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It is very well possible Mary Esther Garcia and Louis Sorola may have taken on the title of the two dumbest people in Cameron county. As I have noted the Texas Ethics Commission has already called me over the lies Montoya sent them concerning  Cata Presas-Garcia.  Now Mary Esther Garcia being of about the same intellect as Presas-Garcia turns over her complaint to Montoya to print more lies. Lies which I can prove to be lies.

Montoya claims I filed my complaint against Mary Esther Garcia because her soon to be husband represents Erin Garcia's soon to be ex sister-in-law.  He claims I filed the complaint on October 10th after Erin did not do so well in a hearing, although he concedes he does not know the final results of what happened.  Not that facts or the law matters, but in Texas unless the property was bought with inheritance or personal injury money everything bought  during the course of the marriage is community property regardless of who bought it.

But none the less, the above receipt shows I mailed the complaint at 9:13 a.m. on the morning of October 10, 2013.  You will note two items - why? - one was the complaint against Alex Dominguez, and the other against Mary Esther Garcia.  The complaints were prepared the night before.  Alex's complaint shows I printed the ads on the 9th.  By the time I finished Mary Esther Garcia's complaint it was past midnight, so I had to say they were printed on the 10th.

Even Louis Sorola knows that hearings are not had and complete by 9:13 a.m. in the morning.  I am filing the post with the TEC as evidence of retaliation by Mary Esther Garcia against me filing a valid complaint.  They are already well aware of Montoya's lies.

I nearly choked when I reading his trash.  I was eating a late lunch early dinner at Big Daddy's when I read it.

He claimed I went after Enrique Escobedo because he ran against Ernie Hernandez.

FACTS:  I had been publishing articles against Escobedo long before he announced for County Commissioner. 

FACT:  In the run-off between Ernie Hernandez and Ruben Pena I worked with Ruben to expose the ballot harvesting and in fact posted the entire trial transcript on line for everyone to see.  I in fact filed the criminal complaint along with the transcript with the AG which resulted in the prosecution of Margarita Ozuna.  But according to the paranoid Montoya all of this is evidence of me working for Ernie.  Montoya is incapable of telling the truth.  In fact it was Montoya who attacked me and Ruben Pena almost daily for my work against Ernie Hernandez during that campaign.

From Montoya:

"To date, the blogger had denied showing any favoritism toward Ernie or Erin. But this knee-jerk attack of the mate of Erin's legal adversary on the same day of the divorce proceedings against her brother is just too neat to have been a coincidence.

It's obvious that in the heat of the moment, Wigthman was sicced on Esther Garcia in revenge for her mate's able representation of his client."
If the complaint against Mary Esther Garcia was prepared around mid-night on the 10th just after I completed the complaint against Alex Dominguez on the 9th, then what could a hearing at some unknown time on the 10th have to do with the complaint?
Below is a picture of the docket sheet in the Hernandez divorce.  It shows a general docket call for 8:30 a.m. - which means sometime after 9 a.m. the court would have heard the parties.  Uncontested matters go first.  The docket sheet also shows the court did not rule in favor of Sorola's client but that the court ordered the parties to work something out.  Which they did.,  Had the law been as Sorola claims Judge Euresti would have ordered the property be given to Erin's soon to be ex sister-in-law.  But the law is all property bought during the marriage is community property, with the exceptions I mentioned above. 
How could I be working for Ernie Hernandez when Escobedo ran against him when Ruben Pena will verify he actively worked with me to get the evidence out against Ernie Hernandez and I in fact filed the criminal complaint in the case?
His post if off to the Texas Ethics Commission along with my proof that once again politicians they are investigating are paying him to post lies and defame me.  In this case they are threatening me.  I am looking at possible criminal charges against Mary Esther Garcia for retaliation or civil liability.

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