Thursday, September 12, 2013


Today while out I noticed people putting bulk trash out in advance of the storm - when it blows your windows out you are to blame. You cannot expect the city to be picking up every one's bulk trash just before a storm.  The palm branches which came down over the last week are secure away and will be taken to the dumps tomorrow


Yes they are bad - today while out buying supplies to redo the gutters on the west side of my house I bought everything I needed to treat for mosquitoes. There is no standing water anywhere near my house other than the pool.  . People it is not for the city to come to your home or business and spray for mosquitoes - we hear the complaints every year.   I decided to wait for this storm to pass before I spray for the mosquitoes - but people this is your job - not the city's.


Anonymous said...

When you spray for mosquitos you also kill many beneficial insects, including pollinators. If you like butterflies and dragon flies don't spray. If you appreciate all those insects that spend all day hunting nuisance insects think twice. Do you enjoy seeing wild birds in your yard? Most of them are insectivores. No insects, no birds. Though you may see many mosquitos it is only the females that want a blood meal (they need it for reproduction). You can just wait them out. Soon enough the beneficials and birds will get them or they will die out and not be replace if you deny them water in which to lay eggs. So just use a little insect repellant and enjoy the butterflies and birds.

BobbyWC said...

Your comment is good, but I also have a major tick problem - birds are not a problem for me - the bees right now are feasting on my Meyers lemmon tree - the orange beak ducks will be here soon and they will live on my roof until the Spring - I have a woodpecker who drives me nuts - I have so many bird sounds in my yard birds are for sure not a problem.

Because of the ticks and a need to protect Buster I spray twice a month - the birds keep coming back

I have so many flowering plants the bees love my yard - the key is to spray when the sun is going down. I spray low except for the Spanish Sword - ticks might be higher up on that plant -

But your point is important and people need to consider it

Bobby WC