not about the merits of Space X.  My readers know I am opposed to it and believe Brownsville and Cameron county are simply pawns in the bidding game.

The county has committed to bring Space X to Cameron county.  Having made that commitment it is then their duty to work diligently to make it happen.  I have no problem with this.  This is what a competent commission would do.  I am 100% fine with a special meeting for SpaceX, based on the foregoing.

So as to insure Space X Cameron county is committed to the project, rather than delay these real estate deals any longer then necessary a special meeting was called to send a message to Space X that Cameron county is serious in its commitment.

I have no problem with this one bit - it is what I would expect from a competent commissioners court.


Having said the above it does not change the fact that Erin Garcia was not placed on the agenda.  I get that no answer is due now - but once Luis Saenz intentionally mislead the AG in his request it not only left Erin Garcia exposed to the endless defamation of paid for cyber-politiqueros, it exposed her to a possible AG opinion which could kill her reelection.  This is is why the hiring of independent counsel is so important - Erin Garcia can only defend herself through court filings and for now commissioners court is keeping her from doing that.  This is a fact.

I believe most members of commissioner court now know, based on several phone calls, DA Saenz intentionally mislead the AG.  DA Saenz's credibility is now shot with numerous county commissioners.

Why did he not mention the other JPS also signing the waivers?  He singled out Erin Garcia because he has it in for the Hernandez family.


"He tried to indict Ernie Hernandez and failed.
He tried to indict Norma Hernandez and failed.
Now through a deceptive and misleading AG request for an Opinion he is trying to get legal cover to indict Erin Garcia."

Restated to please reader:

He tried to get Ernie Hernandez indicted and failed.
He tried to get Norma Hernandez indicted and failed.
Now through a deceptive and misleading AG request for an Opinion he is trying to get legal cover to get  Erin Garcia Garcia indicted.

To date not one piece of evidence has been produced that Erin Garcia signed any waivers after September 1, 2013, which is when the law more than likely divested her of jurisdiction to sign such waivers.

Any honest DA would have included the 13 or so waivers signed by Erin Garcia so the AG could see the dates and then consider if they come under the new or old law.  Saenz did not do this. why?

This story is going to get real hot next week.  I only hope Sorola is dumb enough to not dismiss the entire lawsuit until after he gets hit with the sanctions motion.  The sanctions motion survives any non suit.  With the county more likely than not having to hire outside counsel the sanctions could easily hit $50,000.


Anonymous said...

Who is Louis?

BobbyWC said...

I made the correction

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

For one who prides himself on correctness, I would suggest you refrain from stating that DA Saenz indicted so and so. The DA cannot not indict anyone. It is the grand jury which indicts by at least nine of twelve members voting yes. Additionally, you state that DA failed to indict Hernandez, wrong (see above). What he did do was present evidence before the grand jury who in turn voted to dismiss. Also, our friend the DA can at anytime revisit a dismissed case and present it again as there is no double jeopardy before a grand jury.

I also think you may be playing fast and loose with attributing intentionality to the DA's action. I guess mind reading is among your many talents.

BobbyWC said...

Parsing words does not change reality - I agree better to say sought indictments or failed to obtain indictments - but that is the bottom line and he failed.

And yes, until limitations runs he can go back to a grandy jury a thousand times.

Here is the original post for everyone to see - and to please the reader I will make the changes - but to be honest with you - substantively I see no difference - but I will please the reader

Bobby WC