Monday, October 21, 2013


For me, the key to my sanity is balance - this is why I mix intellectual with labor. I love working with my hands. I love reading. I love reading complex legal arguments. By the time I graduated law school I had read almost 100 years of Kings Bench decisions from the time just before the US Revolution to just after the US Revolution.   This along with reading Blackstone is how I became an expert in common law.

Balance is everything to sanity - this is why today's post will just be something positive.  I have a ton of documents on my desk - and a lot of letters to get out.  So to put me in a positive mood to make me more productive I want to post something I consider uplifting.

On Monday I got a speeding ticket.  I was heading to the pulmonologist and did not realize the speed limit on Central had dropped to 35 from 45.  By the time the officer got to my window I had my proof of insurance and registration out.  I was in the process of pulling my license.

Once he told me what I did wrong I apologized and thanked him for keeping us safe.  After he gave me the ticket I thank him for his service and apologized again for taking his time.

I hate nothing more than the idiots at Cheezmeh who post derogatory remarks about the police warning people where they are giving out tickets.  The police are doing their job to keep us safe.

Officer TreviƱo was a professional at every level.  As a resident of Brownsville I am proud to have such a professional serving my community.

People, the police are not our enemies  They exist to keep us safe - respect them.  He kept me safe by pulling me over. 

I was wrong and will comply with the law in terms of paying for the ticket. 

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