Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Left to right, Mary Esther Garcia, candidate for JP under investigation for misleading voters as to whether or not she was already a JP, Alex Dominguez (picks on women when their down) Dominguez under investigation for misleading voters as to already being a county commissioner, and for raising campaign money and expending same on ads before authorized by law, Louis Sorola for filing for what he knew was a baseless lawsuit against Judge Erin Garcia, and Sofie Benavides sanctioned by the Texas Ethics Commission for violating campaign finance rules.

See Benavides sanction order from the TEC

Sources within Judge Linda Salazar's court have verified that scumbag Alex Dominguez was in their office laughing about what Sorola was doing to Justice of the Peace Erin Garcia.  The women were offended that a so called man would kick a woman when she is down.  But then I guess Alex Dominguez was never taught how to treat women.  He made no friends in JP Salazar's court.  He offended the entire office.   For the record I hate the word scumbag - but what else do you call a man who kicks a woman when she is down?  You tell me.


Anonymous said...

You aren't any better Bobby. I thought you said you didn't hurt people by telling lies.

BobbyWC said...

Now instead of playing games tell my readers the lie

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I used hope he was a decent human despite his political tactics, now I know better. He's disgusting for gossiping and laughing at something that is frivolous and doing nothing but wasting MONEY AND TIME that the county doesn't have. As someone who wants to represent the county for the "right" reasons, he sure is on the "wrong" foot. Thanks for shedding light on this behavior BWC.