Monday, October 21, 2013

• Court Administrator, Cameron County Court at Law No. 2

The above statement by Mary Esther Garcia is misleading. She has not worked for County Court at Law No 2 since March. I called the court on Friday and they told me she left the court in March. Now, Mary Esther Garcia will say she is just stating her resume. But to the average person there is nothing in her listing to indicate "Former".

In the same way she was intentionally misleading about already being a JP, she is intentionally being misleading about still working at Cameron County Court No. 2. I never file a complaint with the TEC without first consulting with a TEC lawyer. They will not tell you if there is a violation, but they will guide you through the rules. The lawyer and I both agreed there is no rule which governs misleading voters about where you work. But - it is evidence of her intent to mislead which is consistent with the open investigation. I am filing this with the TEC not as a complaint but as evidence of a pattern to mislead - nothing more.


Why not? The community complains endlessly about dishonest politicians, and then complains when their candidate gets hit with a valid complaint.  You cannot have it both ways.

On the complaints my big issue is candidates who claim to smell like flowers while attacking their opponents.  I want to hear about the issues.  What is Alex Dominguez entire campaign at this point "I will not hire relatives."   After a complete grand jury investigation no evidence was produced Ernie Hernandez had anything to do with the hiring of his brother-in-law - nothing.  So what is Alex talking about? - it is a distraction.  It is dishonest.  Does this mean Ernie Hernandez is honest?  No.

This is why I filed the complaint.  It is to prove he is not clean.  He is playing games and to be frank with you - I am tired of this nonsense nationwide.

I want to hear about issues.  What does Alex Dominguez bring to the table in terms of moving the county forward?  I have no idea - his campaign is "I will not hire my relatives."

Mary Esther Garcia wants to play dirty while claiming to be as pure as the driven snow.  People have the right to know they are being conned.  It is that simple.

For the record I only noticed Mary Esther Garcia's alleged violation by accident.  When I was preparing the complaint against Alex Dominguez I decided to be fair I had to file the same complaint against all violators.  I went to my campaign link and found it - it is really that simple.

My complaint against her mother was also accidental.  I wanted to know how much she was paying Montoya - that is the only reason I pulled her reports - but then I saw all of these violations.  And for the record the TEC agreed with me.


Anonymous said...

I hate to say it, but it sounds like you are in the pocket on the Hernandezs. How disappointing, I knew that Montoya would sell his soul for a dime, or maybe a beer. But I had higher hopes for you. Say it ain't so...

BobbyWC said...

No Hernandez is running against Mary Esther Garcia - so what are you talking about.

Further it seems you are saying if the Hernandez;s are doing something wrong it should be reported but if Mary Esther Garcia is misleading people it is not newsworthy.

I am the only blogger in the last several weeks to go after the use of vans to pick seniors up from adult day care and taking them to the polls.

I made a big issue of it being a major safety issue for the seniors and that if senior were to be hurt both the center and the campaign should be sued

How is my condemnation of that practice evidence of me supporting the Hernandez family,

People like you only want scrutiny of the people you hate

You are the reason our county is the mess it is in

No sacred cows - period

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

That was nice and all but you completely avoided the question: are you taking money from the Hernandez family or an associate that represents their interest? It should not take a ten paragraph post to evade the question.

BobbyWC said...

No I pointed out the stupidity of your question and or accusation - I take money from no one - it is that simple

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

So somehow your "no sacred cows" mantra covers frivolous attacks on challenging political outsiders (you really can't see why nepotism has been a problem or perceived as a problem?). While going all out to avoid examining the county's most influential political family. Way to take a stand there Bobby....

The truth is it is becoming clear that you are just like Montoya, el Paz and the rest. For sale to the highest bidder...

BobbyWC said...

First of all, you're an idiot - Mary Esther Garcia would be the 3rd peron in her family holding public office - so, so much for your offense at single families holding office

I opposed Hillary Clinton for one reason and one reason only - we can do better than Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton

I have been all over the Hernandez family for years and the politiquera issue and now the only blogger blasting them for taking seniors from Adult Day Car centers and the danger it presents - the only blogger

What you hate is anyone who tells the truth about people you hate

The proof is in your post -

Mary Esther is not a new - both her parents have been or are county commissioners.

I was less than kind to Erin during the trial between her father and Ruben - I blogged every thing they did wrong - I posted the trial transcript for everyone to see - I filed the complaint with the AG which resulted in the prosecution of Margarita Ozuna

Misleading people about who your work for and whether or not you are a judge is serious - you want to dismiss it because it hurts the candidate you support.

Bobby WC