Monday, October 28, 2013


UPDATE 2:  A reliable source is telling me Sorola has told people he is asking that the county sign a document stating the plaintiffs' in the case had no intent to defraud in their marriage.  The county has agreed to nothing.  Can anyone explain to me how the county can make a statement as to the state of mind of the couple?  The county can state that the marriage is legal and without defects.  That is it.  If Sorola accepts such a letter from the county then he is admitting he knew it was legal all of the time.  If he refuses the letter he is doing injury to his client.  Finally the letter really does nothing for his client because it was his clients who asked for the 72 Hour Waiver which might be considered a yellow flag of a rushed marriage.

UPDATE:  Earlier I mentioned that Joe Rivera's office confirmed that Judge Erin Garcia and his office discussed the 72 hour waiver issue based on the new changes in the law as of September 1, 2013.  This was on September 5, 2013.  This is why the waivers stopped.  It had nothing to do with some fictitious order Montoya claims the county attorneys issued.  Now, weeks later a county attorney did send an email to the JP's advising them to stop issuing waivers, but it was moot because Erin Garcia resolved the issue on September 5, 2013, weeks before.

"From: Erika De la Torre
Sent: Thursday, September 05, 2013 2:47 PM
To: Erin H. Garcia

That is correct…JP’s cannot issue waivers.
From: Erin H. Garcia
Sent: Thursday, September 05, 2013 11:27 AM
To: Erika De la Torre
So we are no longer authorized to issue the waiver on the 72 hour waiting period?"

The new law was reviewed and the policy was changed.  That is how things happen


Click for Non-suit

What a man - the second he has to defend his lies he cuts and runs.

His reasoning is incoherent.  It appears he is saying he is working out some settlement.  No one knows anything about this.

"Plaintiffs hereby non-suit all claims as to all Defendants, without prejudice based on ongoing intermediary communication that posting and public notice requirements mean that time is needed to properly post and consider potential non-monetary documentation that will potentially resolve this litigation and aid plaintiffs in their immigration process, which is the basis for their

Case 1:13-cv-00196 Document 7 Filed in TXSD on 10/28/13 Page 1 of 2 2 claim and which would mitigate any other claims they have, or may have, without that assisting documentation.

2. Plaintiffs can and will revisit their legal options if this requested showing of good faith does not resolve the pressing non-monetary issues which can adversely affect their immigration efforts and, which if resolved, can mitigate or extinguish the need to press their monetary claims. "

I will continue to make calls to determine what this so called settlement offer is all about.  What is this documentation they need?  Why did Sorola not ask for this documentation before he filed his lawsuit and ran to the press to influence an election?

State Bar rules govern litigating a matter in the press or blogs and making false accusations against a Judge.  Louis Sorola is far from out of the woods on this one.


BobbyWC said...

I do not promote other blogs, but for those of you who know how to access the Imp - his latest complete psychotic meltdown is worth the read. It is one of his more paranoid homophobic posts driven by his demonic muse.

Anyone who knows me knows there is nothing effeminate about me. But he cannot control the fact he has been taken down again with facts so he has a psychotic meltdown and claims I am some effeminate blimp

He claims that Melissa Zamora is my sole source for the county, TSC, the FBI, the AG, the city - wow girl you go - you must be pretty powerful.

He claims I claim to work for Brownsville attorneys - I never said such a thing - just another one of his meltdowns and in this case another very homophobic meltdown.

It is sad how desperate he can be. But the writing is funny.

I can assure you, especially with that dollar store haircut of his, you can put me in a line up next to the Imp and 100% of the people would say he is the gay one.

Guys I have said this a million times - "with me nothing is as it appears."

I called the DA going to the AG, I called the county authorizing private counsel, and I called Sorola running like an Imp once he was going to face sanctions.

There is a reason the BV posted 24 hours ahead of anyone else the indictment of Sonia Solis.

That story was squarely reported with the indictment ahead of all the press, and the indictment was taken by all of the press from the BV.

The Imp hates my access to so many sources so he simply claims they do not exist. His attack on Melissa Zamora just goes back to his hate for anyone who rejectes him - which is basically everyone

Again - "with me nothing is ever as it appears."

Why in gods name would I tell a psychotic Imp who I work for -

Having a great day - it's Bingo night.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

The good news is for Montoya's kids - he made the money for his child support. This is actually a good thing.

I have said this before and will say it again - if these idiots are dumb enough to pay him to lie - more power to him - the press gets paid every day for controlled stories - there is no difference between CNN, FOX, MSNBC and what Montoya does

All that matters to me is that everyone understands the stories are bought and paid for - but the money part I am okay with - like I have said - business is business.

And you know what, everyone will get the same treatment form the BV - in the same way I defended Yolanda Begum against lies being put out by Cheezmeh - if they do that to Alex Dominguez I will be the first to defend him - why? because we need to decide these elections on the merits of the candidates and not these endless lies and distractions/

If anyone puts out lies against Mary Esther Garcia you will see the BV exposing them and defending her. Why? Ditto

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I agree and like that you play the devils advocate but you must understand that Ernie and company are ruthless and corrupt. There is no way to sugar coat them whatsoever. It's a shame that Erin is put our there by her ruthless father who is so obsessed with local politics. Erin really does mean well but in all honesty she needs to decide that perhaps she shouldn't always listen to her dad. I think it's time for her to step up and show people she isn't just an Hernandez, she's there to serve the people of Cameron County.

BobbyWC said...

There is no devils advocate here - I just reported the truth. From square one I did express some concerns - like no regulation of marriage fees.

According to lawyers I have spoken with she has conducted herself with dignity. Numerous BISD officials have told me the only reason she has not been commended by the BISD Board for her work in truancy is dirty politics on the board. In fact they are so happy with her efforts in truancy they want all truanct cases sent to her court.

Is this not important for the people to know?

She knows and understands her best advocates will be the people who appear in her court. The lawyers like her. I have heard not one complaint

Now I did hear a story of a woman who is mad at her because she would not allow the woman to berate Villalobos in the courtroom as the opposing counsel. You may not like Villalobos but rules still apply and no party or their attorney should ever be berated in the courtroom. She did the right thing knowing many people would judge her as protecting Villalobos - she was not protecting Villalobos - she was protecting the dignity of the court.

As to her father, clearly she has to define herself as her own person. I think she is doing that.

I like to say I only know what I know - years ago at the Knights of Columbus I asked Ernie Hernandez if he used politiqueras and he looked me in the face and point blank lied and said no.

I backed Ruben Pena in that election for the reason Ruben Pena sued - politiqueras and I stood with Ruben then and still stand with Ruben on the issue.

But the politiqueras became a virus which I think has ended - at least for now.

Now I want to hear about policy. I have not decided the Hernandez/Dominguez race. I have no idea what Ernie has done for the county over the last 4 years.

I have no idea what Alex stands for other than he will not hire his relatives.

I want Cameron county to become a metroplex and I will back any candidate who can demonstrate an understanding in how to accomplish this goal. I hate to say it, but logic has Harlingen being the center of the Metroplex.

I have heard a lot of complaints about Ernie but have seen no proof of any of it - save the politiquera issue. But this abuse was county wide and now seems to have ended.

I want ideas - I want a commissioners court which can lead us into a metroplex status and I will endorse candidates who have a clear vision on this issue - assuming I decide to endorse - but if I do it will be on this one issue.

Bobby WC