Monday, September 2, 2013


Check out their web page - not even a slot for candidates.

Gilberto Hinojosa was going to rally the Latinos to vote and turn Texas Democrats.  Those who want to run have sent a clear message to Gilberto Hinojosa - a no confidence vote.  Labor day has now come and gone and where are the Democrats? - no were to be found.

It is true Wendy Davis can raise millions for the Texas Democratic Party - maybe Gilberto should resign in favor of Wendy Davis.

This late in the game it would be nearly impossible for any Democrat to launch a successful statewide campaign.

This is beyond sad.

The Austin leaders of the Texas Democratic Party still want us Latinos to learn our place and do as we are told.  They now know - if Gilberto Hinojosa speaks we do not listen.  Unlike the white supremacists who run the Texas Democratic Party we know Gilberto Hinojosa and will not vote so long as he leads the party.  We are not stupid - he is a DINOLINO chosen by the white supremacists in Austin to keep us Latinos in line for their benefit.

I can only hope the Democrats in Washington will see the reality on the ground here in Texas and demand Gilberto Hinojosa resign in favor of a Wendy Davis.

At this point no one knows for sure what San Antonio Mayor Castro wants to do.  In interviews he has said he prefers slow and on course - he seems cautious.  Some talking heads have suggested Hillary Clinton would do well to nominate him as her VP - who knows.  If she did and Wendy Davis was heading the party Clinton/Castro just might turn Texas Democrat.

I am just sadden that he will not be our next governor.  But I get it - he is smart enough to know with Gilberto Hinojosa in charge a victory is not possible and a loss could kill his political future - so as a smart politician he sits and waits to see what happens after Gilberto Hinojosa is removed from office or forced to resign.


TheTrutherist said...

Castro didn't want to get near this current batch of fools! On another note, if the best the Dems can do for County Judge is Arambula, who may get indicted before election time, then this County is in deep doo-doo. Since he now has a huge windfall of cash from some of his buddies, he may be hard to beat...especially here in Politiquera'ville where votes can be purchased so cheaply.
My vote will go for Cascos, if he runs, hands down.

BobbyWC said...

One there will be no politiquera vote this primary season - in May they did not work because of the Ozuna case - with the Solis case - the politiqueras now is not the time to play

Also there is no evidence at this time who has the most money on hand - I am hardpressed to believe Arambula can raise signficant money

His ties to Dannenbaum and the Escobedoe brothers kill him politically - he will not even make the run-offs

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"Since he now has a huge windfall of cash from some of his buddies"

Says who?

BobbyWC said...

Nice - guys click on who - the most telling fact is as of July he is saying no one has given him a donation over $100 - that is pathetic

To the poster - I am in love - I love people who argue with documents - thanks

Bobby WC

TheTrutherist said...

Good job on the link...unfortunately he will probably not report cash donation as a result of schemes that he cooks up with his friends. Bobby WC has already pretty much outlined who the friends are.

BobbyWC said...

You actually believe he can spend $100,000 on the campaign and the FBI will not notice the discrepency in his campaign reports - pure nonsense - Arambula has zero support and he knows it

Bobby WC