Wednesday, October 23, 2013


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The opinion basically reverses the conviction based on a bad defense.

Based on my experience because of Louis Saenz conduct in this case the taxpayers are already out some $100,000 dollars.  I am doing an open records request for all invoices paid related to Manuel Velez over the last 12 months.

The Texas Monthly has a great article on the case.  Click for Article

The Court of Criminal Appeals opinion in the Velz case gives me solid hope that the same will happen in the case of Ernesto Ivan Martinez.  Martinez was convicted in the murder of Barry Horn, the former museum director.

Alfredo Padilla and Luis Sorola put on no meaningful defense for Martinez.  There are experts who could have testified for Martinez about sexual predators and how they abuse young men like Martinez.  Nothing was done.

At the time Padilla was representing both Villalobos who was prosecuting Martinez and Martinez.  The court of criminal appeals under these facts will have no problem granting a new trial.

Saenz is one vindictive person who will sink this county financially. 

Every decision is political and nothing he does can be considered trust worthy.

Luis Saenz will not stop in his political vendettas until he destroys Cameron County


Anonymous said...

Do you have information that Horn was a sexual predator?

BobbyWC said...

Did you even read what I said - this is why you hire an expert - to look at the major age difference and discuss with Martinez as to how he found himself in Barry Horn's bed

Then the expert either has an opinion on the issue or does not. If they expert believes Barry Horn fit the profile of a sexual predator of younger men then that becomes an issue for the jury as to mitigating circumstances - Yes. Martinez needed jail time - but in Dallas under these facts any good defense would have gotten him 10 years

Bobby WC
Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I asked a reasonable question on a subject about which you appeared to me to have information. You replied rudely --Did you even read what I said-. You claim to want civil commentary. Did you even mean what you said?
Don't bother answering, I am not looking back for a further post on this.

BobbyWC said...

You do not want further comment because you did not understand what I wrote or tried to create a distraction - the entire point is you hire an expect to make that call - you seem to want me to argue the experts opinion

I do not have all of the documents and testimony.

But in dallas I worked with several young men who were basically homeless and taken in by men in their 50's and 60's and sexual abuse followed.

This is why you hire an expert to examine the situation and this was not done

Bobby WC