Friday, October 18, 2013


Under § 571.1211 of the Texas Government Code it will be processed as a category one complaint. 

This means.

(2) "Category One violation" means a violation of a law within jurisdiction of the commission as to which it is generally not difficult to ascertain whether the violation occurred or did not occur, including:
(A) the failure by a person required to file a statement or report to:
(i) file the required statement or report in a manner that complies with applicable requirements; or
(ii) timely file the required statement or report;
(B) a violation of Section 255.001, Election Code;
(C) a misrepresentation in political advertising or a campaign communication relating to the office held by a person in violation of Section 255.006, Election Code;

The letter states it is being processed as a category one because the evidence I presented showed Dominguez claimed "elective office that he did not hold."

Look at the above ad.   It should say Dominguez "FOR" Cameron County Commissioner

The following is from my complaint:

In violation of Texas Election Code 255.006 MISLEADING USE OF OFFICE TITLE. In two attachments from his Facebook Page downloaded  ... He left out the word "for"

This complaint is filed based on an article in the Dallas Morning news which states "Someone objecting to Ryan’s advertisements could file a criminal complaint with the Dallas County district attorney’s office, or a civil complaint with the Texas Ethics Commission, said Tim Sorrells, deputy general council with the ethics commission.

Sorrells confirmed that advertisements produced by political candidates must include the word "for" between their names and the office they seek"

Dominguez is not some high school graduate running for city commission.  He is trained lawyer demonstrating a contempt for the law during his campaign.  This is the second opened investigation.

In this case his act is a crime.  On Monday I am filing a formal criminal complaint with DA Saenz and the AG's office which has jurisdiction to bring a criminal charge.

DA Saenz is prosecuting Josefina Fisher for calling Yolanda Begum a fake - will he do his job in this case or run cover for Alex Dominguez.


Anonymous said...

Not a chance in hell he'll go after Alex with Zeke being his campaign manager. Saenz never has understood how many votes Zeke cost him.

BobbyWC said...

What proof do you have Zeke is his campaign manager ? Real proof on that issue will get the AG to take the case directly

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Only the pic from MMB with the cation stating so. Also Saenz used winks as a headquarters and its highly coincidental Alex' kickoff was there.