Saturday, October 5, 2013


When I searched the Internet as to why color markers are being place on the mailboxes in my neighborhood I found this

"They’re part of the FedGov’s experimental Dangerous Seditionist Identification and Tracking (DSIT) program. Coloured dots help local, state, and federal dynamic entry agents determine who will require being dealt with first and who can be saved till later. Green means “docile individual,” blue means “some seditionist leanings,” yellow means “gun owner with definate treasonous leanings who reads Free Republic,” and red means “bust their door down and shoot their dog NOW!”

I guess no one considers me a threat - what a relief. It blows my mind the things people believe. But then again, the above reads as joke - sarcasm. Last week I had a man tell me he knew the people contracted to build the camps which will hold everyone who refuses to buy insurance under ObamaCare. There was nothing you could say to him to make him change his mind.

If you want to get a few more laughs about this try reading the posts at this link

The newspaper explanation makes the most sense

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