Thursday, October 10, 2013


Before I hear it, some will say a hung jury is not a win - wrong. A hung jury means the DA failed to convince the jury beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant was guilty. A hung jury allows the defense to rework the defense around the now exposed weaknesses in the prosecution.

The family of murder victim  Ezequiel Perez is not happy.  They wanted closure.  Unlike so many who are convinced the defendant Israel Lopez is guilty I was not at the murder, so I do not know.  All I know for sure is, the DA failed to secure a guilty verdict.

The law allows the case to be retried.  Many times retrying a hung jury case is what justice demands.  But it should be on the weight of the evidence and not the demands of the victim's family.  Family sometimes is the last group which should have a say.  Emotionally, and rightfully so, they want someone - anyone convicted.  And that is the problem.  Families tend to believe the police reports and never check as to their accuracy.

This type nonsense lead to more people being released from jail in Dallas county under the Freedom Project than all of the rest of the state of Texas combined and the state of California.

Trust me, I get it, the family wants and deserves to have someone held accountable.  But if their true goal is to get the right person, about now they need to be going over the evidence to insure the real murdered is not walking free laughing at this family.  And it happens all of the time - an over zealous family becomes the primary force which allows the true guilty party to walk free.

I have no idea what the evidence was in this case, but the DA and family need to sit down and have an honest conversation on the weight of the evidence and make sure they have the right man.  It would be sad beyond comprehension to put an innocent man in jail while the true murderer of Ezequiel Perez walks free.


DA Saenz refused to even consider his office had no evidence against Office Pedraza.  In a nearly unprecedented act, Justice Chew ordered the jury to find Officer Pedraza not guilty based on a lack of evidence.  When this happens it is because the DA's office simply chose to prosecute on no evidence.

Nat Perez has held his ground for both clients.  He is doing his job as a good defense counsel.  It is nice to be able to speak favorably about an attorney.

I can assure you, if you were being charged with a crime, you would want a Nat Perez in your corner.

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