Thursday, September 12, 2013


We must not forget the lesson of Henny Penny - if you buy into "the sky is falling" you will be destroyed by those who seek to  destroy you.

When the issue of gay marriage became headline news the bigots announced families would be destroyed if gay marriage was recognized. 

Heterosexual marriage is as in tact today as it was before gays started to get married

Before gays in the military became a reality a congressman declared straight men would be molested in their sleep if gays could openly serve in the military.  Other bigots declared large numbers of service personnel would leave the military.  We now know neither were true.

We were told that if we banned smoking in the bars the bars would close down and minimum wage bartenders and bar backs would be left without work.  There are no reports of bars closing because of the smoking ban.

We were told shop lifting would run wild if people had to bring their own bags.  We are going on two years with the plastic bag ban and no such wild raid on the stores has occurred.

I grow bored with this old argument - claim the end of humanity whenever you oppose change or need to rationalize your bigotry.

Every bigot should have to read "Henny Penny" and be tested on its lesson.

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