Thursday, September 5, 2013


From Montoya "Fortunately for the young man, one of them did answer and left her party at South Padre Island to release the man."  This relates to the magistrate judges not making themselves available over the holiday weekend to set bail.  In the end a JP had to be contacted to set bail for this gentleman.  The story is good - where he loses credibility is in his vindictiveness.

Why not tell the readers who "her" is who left her party on SPI to release the man?  Answer - it was JP Erin Garcia.  When I read the story I knew it had to be Erin, otherwise why not mention her name.  You see, Ernie Hernandez will not pay Montoya to promote Judge Garcia so even when she does good he will not give her the credit due.

When you talk to people at BISD they give her high marks on how she handles truancy.  Lawyers who have been in her court give her high marks. 

But for Montoya  - he just cannot bring himself to admit Erin Garcia is doing her job and is good at it - well at least until Ernie Hernandez sends over cash.


I needed to pick up some documents from Linda Salazar's court.  They relate to the Sonia Solis case.  Judge Salazar agreed to meet with me on an unrelated matter concerning some new rules in JP courts.  I have to say she was 100% professional, and actually a joy to speak with.  The BV reports the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I have no problem reporting when Judge Salazar makes me feel welcome and is in  fact helpful and professional.  But that does not mean I will not report the bad - more on that tomorrow - to warn you it is not really bad and not really good - just reporting the facts surrounding Sonia Solis - indicted as a politiquera in federal court.

It was just before I went in to see Judge Salazar that I saw Judge Erin Garcia in the hall and asked if she was the "her" referred to in Montoya's story.

What was an otherwise good story became tainted by his pettiness in leaving out the fact the judge who made herself available, although busy on SPI with her family, was Judge Erin Garcia.


A lot is being said about Ryan Wolf and Valley Central as related to Erasmos Castro - I have a simple opinion about the matter - the fact Ryan Wolf lacks the skills to do a full background check on Erasmo Castro tells everyone what they need to know about his skills and honesty.  Like I posted on Montoya's page - the day Wolf reported on the Oyster Bar, in support of Mr. Gonzalez and his staff I went for sea scallops. Ryan Wolf is a joke, and Valley Central knows its only audience is the soap opera watchers so they report accordingly.


Anonymous said...

You know what bothers me , just because a lot of people have differences or whatever their beef is with Ernie Hernandez, Erin's father, they trash talk about Erin. Erin's performance as a JP should be based on her merits as a public official, not upon a biased opinion of her father. I voted for Erin
and I believe the best woman won.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

And yes, Channel 4 is a joke. They are a constant embarrassment to themselves and to the world of journalism. Their reporting is all about sensationalism and numbers, not about reporting the news. They have no respect for the intellect of their audience. So many of their FB news posts are equal to nothing more than a second rate gossip column
written by a
an ESL second grader. No insult to ESL students intended.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen their early morning news? A cross between Opra and Fox News.

Anonymous said...

I actually feel sorry for Erin Garcia. Every time I read of a tragedy in the paper, such as all the recent car accidents, or the poor kid who jumped off the building, she is always the one who has to pronounce them dead. that must be a horrible thing to have to do..

Anonymous said...

Erin is the only JP willing to do her job, all others shy away from their duties, especially during holidays. She is doing a great job and other JP's like Sally Gonzalez should mirror her efforts....maybe then she can get a raise without asking for it.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with Opra or Fox News, both are fair and balanced.

BobbyWC said...

I have not seen Opra in 20 years - but faux news is anything but fair and balanced

Bobby WC