Thursday, October 31, 2013


Why do I say lame duck.  DA Saenz is a target of the FBI and DOJ.  He knows when the DOJ lawyers called a witness to testify that DA Saenz took a bribe his career was over.

"A convicted drug trafficker has testified that he once bribed Cameron County District Attorney Luis Saenz when Saenz was a special prosecutor.

Federal prosecutors called Carlos Justino Ramos as a witness against attorney Eduardo "Eddie" Lucio."

See Valley Central Report

Cris Valadez told me that Saenz approached him and told him he would settle the score for Valadez going to a Masso fundraiser.  In every conversation with Cris he always refers to Saenz as dangerous and vindictive.

Yes, I said Dick - maybe the dick will now prosecute me for obscene language.  I am not Josefina Fisher or her attorney.  I actually know the law and would have him in federal court before he could change his pissed soaked underwear.

The above post by Zeke Silva is defamation per se.  It is a county employee defaming a sitting judge.  There is zero evidence taxes have not been paid on the money collected.  Also Saenz in his own AG request says the fee is $25.00, not $50.00.  Further channel 5 did not do research to show it is illegal to collect the fee.  The report did not deal with the waiver issue.  In fact the copy editor on the report should be fired for writing incoherent gibberish.  It is so bad, it has no relationship to reality. 

It is my understanding that the post is before commissioners court as evidence that the county attorney needs to appear in writing before the AG defending Judge Garcia against DA Saenz and Zeke Silva.

I have an open records request for the numerous complaints filed by county employees against Zeke Silva.  DA Saenz being devoid of any knowledge of the law is arguing [1] because I will use the information to write a bad story against Zeke it is not subject to disclosure; and [2] to release written complaints against Zeke Silva would put the DA in a position of being sued for slander.

Lets start with number 2.  Slander is spoken. This quack of a DA does not even know the difference between slander and libel.

On number one - if this were the standard, Fox News would be entitle to no FOIA (federal open records act] information related to President Obama.

I am mailing Zeke's latest post as evidence that DA Saenz is running cover for this convict.  They already have the next post by Zeke Silva.

I included the above in my letter to the AG as to why I am entitled to the complaints against Zeke Silva.  The story is not Zeke Silva, it is how DA Saenz is using this convict to do his dirty work and how DA Saenz is running cover for him.

Let's deal in facts.

DA Saenz brings harassing criminal charges against Josefina Fisher for calling Alex Begum's mother a fake. DA Saenz claims calling someone a fake is obscene.  This is ridiculous.

See charge

For the record Yolanda Begum is a fake self anointed little princess who thinks she can lie on police reports about her home address, and lie on her pledge form to the Democratic Party

See documents


In considering any criminal complaint against DA Saenz for civil rights violations law enforcement certainly needs to consider the fact Alex Begum gave DA Saenz $3,500 at the 11th hour of his campaign for DA.

Click for campaign finance report

DA Vindictive Dick Luis Saenz to protect Zeke Silva instigated a criminal investigation against Norma Hernandez, when even an idiot can read the two police reports and see that Zeke Silva instigated the entire altercation

Below is the incident report created at Zeke Silva's request.

Click for report

Below is the incident report created at Norma Hernandez's request.

Click for Report
Well, the attorney pro tem assigned to the case saw the truth and dismissed the investigation.

Click for dismissal  against Norma Hernandez

What is important to this story is DA Vindictive Dick Louis Saenz will never forgive the Hernandez family for backing Masso.  And for the record I opposed Masso.  I coined the phrase "No Más Masso," and find it incredulous he was not indicted over the Brownsville Navigation District mess and his ties to Villalobos.

Where is DA Vindictive Dick Saenz on my criminal complaint against Juan Montoya for possible extortion against Cris Valadez - which could explain why Rosie Sheldon Sotelo's ad continues to run - more on that tomorrow.

Saenz is out drinking with the convicted DWI Montoya feeding him false information against Judge Erin Garcia

If this were Dallas county a major law firm based on all of the above would file a petition for the removal of  DA Saenz.  But this is Cameron county wherein the attorneys never act to protect the community.

How about you Magallanes or Rincones - you each say you want justice and fairness in our courts - how abouy you two file the removal action?  Answer - LIARS

I know no one will because action is not in the blood of the people of Cameron county - but email Magallanes and ask him.

Click for Campaign Page

You can email Rincones and ask her - but you won't

Click for Campaign Page

We have a lame duck DA.  The people in North Korea have a better chance at justice than the people of Cameron county.

Not that anyone will care, but here is the statute for removal of DA Saenz.

When the lawsuits start, and they will I will be all over Commissioners Court.  They have the evidence to take down this DA and refuse.  So when the taxpayers are exposed to judgments, the taxpayers will get to decide if the current county judge and commissioners are the type leadership which will end the corruption in the DA's office.  They are clearly not.


Anonymous said...

If that's really the case, and its so cut and dry, why not put your money where your mouth is and be the one to petition his removal. If you feel like he is so corrupt don't you have a moral obligation to do something about it. Why complain about big law firm, when you have the agency to do something about it?

BobbyWC said...

I spent thousands in federal court pursuing Limas and Villalobos. My Pacer bill (federal pleadings) will go over a thousand dollars this year. I get paid not one penny.

The Villalobos trial cost me $800 - although I disclosed a lawyer and bonding company donated $300 to defer that cost.

Not that reality matters - the reporters had 100% of their costs deferred by the advertisers who pay to advertise with them. They were also paid to sit there - I was not.

I learned a long time ago if a community will not defend itself then it is hopeless to try and defend that community.

Far too many lawyers have come up to me and thanked me for exposing Saenz. they fear his retaliation.

I have had several ADA's tell me the only reason they do not quit is they fear their clients will not get plea bargains as a form of retaliation.

No, this is Cameron county's fight - I will help any law firm with the research issue - but for the lawsuit to get the statewide attention it needs it has to be a big firm.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Ok, but if everyone felt that way, no one would ever act. And if that is the way you feel then why criticize Mallangas and Rincon when they face they same obstacles? Neither of them work for a big law firm. Isn't it hypocritical to on one hand criticize them but on the other not act yourself?

Anonymous said...

How soon you forget Bobby, didn't you post you never bash or trash elected officials because these things hurt their families, such as committing suicide?

And what the hell do you care so much for Erin how much have the Hernandez paid you!
If you are an attorney or once were, why do you condon corrupt politicians?

BobbyWC said...

Your comment is beyond laughable and stupid, You bash me for exposing the lies against people and then bash me for telling truths about bad people.

YOu want to live in a work where you get to tell any lie you want against people you hate and then accuse anyone who points out your lies of being paid.

I document everything I say. I never said you never tell the truth about elected officials. Luis Saenz has chosen his path - it is a bad path and the BV will continue to educate the people oe Brownsville about juts how bad this man is. This impact it is having on his family is a decision he has made and no one else.

No one has posted anything which refutes any thing I have said pointing out the lies against Erin Garcia. You idea of fairness is, if you decide someone is corrupt then it is okay to tell all the lies you want against them

No it is not

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

How come nothing happened with the dope dealers testimony about a payoff to Saenz?

BobbyWC said...

Fair and good question = but how do you know it is not part of a larger pending investigation.

Villalobos asked for a sentencing hearing until after the March Primaries - there is a reason my friend.

Saenz is not running - but others are.

The Republicans should have someone ready for the ballot against the Democrats people believe may be indicted - the Republican will win

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Yeah but Saenz' term isn't over for another 3 1/2 years so how does that tie to the primaries?

BobbyWC said...

Great question - I had to read everything to get to what you are referencing - if I have it wrong let me know and I will try again.

My point about Villalobos wanting sentencing after the primaries is so what ever he is talking about does not impact the primaries.

As to Saenz, it will not impact him in terms of the March primaries because like I said he is not running, but it could lead to an indictment. This time a law firm after an indictment may be willing to bring a removal action against Saenz and not have us in a situation wherein we have a sitting indicted DA.

That is the only relationship

Someone asked why nothing happened against Saenz concerning the bribe issue - I just noted it could be part of a larger investigation which becomes more obvious after Villalobos sentencing which could be after the primaries

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing that up.