Sunday, October 13, 2013


For months Montoya has been attacking Escobedo claiming contract rigging related to Escobedo's brother's American Surveillance.  Then Montoya does a trash piece on Jessica Tetreau-Kalifa leaving out the essential fact she missed a meeting because of her sick daughter - then to every one's surprise the Escobedo brothers are victims and who is blamed - Jessica.

This is Montoya's tell - he always first posts an article attacking someone and then next day he has a new ad or an article making someone look good while making the person he attacked the day before look like the villan.

Here is a  fact - Jessica was just one vote - it took 4 votes to make sure the Escobedo brothers did not get the security contract.  Montoya stated an interesting standard in defense of the Escobedo brothers - they haven't been charged with a crime - okay - neither has Ernie Hernandez but that hasn't stopped Montoya from declaring over and over again Ernie is guilty.

Is the light on Presas-Garcia over payments to Montoya putting the squeeze on Montoya that he is now looking to the Escobedo brothers for paid articles.  Who knows - look to the facts and form your own opinion.

Montoya on Escobedo - why all of a sudden a change of heart on the Escobedo brothers?

Aug 18, 2013

"The reason for the raised eyebrows on Escobedo's role in the appointments stem from the fact that both these men played key roles in awarding security contracts to American Surveillance owned by his brother Jaime Escobedo, and where Enrique keeps his personal office."

Sept 7, 2013

"The Brownsville company was American Surveillance and what makes this worthwhile noting is that it is owned by Jaime Escobedo, who just happens to be the brother of Enrique Escobedo, the president of the board of the BISD, his new employer.

Some of the companies bidding for the Mission ISD have cried foul and are contemplating taking some action against the Mission ISD and Mendoza, in particular for his performance in the bidding process they claim was altered to favor the Brownsville company."

Since the Escobedo brothers have decided they want this discussion out there, let's talk.  Tony Martinez and his cadre of women voted against the Escobedo brothers.  Tony's law partner represents Abraham Galonsky.  Galonsky has made it known he has been to the FBI related to matters from when he was on the BHA and the Escobedo brothers, Art Rendon, Tony Juarez, and Pat Lehmann.

Is it just possible Tony Martinez knows something and did not want the COB tied to the Escobedo brothers.

Hey Enrique - I am all over the TSC contract - I do not believe the board will splinter over the issue of giving American Security the contract.  There appears to be a 4/3 split developing now that the UTB mess is behind them.  I do not believe the TSC Board is going to turn this into a hard split just to please the Escobedo brothers. 


Anonymous said...

Speak for yourself Bobby Cervantes, how much have the Escobedo brothers paid you to backoff?

You were suppose to give a full report on these guy's contract rigging? What happened? Did their money freeze your brain and hands?

BobbyWC said...

Really - so I am backing off by making clear I am watching them over the TSC contract and reminding my readers that Galonsky went to the FBI

Do people like you think before you even speak?

Bobby WC

and for the record I am still woring on the contract rigging issue - I am waiting on documents

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Galonky went to the FBI, what have you done? It's been months since you posted anything on these scums.

BobbyWC said...

What have you done? The FBI is not in the habit of calling me to inform me as to the status of investigations - Also I am not in the habit of discussing all of my investigations

I sat on the Montoya Presas-Garcia phone issue for a long time after I turned it over.

Bobby WC