Wednesday, October 9, 2013


As I have stated all candidates will get free promotion of their events. No one will pay the BV a penny to promote their Facebook page, campaign page or events.

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This was going to be this morning's post, but I instead decided on some levity. But here it goes - I do not care who you are - if you as a candidate take out an ad with any blogger, or social media group wherein the moderator brings in the children or the spouses of the candidate to the discussion, the BV will make a major issue of it. If you as a candidate are willing to pay someone to promote such vile disgusting nonsense as bringing into the campaign some one's minor children or spouse then the people of Cameron county have the right to know just how low you will go.

There is no reason why these campaigns cannot move forward on the merits of the candidates. I am more than willing to give every candidate as many free posts at the BV as they want so as to direct the voters to their campaign pages. My issue is - and I do not care who you are - make your case on your campaign pages - thousands of people will see it. It is your job as the candidate to make your case, and not the job of paid for hacks.

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