Monday, October 7, 2013


I knew the sentencing of Abel Limas would be under an hour because they basically worked out everything in advance - it was a plea bargain. I suspect the Rosenthal hearing can go on for 2-3 hours of endless tit for tat between the lawyers.

Unless there has been behind the scene negotiations at a reduced sentence in exchange for information related  to other judges who may have helped him out, I expect no surprises.

I have a lot of work so I will not be covering the hearing.  The idea of listening to tit for tat for three hours is not my idea of a good use of my time.  His sentence will be his sentence.

Like I said, maybe we will all be surprised as a deal is announced based on Rosenthal giving up other judges - but I doubt it.  But who knows


Anonymous said...

No, Rosenthal no hablo de nadie, esta feliz en la cárcel

Anonymous said...

(esta feliz en la cárcel)

Pretty stand up, huh?

BobbyWC said...

The only way he is walking is giving up judges - this is not limited to Cameron county - he practiced all over the state - we could easily see judges fall in SA, Austin etc

But the restitution issues could bankrupt his firm and his fellow lawyers

Bobby WC

MDK said...

When is the Rosenthal sentencing?

MDK said...

When does Rosenthal get sentenced?