Wednesday, October 2, 2013



On Thursday Wendy Davis will announce for governor of Texas. She has the commitment of the national Democratic Party in terms of money.  Until I see the first polling, it will be difficult to assess her chances.  But she will bring to the table the issue of the so called "war against women."  Independent women will vote for her.  The question is, how will this sense of empowerment by women impact other elections.  We know in Cameron county that a financed woman will beat a man.  For example the election for Cameron county District Clerk is Rosie Sheldon-Soleto's to lose.  If she keeps it clean I predict she will win.

There are two good issues against Rene Oliviera.  One involves his open support for discrimination against women and healthcare, and the UTB/TSC nightmare.

Some years ago, Rene Oliviera introduced legislation which would have forced insurance companies to approve a certain cardiac test for men, but not women.  My long term readers know how I feel about this.  I am tired of the attitude in the medical community that heart disease is a male thing.  If reminded - women will be angry with Rene Oliviera.  The backdrop to this is the sense of empowerment Wendy Davis will bring to the election.

The second issue is the UTB/TSC debacle.  What we learned during this bloody divorce is , when the partnership was formed Rene Oliviera had put into the agreement that TSC would only be paid rent if the legislature funded the rent payments.  Year after year Rene Oliviera sat back and allowed one of the wealthiest university system in the world to rape some of the poorest people in the country.

Rene Oliviera is a DINOLINO.  Rene Oliviera survives because people do not know who he really is. 

A well educated and financed Latina, I am convinced, can and will beat him in the primaries.  The question is, is there such a Latina out there.  Cameron county has done a good job in electing women.  I'm not sure one of the caliber I am looking for has been elected to date.  But there is someone out there - the question is, can we find her and get her to run.


Anonymous said...

What about Jessica Puente Bradshaw? She could easily debate his insides out while standing on her head. Yes, I
know she is Republican, but she
might have a shot.

Trey Garza said...

It is no secret that I strongly support, ERIC GARZA. I find clear error in your conclusion that Rosie Sotello will win just because she is a hispanic female.

Cameron county voters are not so stupid as to just vote for someone because they are a woman or a man.

Honesty and integrity still count for something, and the sex of a candidate is secondary to their qualifications.

I respectfully disagree with your opinion on this issue.

Just look at the many women candidates in the past that could not win a race, Veronica Farias, Dolores Zarate, and Yolanda De Leon just to name a few. They were all well funded hispanic women and they could not win.

We, the voters of Cameron County, for better or worse, can see beyond the race and sex of a a candidate before we vote.

You are wrong on this one Bobby.

Trey Garza

BobbyWC said...

In the last elections, women who have been funded have won - I will not get into the Veronica issue - but Trey we both know many lawyers rightly or wrongly have a really bad image of her.

I made it clear in my posts I will not be party to bringing in dirt on Eric Garza and have encouraged both sides to play clean.

They both bring a lot of experience to the table - but we know that well funded Latinas have a better chance of winning.

Now if the BUC can get their people to vote based on the endorsement maybe things will change. But a BUC endorsement means nothing - their members ignore them.

But to be clear I have not commented on Eric Garza's qualifications in a negative light

Eric will have to get his message out there.

Both will be challenged concerning their ties to de la Garza. If a 3rd person gets in the race the de la Garza factor will be even bigger.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

All of the polling is showing the Republicans are taking the bigger hit on the shutdown - Brownsville is going to be hit harder than other places because of the shut down - no Republican has a chance against Oliviera - maybe a moderate willing to denounce Washington and the Tea Party - but then the Tea Party people will not vote for such a Republican

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Trey Garza and the word Integrity should not be used in the same sentence. Isn't he the one that said that Jim Solis should not have gotten such a long sentence? That he "had'nt killed anyone"?! Well say that to the families that were affected by his wrong doing Trey... and then he went on to dribble that you were soiling federal Judge Hanen's reputation for bringing up the apperant conflict of intrest regarding his wife getting work at the city by Mayor Martinez and the Mayor's son being mentioned in a trial that Hanen is presiding over. Trey has a habit of sucking up to people in power, and frankly it comical to watch. The all mighty Trey Garza has spoken, the political giant that is Trey Garza...the more he writes, the more his ignorance shows.

Anonymous said...

Juliet Gacia, Aurora de la Garza, Rose Gowen, and the other latina members of the City Commission who don't seem to question anything have left a bad taste in my mouth for Latinas.

BobbyWC said...

Whether this election or a few from now people - women in particular- female officials are just as bad as their male counterparts and their advantage will end.

Bobby WC