Friday, October 11, 2013


I may have a breaking story this afternoon. I have been told some documents will be released, but that they are under final review before release. It may be today or Monday.


People think owning a house is - "look at me, I own a house." Well in most cases you own the house with the bank for a good 30 years. I took out a 30 year mortgage 2 years ago, but my payoff is down to about 20 years. Whenever I have a really good month I buy down the mortgage. My goal is to have the house paid for in the next 7 years. My social security will kick in and I will have no mortgage.

But guys it is not the mortgage which kills you - it is everything else. This morning my roommate and I trimmed a tree which hangs over from my neighbor's yard. See above. It is about 2-3 truck loads which I will take to the dumps tomorrow. The city is due to pick up next week, but I kind of like the dumps.

This week we replaced a spicket [its the hose connection].  They are under $6.  Make sure you buy the one with the threads going into the main pipe.  You need two pliers - one to hold the main pipe so it does not turn and break and one to turn the spicket.  Once they start to leak it is not worth the hassle of replacing the washer - make sure you buy nylon tape.  Also may sure you turn off the main water valve at the curb.

After the three weeks of rain I inspected the roof and found a few loose roof shingles.  Home Depot cells a roof tar in a tube - real easy to use.

The pool is about to get vacuumed.  I actually enjoy it - it relaxes me.

Last week I replaced the flush mechanism in the master bath.  Once it starts to run there is no stopping it - you can play with it for a few months - but why?  Just replace it.

I have a half acre with lost of fruit trees - it is yard work every day.

I mind none of this - but people buy homes and quickly learn they require constant care.  They let their homes go.  Trust me the cost of letting it go costs more than fixing it when you need to.

When I bought this house I bought a home warranty for $450 a year - it covers my air conditioning, hot water heater - plumbing - electrical - I pay a $60 deductible and that is it.  When a copper pipe in the attic developed a leak last year it cost me $60 for the repair.  Unfortunately it did not cover replacing the sheet rock in the kitchen ceiling - no big deal - I have done enough sheet rock work in my lifetime that it was no big challenge.

My point is - before you buy a house - such as a dog - they may look nice and cute - but they are expensive and require constant care.  If you are not the type to do your own repairs, you better be ready to spend good money to maintain the house.

I always tell people - put $500 a month away over your mortgage for home repairs - trust me when that $2,000 repair comes you will be glad you put the money away.  And every month will you will spend money on something for the house.

I just learned the electrical box is too small for this house.  The house repair money I have been saving will go for a new box,  I am currently short at least 5 breaker spots. 


Anonymous said...

Looking at that picture tells a story, you do not take care of business.

BobbyWC said...

Your moronic statement only proves to my readers their are idiots out there determined to keep the truth silent.

The picture does not show the house or my yard - it shows only the back of my fence with brush properly piled for the city to pick up. I have zero control of the alley and what my neighbor's do - my lawn behind the alley gets mowed every two weeks - after I take the brush to the dumps it will get mowed -

When you drive down the alley you will find homes with nearly 6 feet of grass no mowed - I have no control over them

so exactly what are you talking about other than saying you are a bored poor sole [I mean sole not sole] sitting at home with no purpose in life

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

You are so right about unkeep. I laugh when I hear people say I can own a house for less than my rent. They are so wrong because all houses no matter the age have upkeep issues.

BobbyWC said...

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Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Is Spiket a new or different spelling for Spigot?

BobbyWC said...

If youy click on spicket you will see it says it is one of two used spellings for the same word

Bobby WC