Saturday, September 7, 2013


The below story relates to magistrate judges and whether their need and pay are justified.  It is a given we need someone at the jail to set bail, otherwise it will cost the taxpayers a  fortune to keep everyone in jail.

But here is one lie reported - unchallenged by the reporter

"Sanchez said magistrate judges are necessary. He said they've tried using justices of the peace in the past, but they just wouldn't show up"


Nowhere in the report did the reporter bother to go to the JP's to see if it is true.  The reporter did not quote the sheriff on the issue.  They just quoted someone trying to raise campaign money.

The fact is this past holiday weekend JP Erin Garcia left a family function on SPI [ actually the entire family left] to set bail on people sitting in jail because the magistrate judges were the ones refusing to answer their phones.

Within the last two weeks or so Valley Central reported Judge Rolando Olvera issued a ruling against former mayor Pat Ahumda. 

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Judge Olvera was in Houston on medical leave for cancer treatment.  These guys just report any piece of rumor they hear and do not verify.

The  examples are endless.

Where is the US Press asking Secretary Kerry about his lie concerning no troops on the ground - they know as well as I do that you cannot take out these facilities with advance weapon systems and chemical weapons and then not secure them.

The press just plays along.

They did the same thing when Colin Powell lied to the UN about the US losing tract of 18 wheelers filled with weapons of mass destruction.  We have satellites which can tell us if a man is a shower or grower - we no do lose tract of 18 wheelers filled with weapons of mass destruction.  Plus we would have had special ops on the ground to keep an eye on their movement.  Powell lied and put us into a useless war.

When CNN blamed Chief Justice Roberts for their getting the Obamacare ruling wrong, it proved to me once and for all why poll after poll American's find journalist to not be honest or truthful.

Journalist have no use for the truth - it does not serve the story they want you to believe.

This is why blogging has taken off all over the world.  Bloggers are not not journalist as a class - for a reason - we know journalism has failed the people.  The best blogs are run by community activists who report the good, the bad, and the ugly without pay or an agenda beyond their general purpose.


The WholeTruth said...

You are spot on, Bobby WC!! The truth rarely gets out and when it does, it is of little consequence since the politicians, their hired professional liars, and so-called main stream media have already framed the issue to suit their fancy. Anyone seeking or telling the truth on an issue is painted as radical or having an agenda!
On another note...several of the local tv news reporters are little more than a pretty face and a teleprompter, with little or no credible journalism experience.

Keep it up !

Anonymous said...

HI Bobby, do you have any info on the new CFO for the BISD? Is he also related to the Escobedos? New contract for the Brother now?

BobbyWC said...

I know nothing about the man - but on Monday or Tuesday or both I will be showing how the rigged contracts work between the different political entities and the trade offs.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Do you mean to say that there was a deal made with the Escobedo Brothers and the new CFO? Really?

BobbyWC said...

I said I know nothing of this man - but I now understand generally how contracts are being exchanged through undisclosed subcontracts - I will be reporting nothing I am sure the FBI has not already mapped out\\

I will say various source have told me Jaime and Enrique Escobedo have now accused half of Brownsville of being FBI informants - I think the pressure is getting to them

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Catita claims she is always giving FBI information and has always claimed to be in good with the FBI agents of Brownsville. She brags about how much they love and believe in her. What does that say about our local FBI agents.

BobbyWC said...

one - you are assuming she is telling the truth and two maybe they are good actors?

Bobby WC