Sunday, October 13, 2013


"Thank you Mr. Wightman, l really appreciate your concern with this issue. My daughter has been very sick with very high fever since Friday. Friday afternoon she had about 101.1 so I wasn't too concerned and figured it wasn't anything Tylenol could not control. Friday night she woke up with fever over 102 which progressed into the 104 range despite Motrin and Tylenol, so we rushed her to the doctors, then onto the specialist who cannot figure out what is causing this. The city did not relay the message as to my medical emergency which is unfortunate.

As for Montoya, he is aware of the situation because friends and family have contacted him through his blog, yet he refuses to update his story or accept any comments with the truth. My Facebook posts from Friday also were proof to him that my child was in distress. I believe he was probably paid to write that story by someone you and I both know is a very close person to Luis Saenz.

As of right now, my daughters high fevers still cannot be diagnosed which is not only alarming but extremely concerning to me. She's been very lethargic and I'm considering taking her to corpus to seek care at Driscoll on Monday if this persists.

I am relieved to know the information you have disclosed. I ask that you please keep my daughter in your prayers through this very difficult time for us.

Thank you,

Editor's Note - DA Luis Saenz will go to his grave having no idea how much Zeke Silva and Montoya do to damage his reputation.  On this one I think he needs to release a statement making it clear that he thinks the attack on Commissioner Tetreau-Kalifa was beyond contemptible.  But will he? -

More on this Monday - Montoya has been dragged back into court - he may just not know it yet - And it's not me - I just learned of it Friday.


You can demand DA Luis Saenz distance himself from this mess by emailing him at

I always laugh at myself when I include an email because I know people - nearly everyone of you will be outraged by the lies and deception - but to take the time to send an email is too much to ask


When Judge McDonald and Rosie Sheldon-Sotelo chose to pay Montoya so he can keep this nonsense going they knew what they were doing.  Are these the people you want in elective office? Your choice - not mine

Everyone can email Rosie Sheldon Sotelo to express their dismay in her financial support for this conduct

Everyone can email Judge McDonald to express their dismay in his financial support for this conduct.


Trey Garza said...

Jessica is my sister in law, and I can tell you that our family is very concerned about her daughter . . . I hope that everyone who reads this keeps them in their prayers.

BobbyWC said...

Everyone knows how I feel about children and family - this child needs all of our prayers

But I also hope people reading this will send a very strong message to Rosie Sheldon-Sotelo and Judge McDonald - pull your ads or face consequences at the polls.

This vile conduct will not end until the financial incentive ends.

Everyone can email Rosie Sheldon Sotelo to express their dismay in her financial support for this conduct

Everyone can email Judge McDonald to express their dismay in his financial support for this conduct.

These lies need to stop

Attacking a parent for attending to the emergency needs of their child is beyond contemptible -

These candidates need to be told - there will be accountabiliy on election day for their financial support of this nonsense.

I warned everyone how I would respond to this nonsense.

But more importantly now is prayers that the cause of this child's illness is found and found soon.

All of our focus should be on the well being of the child.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Prayers for Abby.

BobbyWC said...

Send everyone you know an email asking that Abby and her family have the strength to get through this.

Can we not for once come together as a community for this family to have the strength needed to get through this. Strength is a powerful medicine

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

What proof do you have it was Zeke Silva? You say you don't print anything unless you have proof and it is very careless of you to throw his name just because Jessica made an assumption it could be him. This is just hatred on him on you all part. One more thing you sound like you are getting paid to bash Zeke like you claim Montoya is getting paid to bash Jessica. Truth you are no better than Montoya.

BobbyWC said...

Where in this post did I say Zeke had anything to do with Montoya's game playing? Never happened - only in your mind

I said Zeke hurts Saenz reputation - that I get at the court house from ADA's and lawyers

Bobby WC