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I was reminded by a reader that another reader posted the following in support of the BV  "Intelligent debate overlooks minor distractions"  You see Montoya cannot refute that the Texas Ethics Commission, Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct and a federal jury have all agreed with my allegations against people who have taken out ads with Montoya, so he simply does what he always does - he goes for the distraction.


Poor Juanito, mad as hell people associated with him are found to be in violation of the rules of ethics goes off on his persecution complex. Let's make clear his claims regarding the Texas Ethics Commission are totally unfounded and fabricated.

He begins by lying about what is in the complaint.  Why tell the truth, when a lie is so much more effective.  It is lost on Montoya that his entire post, with my supporting documents, shows he is a liar. This is off to the Texas Ethics Commission.   It is being cc to the FBI which has been looking at the phone issue and cyber-politiquero JA Sandoval for a while.


From Montoya:  "  Wightman's complaint was that Presas-Garcia did not report any expenditures to this blog on her expense reports. In fact, there were none. That was the basis of the complaint into which we were dragged."  False, Montoya's persecution complex keeps him from realizing I can actually post the complaint.

"Allegation One:

Page 9 of her October 9,2012 filing fail to state how much money was reimbursed. Exhibit "A"

See complaint click

In her October 9, 2012, filing she failed to state how much money was reimbursed - see actually page 8. 

Click Presas-Garcia's Campaign Finance Report

For the record, this complaint was filed only after The lawyers at the TEC stated it was a violation of the Rules of Ethics.  I had no idea until they guided me through the rules.

To continue with his lies, Montoya states "Both of these complaints were discarded by the TEC because – according to the TEC Assistant General Counsel in the latter – it "did not comply with the legal and technical requirements for complaints filed with the TEC."

First of all I know of only one complaint.  I did an entire post explaining that for reasons unknown to me the TEC took the telephone evidence as a separate complaint, although I never filed it as a complaint.  I told me readers the TEC dismissed it.  No secret there.

Here is the post

But as to the above complaint the TEC did find it met the requirements of the Texas Ethics Commission rules.

None of this is going to help Montoya's credibility with the TEC.  On this issue I noted as follows:

" As to the Texas Ethics Commission, no fret - we both know all you have to do is sign an affidavit stating you never paid Montoya along with Montoya signing a similar affidavit and they will dismiss the complaint."

See BV

100% predictable.  But here is the deal, Montoya admits to working her campaign, which now raises the issue of the phone bill again - who is paying for his phone bill.  He is certainly not credible because he proved he will lie to protect himself and Presas-Garcia.

It is beyond sad - today he begins with an attack on Escobedo but then attacks me for successfully going after Escobedo.  I think it is TEC envy.

His theme is if anyone advertises with him I go after them.  Nice distraction - how about addressing the fact the TEC sanctioned Sofia Benavides and Enrique Escobedo, the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct sanctioned Ben Neece, and a a federal jury convicted Armando Villalobos. 

He says I am not credible, but it seems to me the record says otherwise.

He says I went after Pete Avila - I had do to a search on the BV for that one.   That was in 2008.  Was Montoya's blog even around in 2008?  But here is what I said:

" am not saying, I repeat, I am not saying Avila did anything wrong, but someone for his benefit appears to have manipulated the mail ballots."

I never filed any complaint against Avila - I did what I do every election - I looked at the mail-ballot results and analyzed them.

From the BV article:

"The mail ballots for Avila were 351 - for Gomez 197. This is a big variance. The number 351 bothers me because it was at the precinct level not county wide(only 36 precincts versus county wide of 98), while Rosas who lost the election for the 444th only received 329 mail ballot votes."

2008 BV Article

Montoya claims that Presas-Garcia has not payed him money.  He is so desperate he lies knowing full well the allegations can be proven.  My source who provided this picture and verified the call belonged to Montoya has now agreed to work with law enforcement to authenticate same.  It is lost on Montoya that for a long period before I disclosed this the FBI already had it as part of its ongoing investigation.  If they got a phone tap based on it, what they learned during that period should be interesting.

Here is Montoya's pathetic lie concerning the phone issue.

"On the supplemental complaint dealing with the telephone service, Wightman filed a notarized affidavit (idle hands are the devil's playthings) saying that a source ( he works for the county, we're told) showed that a caller ID with Presas-Garcia's name showed when the source called my number. Wightman said he had "his source" call me and that when I answered he eavesdropped on the conversation and ascertained that the caller ID showed Presas-Garcia's number. It did not include the dates or period of time when the alleged violation had occurred.

Now, there are programs out there that can make anything look like anything else. But why should we indulge this idiosyncratic megalomaniac by engaging with him on his flight of fancy?"

My source has agreed to work with all law enforcement on this issue.  This further discredits Montoya with the Texas Ethics Commission and hurts Presas-Garcia.

He attacks me for reporting that Abelardo Gomez who received the most mail ballots hired the son of now indicted politiquera Sonia Solis immediately upon taking office.  This is some evidence that Gomez's election may be tied to Sonia Solis.  I also raised questions concerning Ruben Cortez.  Sonia Solis had an unprocessed ticket in Ruben Cortez's mother court.  Ruben Cortez has certainly never taken an ad out with Montoya.  How little the truth matters to a pathological liar.

But yet on no evidence he continues to claim Erin Garcia was the beneficiary of Sonia Solis alleged actions.  He cannot produce one link - nothing.

I learned tonight that after he attacked Rosie Sheldon Sotelo and tried to link her to the Limas affair, for a mere $75 she will get an ad for a month.  Unlike Montoya I do not change course based on money being paid to me.  I will cover this race exactly as I stated.  I will not cover the dirt being put out by both sides.  If I were Eric Garza I would be worried that the worse is about to come out.  Now I do not believe for one second Rosie Sheldon-Sotelo will put up wth this and shut Montoya down if he attempts the dirty attacks. 


Finally, this is getting long - he attacks me for going after Villalobos - really? - was Montoya drunk off his ass when he wrote that? 

The BV hides nothing and deals in facts.  I reported how I sued the DOJ and FBI to force the investigation of Villalobos and Limas.  I reported how the federal judge found the allegations against Villalobos and Limas to be fanciful and could not be proven. I hid nothing.

See original BV Article

The last I heard Abel Limas is off to jail for 72 months, and Armando Villalobos is pending sentencing.  So while it is true a corrupt federal judge ran cover for Villalobos and Limas, the fact remains my claims have been proved before a jury in Villalobos case and in Limas' case he admitted to them.


Yes I sued Montoya and others and was paid $60,000 by two not three insurance companies.  One paid $35,000, and another paid $25,000.  The one which paid $25,000 refused to provide any defense and paid not one penny in hiring an attorney to appear in court.

There were no appeal - never happened - just a Montoya lie.  The Texas Supreme Court did order the parties to brief an issue relating to a gag order written by McHale's lawyer, Peter Zavaletta.  Gag orders are unconstitutional.  I know this because it was my first win with the Texas Supreme Court.  A mandamus is an original proceeding and not an appeal.

When the Texas Supreme Court denied the mandamus I reviewed the order carefully.  The incompetent attorneys hired by the insurance company  failed to notice that Peter Zavaletta messed up the order and it technically did not bar me from speaking.  This is why it was denied. It was not until after the mandamus was denied that I realized Peter Zavaletta had messed up the order and cost the insurance company a fortune in attorneys fees for his mistake.

As to recusing a judge - hum? - the judge admitted to doing business with the lawyer hired by the insurance company.  In the real world we call that a conflict of interest and the judge recused himself.

According to Montoya if BISD settles a lawsuit for Rendon or Juarez it is because the lawsuits were valid - but if they settle it with me it is because I terrorized them. 

Facts matter - but not to Montoya.  And for the record, any number of judges were in a position to grant the motion I am a vexatious litigant, but no judge was willing to do same.  Anyone can file a motion - but getting it granted is another thing.


Eric Garza will offer Montoya more than the $75.00 Rosie Sheldon-Sotelo is paying him for one month of an ad.  Montoya will then go back on the attack against Rosie Shedon-Sotelo - which is what he has done in the past.  Money buys silence until someone pays more.  He ran cover for Ernie Hernandez in the Ruben Peña election with constant attacks on me while defending Ernie, and then Alex Begum offered him more money and he changed sides.  He did this to Villalobos and also to Masso.  In fact when he did it to Masso and I pointed out the federal criminal statute related to his act, he took down the post.

My advice to Rosie and Eric is stay away from social media other than to promote your web page.  The BV has offered every candidate a free placement of their web page. 

I hope Eric Garza and Rosie Sheldon-Sotelo keep it clean - but with Montoya searching for money I see this campaign getting dirty.  None of that dirt will appear on the BV.


Anonymous said...

The mob lived and loved to throw stones at the Christians, same with political candidates. It's entertainment.

Anonymous said...


BobbyWC said...

Comment rejected - now try it this way - copy and paste from the BV wherein I ever demanded any blogger praise Judge Erin Garcia - it never happened - idiots like you simply repeat the lies of people like McHale and in the process bring Brownsville down.

It was Montoya who praised some anony JP for doing the work of the magistrate judges - he went out of his way to say how she had to leave a family function at SPI - thereby making it appear like she became of victim of the magistrates not doing their job.

All I did was ask the question - if this JP is so great why not mention her name? The answer - because her name is Erin Garcia and Montoya just could not bring himself to tell his readers the hero in HIS, not my, story was none other than Erin Garcia.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

again comment rejected. I was not forced to release my source on the phone issue - everything I do has a purpose. My source from day one told me I could tell all federal and state agencies he would verify the phone issue - I did not disclose my source because I knew Juanito would lie in an attempt to learn my source.

I now have his lie for the Texas Ethics Commission and my source is ready to talk. The lie is also being filed with the FBI and the criminal enforcement section of the AG which oversees the election issues. He has no credibility with any of the agencies.

It was not even a challenge to entrap Juanito on this issue.

Bobby WC