Friday, September 13, 2013


Victor Garcia-1. Intoxication Assault with Vehicle (Felony of 3rd Degree)

*All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law


Kacie Garcia-1. Driving While Intoxicated (Class "B" Misdemeanor),2. Tampering with Physical Evidence (Felony of 3rd Degree)

*All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law

Source:  Brownsville Police Department


The facebook page clearly shows a link between Kacie Garcia and DA Luis Saenz.  She is not referred to as being related to DA Saenz - but who knows.  But merely as a campaign worker this justifies an attornrey pro tem to come in and and prosecute this case.  It is only an appearance issues.  There is no evidence that I know of which indicates DA Saenz is trying to get either of these accused individuals special privileges.  I will work the file on Monday.  I will stay on top of this case until the end.

The event happened on the 9th. [BV originally indicated the 11th]   They must have bailed out because they are not in the Cameron county jail.

Instead of helping with the process a reader chose to post insults as to why I do not have this story - simple - I work - have a life - if someone has an Internet link to prove who they may be related to - let me know.

Also, I just literally read the original story in the Herald dated the 9th.  I go days without looking at the Herald.


Sorry it is raining and I am finally done, in the pouring rain, with the new gutters on the west side of the house - all of the water is now flowing out to the fruit trees and way away from the house - I am soaked - but it was fun - it brought back memories of digging with mom during several northerns while growing up - a northern came and the kitchen flooded - I remember so clearly mom sweeping the water out of the house as we all were outside digging holes -

Over the years we did everything possible to control the flooding and nothing ever helped - anyway so many good memories.

While I was getting soaked my friend was grilling fajitas and chicken wings.  The large chicken wings from Lopez on Boca Chica near the airport are really good on the grill -


I am not big on that just because someone accused of a crime is related to someone it becomes a big story.  If my brother goes out and gets drunk it is not my fault.  Everyone who knows me knows the number one reason I never really became a bar person is because I will not have so much as one beer and then drive.

But if they are related to someone - it will require the public watch the case to make sure there are no favors granted.

I will pull their files on Monday and follow-up.  I already have several  criminal files I need to pull on Monday - so what is two more?

But if anyone has any evidence which helps me make the link - it would be helpful

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