Sunday, October 6, 2013


Now, someone will say that Davis is 8% behind which means she cannot win.  Nope - dead wrong - the key here is in a solid Republican state, 50% of the voters remain undecided.  It is astounding that Gregg Abbott is only polling 29%, along with 50% of the voters undecided.

"Republican Atty. Gen. Greg Abbott leads Davis, a state senator from Fort Worth, 29% to 21% in the survey, outside the poll's margin of error. But the race is clearly in the formative stage; half of those sampled were undecided"

Source:  LA Times

Greg Abbott's decision to drop Texas' opposition to the American US Airways merger is a clear indicator he is feeling the pressure.

"It was only seven weeks ago that Abbott surprised most everyone by joining in a federal antitrust lawsuit to stop the merger of American and US Airways,"

"In a guest column in this newspaper on Aug. 16, Abbott explained himself. “The answer is simple. We believe that actions by the airlines and their officials violate antitrust laws. In fact, the legal violations appear so overt that it would offend my oath of office not to take action.”

Source: Dallas Morning News

Now under political pressure, out of nowhere, Greg Abbott decided the merger no longer offends his oath of office and withdrew Texas from the antitrust suit.

The bottom line is, the numbers show in a solid Republican state the Republican candidate for governor is only pulling 29% of the vote, with a full 50% of those polled undecided. 

The professional campaign fundraisers are looking at this and see, Wendy Davis is a good investment.  If the national Democrats manage to get her the money, she can win this.

The key is to get Texans off the one issue vote.  Wendy Davis and I are 100 polar opposites on abortion - but that is one issue.  - Wendy Davis and I may have nothing in common when it comes to the abortion issue, but I will work to help get her elected - because she is right for Texas and our future.  If she wins she will not be able to change any of the abortion laws in Texas.  Further the courts will hold part of the latest Texas abortion law unconstitutional - so in the end the entire abortion debate is a non-issue in this race.


Anonymous said...

I truly enjoy posts like this. This woman has my vote and she will be the next governor of Texas.

BobbyWC said...

No instead of yelling no she won't how about extending the discussion with a theory how in a solid Republican state the Republican is only polling 29% to a basic unknown with 21% and 50% of the people in this Republican state undecided

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Wendy Davis is going to have to prove that she would be a better Govenor of the State of Texas than AG Abbott. Texans are more independent than you give them credit for most reasonable Texans know that Govenor Perry's tenure had been underwhelming. So lets not get all excited about an unknown candidate to the extent of saying she would be great for Texas before we know what her platform is.