Thursday, October 31, 2013


The Imp claimed that he was going to have his attorney to contact me because he was headed out to New Mexico - neither event ever happened. 

I am certain he has no lawyer because any competent lawyer would have ordered him to stop his obsession with me a long, long time ago.

He claims I have sent him several messages - but posts none of them.  There is no truth to any of his claims that I have sent him these so called missives. - messages -

His claim about a police report is false.  I already spoke with the police in Kyle, Texas.,  They confirmed his address is within their jurisdiction.  We discussed the details of his postings.  I was told to take everything to the Brownsville police.  I was told he will be asked to produce the so called messages, if a decision is made to open an investigation.

I contacted the Brownsville police.  My complaint will be assigned to someone who specializes in Internet crimes.  Claiming to file a police report is a crime.  Filing a false police report is even a bigger crime.

The Brownsville police offered to send an officer right away to collect my documentation.  I said no - they have more important things to worry about and that I would be there sometime this afternoon with all of the documents.

And for the record, I have filed no complaints with google against the Imp.  If a criminal complaint is opened, that I will file with google, who owns blogspot.

Now, that I think about it, I will authorize the Brownsville police to open a criminal investigation against me for these alleged messages the Imp claims to have received.  When he cannot produce them - he is hung.


Anonymous said...

The IMP: (We shall enjoy it, 'cause it's blogging, you fool...)

Only when it suits him. Nomas cuado le combiene al pendejo.

BobbyWC said...

The police report has been filed. I was told to report back on Tuesday or Wednesday to meet the detective who will take down further information and then send it to the Kyle police department to make a determination.

What seems to have people upset is the false use of threat of police action to intimidate people.

One thing I was asked to produce is - Montoya's and Sanchez sworn testimony that it was the Imp who in the lawsuit case posted the defamation per se statements.

Internet harassment is a very difficult area of law. The First Amendment issues abound - but there are limits - it will be for the Kyle police to determine those limits - not me

But the wheels are in progress.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Dags, without proof I cannot publish that - tell me how to get the proof and you will have an entire story. I would love to give that proof to the detective on Wednesday. I have now confirmed the Police Chief himself is working on updating all of his officers on the new Internet Harassment laws. The best part under the new law even though the Imp is in Kyle because I am the victim the case is to be prosecuted here - effective September 1, 2013.

Bobby WC