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UPDATE:  Montoya rather than add an editor's note simply deleted his post and then admits to lying.  Here is comes - sit down because you will fall - he blames the mistake on his drinking while with DA Saenz in a bar or event.  Now mind you the the FBI is all over the Sonia Solis case and the fact Gomez hired her son Steven Berlanga immediately upon taking office.  They are also looking at whether or not Montoya has been using an extortion scheme on Cris Valadez.  The key is to convince them DA Saenz will not do his job and investigate.  This is too good to be true, Montoya  admitting to getting the story wrong because he was out drinking with DA Saenz.  DA Saenz drinking with someone with no fewer than 4 DWI's.  Idiots - just plain idiots.

And for the record, there are three JP's signing the waivers.  In fact  some district court judges in Houston charge for the waivers, and keep the money.   The District Clerk in Houston told me this after informing me the county or district clerk by law could not charge a fee.  AG Abbott knows this is a door he does not want to open.  It will include illegal conduct by judges state wide.

Montoya must still be under the influence of beer because after taking down his post with his lies he lies again.

"*On June she issued a fraudulent waiver (and pocketed $25, according to Saenz), married a couple who did not fit the waiver requirements (and pocketed another $150, according to Saenz)."

When you read this it appears as if Saenz is saying these things.  They are not in the AG request, so they must have been told to Montoya over the beers.  Even a DA cannot make false charges against a judge and not be held accountable by the State Bar.

The AG is going to love all of this.  See AG Request

Original Post

Desperate to spin the fact Sorola cut and ran on his clients to avoid sanctions Montoya cannot explain why the lawsuit was dropped against Judge Garcia's father and brother.

But here is the kicker, to defend DA Saenz he out right puts the blame for any mistakes in the request for the AG Opinon, a request he called wishful thinking, on Rene Gonzalez.

He then point blank lies about what is in the request.

"There is no mention there of any particular justice of the peace or specific circumstance."  point blank lie.  Click here - top of page 2 under Fact - the problem is coming from JP 2-2 - which is Judge Erin Garcia's court.  Saenz also specifically mentions Judge Garcia signing 72 hour waivers.

The request is signed by DA Saenz and not Rene.  He lied about Saenz not mentioning any particular JP.  At this point can anything he says in his latest post be considered credible?  No.  It is desperate spin as Sorola cuts and runs from the scene.  The county cannot speak to the state of mind of the couple.  All they can do is sign a letter stating they believe there are no defects in the marriage process as conducted by Judge Garcia.  If Sorola accepts this he admits he never had a  case.  If he tries to refile the Motion for Sanctions could be filed the same day.

Thursday Commissioners Court will authorize counsel for JP Garcia to move forward to protect her from Sorola's stupid game playing.  The attorney whether private of from the county will be authorized to move forward immediately without any further authorization from commissioners court.

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