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Sonia Solis:  There is a court hearing tomorrow at 9 a.m.  She is the politiquera indicted for allegedly voting several mail ballots.  As far as I can tell she is still represented by the public defender.   This is good because if anyone can get her to give up names and evidence of candidates who may have known of her alleged illegal conduct it is the public defender.

I may not make it because I have physical therapy for my back.  Actually they are just going to give me a TENS unit to try and control the problem until they can do a procedure.  Typical VA - they hired the specialist pain management doctor - but did not order any of the devices he needs to perform procedures.  If I am done by 8:30 I should make it.

Documents:  My readers know I am document driven.  I need to see the document.  If every political entity in Texas were acting like those in Cameron county, the AG's office could not hire enough staff to deal with all of the Open Records problems.  While it use to be I could get a response from the city in a day or 2 it is now the full 10 days and then an objection to the AG.  BISD just does all it can do to obstruct.  Across the board every entity I try and get information from is playing a delay game.  I do not always run to the AG.  Sometimes we may spend a week trying to iron out the dispute.  So while I am waiting on documents from several entities it is hard to work the story.  Today though if I do not get some certain documents I will ask the AG for an enforcement action.  At some point the AG will tire with how things are being done in Cameron county.


Today's post in part is inspired by a con job phone call, and a desire to give some basic campaign advice.

I knew the phone call from Houston was a con job because the first thing out of this lawyer's mouth was "I'm told you have managed and won a lot of elections and we would like to hire you to run an election in the Valley."  Inasmuch as I have never run a 3rd party election or been paid a penny by any campaign or candidate, I knew I was dealing with a con artist in search of information for a story for a local campaign or another blogger.

Rather than immediately say no and explain reality, I tried to get information from this woman.  She claimed she was calling for someone else and did not even know where the election was taking place or who the candidate was - yea right.  I Then explained to her she is a con artist.  My research showed she is green behind the ears as a lawyer and graduated one of the worst law schools in Texas.  It did not take her long to take the path of con artist.


It begins with money and name recognition.  Alex Dominguez gets an A+ on the name recognition issue.  He is spending good money to place his name almost daily at the Herald on line.  It also means he is either raising money or spending his own.  The important thing is people are getting to know his name.

Mary Esther Garcia for name recognition started her campaign real early.  Again on this issue she gets an A+.  She is also raising a lot of money - another A+   further being a Latina gives her a hands up with the blind female voters.  Also like I have discussed before the name Garcia is going to play a big part in this election.  Some people will be intentionally pulling for Oscar X. Garcia [357th court], Erin Garcia [JP], or Mary Esther Garcia [JP].  A lot of people will not remember which Garcia they were told to vote for and will end up voting for all three Garcias.


Mary Esther Garcia has her mother's political machine backing her.  But in her race she will also be up against Pete Avila and Minerva Peña, also with political machines.  But  one political machine will not be enough.  Mary Esther Garcia has donated to other campaigns.  By donating money to other political campaigns Mary Esther Garcia is buying favor with that campaign.

You must have money to buy other political machines to be part of your campaign.  Political machines go a long way.

In a close race you better have people who are willing to go door to door for you to help get out the vote.


With rare occasion, running a campaign from your computer claiming your opponent is corrupt will get you nowhere.  If you do not have name recognition, money, and political machines behind you, unless the public has come to totally hate your opponent [Charlie Atkinson for example] your campaign is going nowhere.

Getting caught harvesting mail-ballots will kill your campaign.  Also on the issue of taking seniors from adult day care centers has to stop.  It compromises the health and welfare of the seniors.

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