Monday, September 30, 2013


Montoya has a tell - he prints an article against the opponent of the person who has just paid him for an ad the day before the ad appears.  The last one he did was an attack against Dan Robles for his Solis ties.  Robles is running against Judge McDonald.  As is always the case the next day McDonald's ad appeared on Montoya's page.  Why McDonald did this I do not know.  Given Robles ties to Solis, I simply see no possibility of him winning.

On Sunday I saw a bumper sticker that Pete Avila was running for the same position as Mary Esther Garcia.  I have been trying to create a web page with information on all candidates.  It would actually be part of the BV.  So I google who might be running for this position and the only two names which came up were Avila and Garcia, but in his post Montoya claimed Minerva Peña is thinking about running.

It is no great secret that Mary Esther's soon to be hubby Luis Sorola has represented Montoya.  Mary Esther Garcia's mother paid Montoya for an ad.  So this got me thinking - is this Montoya's tell - tomorrow Garcia's ad will be placed on his blog - On Monday you attack Peña, and then on Tuesday Mary Esther pays for the ad.  This would most surely be taking the low road.

Maybe there will be no ad - maybe the attack on Minerva was simply a way of Montoya saying to some other candidate - see if you pay me I will destroy Minerva with lies and deception.  Any JP candidate who pays him a penny for an ad will be sending a clear message - they intend to take the low road - we all know how well that worked out for Yolanda Begum.

Mary Esther Garcia is part of an investigation that a district judge sent her or her mother an email reminding them that Luis Sorola makes a lot of money on court appointments, and that Commissioner Benavides better remember that when she votes on judicial raises.  If the investigation proves accurate Mary Esther Garcia's race will be over.

Here are some interesting facts:

Knowing full well Oscar de la Fuente admitted to bribes in the Limas/Villalobos matter, Mary Esther Garcia took $250.00 from him.

If we are to believe Montoya Dan Robles is hopelessly corrupt and cannot be trusted as a judge.  This would explain why Dan Robles gave Mary Esther $1000.

There is so much more in her campaign finance reports.

Gilberto Hinojosa and his wife donated $500 - so much for the rule of the Party Chair not getting involved in the primary elections.

Mary Esther donated $250.00 to Judge Oscar X Garcia - this is not considered an ethical violation because under the rules of judicial conduct a donation is not considered an endorsement.

But this brings me to something I have been wanting to discuss


A lot of people vote based simply on a name.  The Garcia factor will be a big issue in March - you have judge Oscar x. Garcia, Judge Erin Garcia and JP Candidate Mary Esther Garcia - believe it or not a lot of people will have it in their mind they are voting for one of the Garcia's and will end up voting for all three Garcias.  It is just an observation.


Montoya must have gotten a big check for this one - he is claiming now that BISD will only meet once a month, BISD counsel Baltazar Salazar is getting over paid.  You see according to Montoya, Salazar only works on the day of the meetings.  The entire trash piece bought and paid for by Longoria and Presas-Garcia is simply too stupid to merit further comment.


Apparently someone saw me speaking with Minerva Pena in front of the Administration building. When I see an elected official in public, [not restaurants or shopping] I will try and speak with them. I on my blog openly talked about how Minerva Pena is the only person who tried to help with the special needs child at Hanna.  There is no secret there.  I thanked her for her help.  I then raised my cell phone to bring up a picture related to the child. 

The picture Montoya uses by its own admission proves he and his source have no idea what we were talking about.  What he should be doing is asking Presas-Garcia why she refused to help this child.  A personal score with me is not a basis to punish an innocent child.  But then that is how Presas-Garcia operates.

Neither Minerva Pena nor I will deny we discussed in depth the problems with special needs children.  This is what citizens do with their elected officials.  Just because Presas-Garcia has a personal score to settle with me does not mean she should refuse to discuss my interest in the needs of special needs children. 

But true to form, Montoya simply lies and fabricates a story.  The picture itself shows who ever took the picture was too far away to know what I was talking about.

Not withstanding Montoya's endless lies I will continue to talk to elected officials about issues important to me and people I know.

And for the record Juanito, every elected official in this town knows that when I meet an elected official or their staff members as a source, I always meet in restaurants on the island or Harlingen.  I broke this rule twice, and regret it.  But to the best of my knowledge no one saw us so it does not matter.

What Juanito refuses to admit is Presas-Garcia is hated by BISD employees.  Finding BISD employees to feed me information is not even a challenge. 

Juanito is mad that no one in the DA's office will talk to him because they know he will run to Zeke.  No one but Cata and Luci will talk to him at BISD because the employees know he will run to Cata and Luci.

As to accusing Luci Longoria of sleeping around - it never happened.  Juanito cannot speak without lying.  All I ever said was she was politically in bed with Carlos Quintanilla.  After Quintanilla sued me for the statement the Dallas judge dismissed the lawsuit without me ever so much as having to file an answer.

A friend just called and asked that I add this quote from Montoya "Wigthnman, who makes no secret that he holds a deep running grudge against Catralina Presas-Garcia and accused Lucy Longoria of "lying in bed" with various people in town."  

What is the grudge?  I have never met the lady to the best of my knowledge.  In her original campaign against Zayas, I ran an opinion piece against Zayas asking "Does he even know children go to BISD?"

60 % of the people voted against Presas-Garcia - so Juanito are you saying I got 60% of the voters to vote against her based on my so called grudge?  No Juanito, Cata Presas-Garcia has made her own reputation and 60 % of the people said they do not like her.  And had Zayas not gotten Barbosa to run, and someone other than a puppet of Zayas ran, she would have lost.  She would have lost, not because of some imaginary grudge which exists in your head Juanito, but because the people of Brownsville truly do not like her - but to her benefit, and maybe rightfully so, even more disliked Barbosa.

Okay, last addition - stop calling - we are getting a nice rain and I am trying to finish a book while watching the rain.

In the quote from Montoya you will notice endless typos - it is this way every day - he gets so excited about publishing his lies and deception he does not even proof read his work - when he is done typing he is so excited he cannot withhold pressing the publish button.  The readers do not know, but there is a spell check option.  I proof read and spell check before publishing.

But here is the deal - he says Minerva Pena lied about comments related to Rose Longoria, the principal at Pace.  But no where in the story does he tell you when or where the lie happened.  I remember when he first broke the story about Principal Longoria he did post some comment from Minerva Pena.  At that point it may be true she did not know what happened.  But after the investigation she certainly would have known what happened.  He intentionally leaves out the time line so as to paint a false picture.

The best I figure Minerva Pena has Cata mad at her again so Montoya does an attack piece.

You will notice a pattern - Montoya is always claiming to know my sources and then attacks them.  He tried to blame Melissa Zamora for leaking the fact Ernie Hernandez was no-billed.  He was mad because whatever story he was about to publish about Ernie and his assistant had to be changed once the truth was out there.

I then publish the cackling hen who went around the courthouse telling people Ernie Hernandez was no billed was none other than DA Luis Saenz and then he attacks me for that.  What he should have done was raise a question about DA Saenz ethics in running around the courthouse to tell people Ernie Hernandez was no billed.

Sources are our business.  The difference between myself and Montoya is - I do not get paid to print stories - he has no sources - what he has is people who pay him to print lies and propaganda.


I have already been approach by a BUC member trying to feed me dirt on Rosie Sheldon-Sotelo.  It was made clear to me Eric Garza will receive their endorsement.  We do not even know who all of the candidates are and the BUC has already decided who they will endorse.  Their only standard is Eric enjoys the motorcycle rides and sitting around eating sausage and drinking beer.

For me an endorsement by the BUC is the fastest way to not get my vote.  Those in the community in the know, know they are the most corrupt group in Brownsville.  They never issue endorsements based on what is best for Brownsville and its citizens,  It is about settling scores with everyone and anyone who does not cave to their demands.  The other choice is - simply endorse your fellow bike riders.

To be fair, people tied to Rosie's campaign have tried to feed me garbage on Eric.  I will tell Eric exactly what I told this Rosie supporter - keep the personal out of this election.  It will not end well.  Someone will be elected, but reputations will be damaged - and Eric - based on what I have read - you have a lot more to lose than Rosie.  I know the BUC - they will get dirty and as unethical as imaginable.  The BUC will end up helping to defeat Eric Garza.


The good news is the politiqueras are basically dead in terms of harvesting mail-ballots.  The candidates better be mindful that this is another federal election.  While Congressman Vela may not have an opponent [ this may change] he will still be on the ballot.

What we really need is a video educating the seniors about the mail-ballots and being driven to polling places.  Unfortunately, unless someone donates the money for a professionally done video, commissioner court will never fund such a video.  Remember the Democrats control commissioners court.  The Democrats will be looking for new ways to manipulate the vote and the last thing they want is an educated group of seniors who know their rights when being driven to the polls.  This is sad.


Rick Longoria loves to post nonsense on the Internet complaining about Mayor Martinez.  But the second he can actually use his power as a city commissioner to take action he runs.  There is nothing on the city agenda for Tuesday to deal with the Diane Dillard affair.  This story is still developing.  There is more to come.  For now, the story is on hold until the AG rules on the open records.  The AG will order most of the records released - but then Tony will order that the city sue the AG to prevent release of the documents.  The city commission will sit back and do nothing.  No one up for reelection come 2015, should be reelected.  Their complicity with Tony Martinez needs to be the cornerstone issue come 2015.  Tony Martinez will be able to use his millions and friends to get reelected.  You cannot say the same for Longoria and Jessica Tetreau.


The best hope for Brownsville is commissioner court moving the county forward as a metroplex - such as happened in McAllen and Hidalgo county.  That is not going to happen.  There is simply too much division and backstabbing on commissioners court for them to be able to work together to accomplish this goal.  Nothing is coming out of commissioners court to indicate a vision of anything or moving Cameron county forward.

Harlingen is out best option for further development in the area.  Harlingen will get a big part of the medical school which will mean big development.  As part of the medical school deal Cameron and Hidalgo county must agree to a property tax for a hospital district.  The only way this will work is if the hospital is built right on the border between the two counties.  Again this will mean more development for Harlingen.  In time Harlingen will also get the VA hospital. 

I hate to say it, but Harlingen is now the best bet for a metroplex with Harlingen as its center.  If Harlingen ever decides to build a toll road from US77/IH69 to its airport, Harlingen will own the county, and Brownsville's airport will close. 

If you are betting on Cameron county, you need to now be looking to Harlingen to see how they manage their impending growth.  Brownsville will be left behind again.

It has been the most incredible 5 year journey.  It think it has been 6 months or longer since I have been to the movies, why?  The writing stinks and the story lines lack even the semblance of creativity.  I think maybe the last move I saw was the last "James Bond."  I gave it a bad review because to draw in the audience they used sounds and visuals from the old "James Bond" to compensate for a lack of quality writing or a story.

"Breaking Bad" never failed in its writing or story line.  Endings are always difficult.  I am certain there are people not happy with the ending.  For me the ending fit the story line right on the mark.  It could not have been better.  If you missed this 5 year journey, you missed the best TV in its history.  If Hollywood could get back to this quality of writing, people would return to the movies. 

If you are not familiar with the show, it starts with Walter White, a chemistry teacher, dying of lung cancer.  His insurance will not cover the expenses.  He wants to insure his family will be taken care of.  In the beginning he is given an option which would allow for his family to be taken care of - a legal option.  He had been part of a new company which is now very successful.  They want him back - but he says no because he wants to make meth.

The writing is so tight that 5 years later in the closing seen with his wife, he says he did it because he liked it.  So while he maybe took care of his family, he turned to being a meth chemist because he liked it.

I will not give away the ending - but if you missed this show, AMC will begin to repeat it from the beginning.  It will be on DVDS come November.

Sunday, September 29, 2013


When President Bill Clinton allowed the government to shut down to force the Republicans into passing his budget, the Republicans lost big in the next elections. This endless nonsense by the Republicans could give President Obama complete control over the House and Senate, thereby making his last two years anything but that of a lame duck president.

Yesterday I heard endless rambling about the end of humanity because of Obamacare and the government shutdown.  It blows my mind how facts never get in the way of the Fox News audience.

In terms of healthcare for veterans - there will be no impact

See two page press release from the VA

At the last minute the Republicans will cave, or after a few days the Republicans will proclaims themselves the heroes and finally vote to fund the government and Obamacare, while never admitting all they did was self destruct.

In education property taxes, as far back as I can remember, seniors would complain about having to pay school district property taxes even though they have no kids in school.  Well it is not complex - the taxes they did pay when their kids were in school did not cover the cost of their kids education.  Instead of having to pay for your kids education year by year, you pay it out over time.

It is the same for healthcare for the young.  Yes, many young people feel like they are paying for care for the sick and elderly - and yes they are - but when they are old and sick, it will be the young people helping to cover the costs for them.  It is not complex - we are paying over time instead of all at once.

This simple concept is lost on Fox News and all those Fox News fans claiming the sky is falling.

If you live in a major city you pay property taxes for a community hospital.  The $600 a year you may be paying is paying for free healthcare for those without insurance.  The need for those property taxes will go down as the community hospitals will now be able to bill insurance companies instead of property owners.

As is always the case with the Herald - sacred cows decide what gets printed and what does not.  In an article many will not read because it involves land ownership and the wall, the Herald reporter writes:

"The docket text also indicates that the court “has given the parties in the land condemnation cases, where the City of Brownsville is named, two weeks to write a letter if they intend to seek his (Hanen) recusal.”

Assuming the Herald reporter Mark Reagan is the only person unaware of what is going on, why would he not investigate?  He clearly knows what is going on, and was barred from printing the entire story.  When it comes to Tony Martinez the Herald reporters are only allowed to print positive propaganda.

This is typical Herald - why not report why Judge Hanen is looking at being recused - his wife was hired by Mayor Tony Martinez without city commission permission to do real estate work - now personally I think Judge Hanen can be trusted to follow the law and issue a just ruling - but why does the Herald refuse to print the entire story?

There is a reason poll after poll finds reporters to not be trustworthy.

Saturday, September 28, 2013


It blows my mind that a president of a company can be so out of tune with reality that they would make such stupid statements as

According to Reuters, Barilla said:

           "I would never do (a commercial) with a homosexual family, not for lack of respect but because we don't agree with them.
(If gay people) like our pasta and our advertising, they'll eat our pasta, if they don't like it then they will not eat it and they will eat another brand."

Source: Daily Brew

See Also USA Today

This guy can believe anything he wants - but when you head up an international corporation - on social issues - you remain silent - It is not complex

Friday, September 27, 2013


A source close to the investigation told me CAVA [see Facebook page] was very helpful in identifying the evidence which lead to Sonia Solis's indictment.

The BV reports the good, the bad, and the ugly.  On this one CAVA deserves credit.

To Sonia's lawyer or friends, please put a more professional looking picture of her out there.  She is presumed innocent until proven guilty.  This picture does not help with that presumption.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


In the case of State v. Josefina Canales aka Auten, it is not a question of whether Cameron County will be paying her damages for malicious prosecution - they will under some form of § 1983 litigation.  Having said that, each case is fact specific.  A lawsuit will be filed.  I will qualify my statement with the fact the issue of malicious prosecution is all over the map and the US Supreme Court has yet to resolve the conflicting rulings.

What makes this case interesting is, it is clearly being brought for the purpose of harassment and possibly for DA Saenz to garner favor with Alex Begum

The key language in the charge is "make an obscene comment, to wit: stating that the victim was a fake and that the victim would use her last name as a way to get a vote."

Click for Criminal Charge

Even without an attorney Josefina Canales will have no problem getting this Information quashed at her hearing on October 30, 2013.  [educational note:  in a misdemeanor case the charge is called an Information - in a felony it is called an Indictment]

If what she allegedly said is obscene and a basis for criminal prosecution, Jerry McHale is going down for life.  This is the most significant abuse of office I have ever seen from a DA for purposes of retaliation.  No judge will allow this case to continue.  Josefina Canales will have no problem finding an attorney in Houston to sue all parties concerned in this charge which is based 100% on harassment.

Now, we all know because many light years ago when Ernie Hernandez refused to pay him for an ad in El Rocinante or allow him to place his rag sheet in Ernie's business, McHale swore vengeance for life.  The fact Ernie's relative destroyed the self anointed great white hope, McHale, when he ran for mayor did not endear McHale to the Hernandez family.

But here is the question:  Either all of the bloggers and press believe in freedom of speech or they do not.  Anyone in the press or the blogs who fails to denounce this act by Luis Saenz is making clear it is okay for the DA to prosecute someone because they called a political candidate a "fake."  This should universally offend.  It will not because the press and the bloggers so hate the Hernandez family the press and the bloggers believe violating some one's right to free speech is a valid punishment for associating with the Hernandez family.


Let us not forget Alex Begum accused Josefina Canales of extortion.  Like the liar he is, he never posted the so called  Facebook statement wherein Josefina Canales engaged in an act of extortion.  The proof it never happened is not just the fact he never published the statement, but that after DA Saenz working to do Begum's dirty work the most DA Saenz could come up with is calling someone a fake is obscene.

I have already referred Ms. Canales to First Amendment attorneys at the University of Houston Law School.  They will look at this charge and laugh out of control and then take Luis Saenz down.  Luis Saenz is so self absorbed in his ego he seems to forget the ACLU taking the lead in the Manuel Velez case already kicked his ass.  He now wants to take them on over a free speech issue.  For the record we the taxpayers are now paying two top notch attorneys to defend Manuel Velez in his retrial.

Click for Barton Story on the Alleged Extortion

Dallas county chose to ignore the endless abuses of the past DA's and is now paying out millions as more and more people are being freed from jail under the Freedom Project.

I know Cameron County - this commissioners court will remain silent - it is not their money which will be used to pay the judgments which will be forthcoming because of Luis Saenz abuse of his office.  They will say they have no control over his abuses.  LIES

They have the ability to issue a vote of no confidence as a way of telling the community Commissioner Court finds Luis Saenz inept and an acceptable DA.

Again this Commissioners Court will not act.  On election day come March for the primaries, and November for the general election, as Cameron County finds itself tied up in litigation over Saenz's abuses it will be up to the people to vote out of office any commissioner or even Judge Cascos for their silence.

You have no right to ask for any one's vote when you are willing to remain silent when such a blatant abuse of office is happening before your very eyes.

Commissioners Court can also vote to have their counsel refer Luis Saenz and ADA Carlos Martinez to the State Bar for disciplinary action.  They will not.  Commissioners Court has always seen the DA's office as something to be ignored.  This policy forced Armando Villalobos to use bogus forfeitures to fund his office.  They will now ignore Luis Saenz's endless abuses without regard for the impact it has on the reputation of the county, and the county's budget when judgments issue.

The only good news for Commissioner Court is, the Herald out of hatred for the Hernandez family will declare this not newsworthy.

[EDITOR'S NOTE:  I am publishing now because I have to get to bed.  I have an early morning.  I have no idea what time I will return home.  If everything goes well I will be home by noon.  If everything goes badly I will be home in a week.  I hate nothing more than the comment of, "why have you not published my comment?"  I do not sit at my computer waiting for your comment.  In the morning I will be in a building with no cell signal. ]
September 26, 2013

Sylvia Perez Garza
Chair, Cameron County Democratic Party
Brownsville, Texas

Re: Meeting called by you for Friday, September 27, 2013

Dear Chair Perez Garza:

Last night at 9:47 pm I received an email from the Cameron County Democratic Party calling a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cameron County Democratic Party for 6:00 p.m., Friday September 27, 2013. The email does not state what matters are going to be discussed or acted upon at said meeting.

As you are well aware Article III, Section E 8(b), of The Rules of the Texas Democratic Party requires that “Precinct Chairs shall be notified by written notice at least five days in advance of all meetings, excluding emergency situations.” I have provided you with a copy of The Rules of the Texas Democratic Party with this letter.

A notice less than 24 hours of the called meeting is in direct violation of Article III, Section E8(b) of The Rules of the Texas Democratic Party. And if it is an emergency, you have failed to state what emergency you believe allows you to call this meeting with less than 5 days notice.

As I understand, you have stated that you intend to announce for the position of Cameron County Judge this weekend. You aware that you cannot, under Texas law, be the elected Chair of the Cameron County Democratic Party and be a candidate for a partisan elected position such as Cameron County Judge. Upon your announcement (if such an announcement is to take place) and required resignation, Article III, Section E 5(b) requires that vacancy of Chair “shall be filled by majority vote of the County Executive Committee at a meeting at which a majority of the membership shall constitute a quorum.” That meeting can be called by you or the Secretary of the County Executive Committee. “Upon the written request of any Committee member, however, the Secretary shall call one for a date not more than 20 days after receiving the request, giving each member notice of the time, place, and purpose. Should a Committee Secretary fail to act after being requested in writing to do so, the State Chair shall call the meeting in like manner.” Article III, Section E 5(a) of Rules of the Texas Democratic Party

If you intend to resign from the position of Chair of the Cameron County Democratic Party and are calling the meeting this Friday September 27, 2013, for purposes of electing a Chair of the Cameron County Democratic Party to replace you, I am hereby giving you notice that such a meeting and election would be illegal under the Rules of the Texas Democratic Party.

In the event that you believe that this is some type of emergency (which I fail to see how it could be an emergency), and you are calling this meeting in order to have an election for your replacement, then, I am hereby providing you with written notice, pursuant to Article III, Section E 5(a) of Rules of the Texas Democratic Party, requesting that the Secretary of the Cameron County Democratic Party call a meeting for filling the vacancy of Chair of the Cameron County Democratic Party for a date not more than 20 days after receiving this request, giving each member of the Cameron County Executive Committee notice of the time, place, and purpose of the meeting.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Cynthia Hinojosa
Precinct Chair, Precinct 9
Cameron County Executive Committee


While working on this morning's posts both the keyboard and mouse stopped working. I had to finish on my laptop.

So I research the issue and all the solutions have the same fundamental problem.  If the mouse and keyboard do not work, how do I access anything in the computer [good news -  all data is on a portable hard drive].

See this one solution -

How do I click the start button without a working mouse or keyboard?

Any ideas - anyone - I know I need a new computer - mine is about 6-7 years old -  but with 6GB RAM  I hate to get rid of it.


"The vote was 3-2, with board members Art Rendon, Pat Lehman and Rosie Gonzales in favor of selecting Juarez and board president Edward Moore and member Abraham Galonsky against."

Source: Brownsville Herald 2010

At the time Antonio Juarez was hired to run the Brownsville Housing Authority, Abraham Galonsky was on the housing authority.    FAST FORWARD - Abraham Galonsky sold the Casa de Nylon building to the city of Brownsville.  His attorney is Tony Martinez's law partner.  Tony Martinez never disclosed this conflict of interest to the city commission.  This is a  crime.  DA Saenz will not investigate.  Tony Martinez is protected.


My readers should remember Tony Martinez and his harem voted against giving a security contract to the Escobedo brothers.  I told my readers if you know the cast of characters you knew why.

Abraham Galonsky either on his own or at the request of the FBI went in and testified against his former fellow board members on the Brownsville Housing Authority.  My source which has never failed me told me that the interview included the Escobedo brothers and the reason why Antonio Juarez was hired.  This is what the FBI is looking at.

Tony Martinez knew the details of the FBI interview because his law firm, through his law partner, represents Abraham Galonsky.  Galonsky did not go to the FBI without an attorney of three in tow.

Here is the original story concerning allegations of contract rigging by Antonio Juarez, Pat Lehmann, and Art Rendon to favor Jaime Escobedo.

The documents showing the million dollar contract given to Jaime Escobedo by Rendon, Lehmann, and Juarez, 15 days before Enrique Escobedo voted to reinstate Rendon. Now they want to pay off Rendon and Juarez with taxpayer money because the insurance companies refuse to settle.

On April 6, 2010, Enrique Escobedo voted to keep Art Rendon under contract.

He did this just 15 days after the BHA authority voted a $1,057,156.90, contract to Jaime Escobedo’s company Valley American Contractors. In the attached documents who seconded the motion to approve the contract? Art Rendon. Both Enrique Escobedo and Jaime Escobedo claim 55 Galonsky as a business address.

How is there no conflict of interest in Enrique Escobedo voting for this? We will let law enforcement decide that one."


I want to be clear, the investigation against Presas-Garcia remains pending. The problem is, the TEC sent me a letter stating that because I do not have the contract on the above phone number I have failed to state a violation of the TEC rules and the complaint is rejected. Here is the problem - I never filed a complaint alleging the phone was a violation of the TEC rules. All I did was include it as a piece of evidence for consideration. It was nothing more than evidence to tie Montoya to Presas-Garcia.

They have several issues which I cannot prove without the contract - for example - when did she first obtain the phone for Montoya?  Again, no complaint was ever filed on this issue.  It was simply included as a piece of evidence in general support of the link between the two.

I will appeal the decision.  You cannot reject that which does not exist.  They cannot produce any document wherein I filed a complaint with the TEC on this issue.  Yes, they can refuse to consider a piece of evidence as part of the general investigation.  But they cannot take a piece of evidence within the complaint and then reject it as a separate complaint.  You cannot  reject a complaint never filed.

I have said many times the TEC is a joke.  The reason the candidates ignore the rules is because the TEC refuses proper investigations and refuses enforcement in terms of the criminal statutes.

This matter as to the phone is before law enforcement agencies.  So in the end I am not worried.  At the end of  the day the TEC's conduct on this matter will only go to prove how inept they really are.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013



Emma Perez-Trevino finally reported that Villalobos is asking for a continuance for his sentencing. No where in the story does she report that the key reason is the DOJ failed to file a timely presentence report and that because of the DOJ's failure they are in agreement to a rescheduling of the sentencing to late February.  Leaving out these facts is equivalent to not reporting the story at all. 

Anyone who knows the facts knows Emma has a major score to settle with Villalobos and his attorneys.  In  fact during the trial she trashed them on her Facebook page.  Any real paper would have terminated her for such conduct.

I only raise this issue because the Herald is the problem.  Writing a biased article against Villalobos is Emma at her best while deciding this story concerning Tony Martinez and federal Judge Hanen's wife is not newsworthy. 

The Brownsville Herald is the most  significant obstacle to justice in Brownsville and the primary  cause Brownsville will never move forward.  It's publisher makes it his primary job to protect every corrupt official he deems needing protection.  While Emma may technically no longer worker for the Herald, she still works for the same corporation which owns the Herald.  In her career with the Herald she has always been a willing participant in covering for those who she and her boss deem needing protection. 

People, so long as you buy the Herald, you are helping to pay for the protection these criminals and unethical politicians receive.


This is beyond simple - I did a simple google search to find the law on the issue.

"texas open records attorney client privilege"

I immediately found that which follows:

From the AG Opinion:

"A governmental body carries the burden in the open records ruling process of demonstrating to this office how and why information is excepted from required public disclosure. (36) The applicability of the attorney-client privilege to particular information depends more on the facts surrounding the creation and maintenance of the information than on its content. (37) If a governmental body fails to provide this office sufficient facts pertaining to the creation and maintenance of the information so as to affirmatively demonstrate the privilege with respect to each document or record at issue, we cannot assume such facts. (38) The governmental body may thereby fail to meet its burden. (39) When asserting the attorney-client privilege, a governmental body's burden necessarily includes demonstrating the elements of the privilege. We therefore next examine certain elements of the Texas privilege. (40)"

Click for copy of COB's letter to the AG with objections

Further from the AG opinion:

"The attorney-client privilege is properly asserted under section 552.107(1) of the Government Code, which excepts from required public disclosure a client governmental body's privileged communications, as defined in Texas Rule of Evidence 503. The exception will generally apply to an entire communication, except in the case of attorney fee bills."

The COB did not even assert section 552.107(1) of the Government Code.  Further the city made no effort to justify any of the redactions in the produced documents, especially the "attorney fee bills."

All Martinez and Sossi have done is make matters worse for the city and federal judge Hanen and his wife Diane Dillard.  This is moving forward which not end well for any of them.


Further from the AG Opinion:

"Although an assertion of section 552.107(1) or Texas Rule of Evidence 503 is discretionary and a governmental body client may thus release the information in lieu of asserting the privilege ... . "

There is no indication that Martinez or Sossi took this matter to the city commission to decide if they as a governmental body want to assert the privilege.

This is yet  further evidence of the intentional obstruction by Martinez and Sossi.  It only further makes it appear federal judge Hanen and his wife Diane Dillard have something to hide.

Within these documents could be enough evidence to indict Tony Martinez over the Casa de Nylon matter.

In 2015, this matter and the city commission's handling of the matter will be an issue. 

The commissioners have every right to put this issue of waiving attorney client privilege on the agenda.  This forces the matter into the open.  The Herald will still not cover it, but at least the people watching the meeting will know the truth, and will then have a record as to which commissioners helped to run cover for Martinez and Sossi.  Any commissioner who helps in this matter needs to be sent packing.

As I stated yesterday, every commissioner is entitled to every text, email, letter, and bill related to Diane Dillard.  The documents belong to the governmental body, not Tony Martinez.

I am doing another open records request to get the texts, emails, and letters from Diane Dillard related to all real estate deals she worked on for the city.

I will be shocked if any commissioner dares put this issue on the agenda to assert their rights.

I am raising with the AG that because the commission was never informed of the matter or given an opportunity to speak to the issue, the objection asserted by their attorney is void.


Allison Bastian works for the city as the person who will do what ever she is told to do.  As noted above she did not even assert the attorney client privilege section in her filed objection with the AG.  Also of note, she improperly addressed the letter to the wrong section of the AG's office.

Governmental bodies should send their requests for open records letter ruling to the OAG by US Mail to:

Office of the Attorney General
Open Records Division
P.O. Box 12548
Austin, TX 78711

Allison Bastian cares not about the quality of her work because her job is to do the dirty work and take the fall for Martinez and Sossi.  It speaks volumes about these men Martinez and Sossi that they use an inept female attorney to do their dirty work. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Texas passed some sweeping reforms to its Open Meetings Act.  While not the purpose of this post there is one which is very interesting for two reasons: [1] in a world of honesty it would be great, and [2] in the world of reality why would the elected officials who currently use their private emails and texting to do it in secret voluntarily now agree to talk about issues in a public forum?

"Texas is the first state in the nation to create a new way to monitor the work and deliberations of government officials. Each government, whether it be city council, school district, county commissioners court or a state agency, is now allowed to create an Internet message board where officials, both elected and appointed, can publicly discuss government business away from officially called meetings."

"A third big change coming Sept. 1 is that text messages, emails and other electronic messaging from either public or private accounts between elected officials will officially be part of the public record."

Source: Dallas Morning News

The latter is big.  But as the county attorney told me in regards to an email I am looking for related to Commissioner Benavides, it is on the honor system if the commissioner wants to disclose the email.  In one request several years ago to the  city, they wanted a deposit I believe was nearly a $1,000 for computer time for the employees to do the email search.  I walked away from that request.


Diane Dillard worked for the city and not Tony Martinez.  This means every city commissioner is entitled to every email, every text, and every letter from Diane Dillard related to city business.  Every city commissioner should make an immediate demand for this information.

If this city commission thinks Marc Sossi is not going to filter the emails they are nuts.  They would do well to request the information for themselves and the vote to hire an attorney to work directly with Diane Dillard to produce the same information for the city commission.  Diane Dillard has no right to object.  She must turn over to her client the entire file - her client is all the city commissioners.

In fact the city commissioners have a right to email Diane Dillard and ask for a copy of the client file - to include all letters, texts, and emails.  Any commissioners willing to do this should copy the request to the FBI and the Open Records section of the AG's office.

If Diane Dillard balks, then the city commission needs to sue her to compel her to act.

I know this city commission - they will do nothing. 

The big question is, for the city did Diane Dillard negotiate with Martinez's law partner for the purchase of the Casa de Nylon building and in her communications did she tell Martinez he had a  duty to disclose the conflict of interest to the city commission.

The AG's office now knows what is going on.  The sad part is, when and if the city attorney forwards the material to the AG's office there is no way of knowing if he is withholding key evidence.  I have asked that the AG's office demand Diane Dillard sent her copy of the file to include emails, texts, and letters.

The only way the entire city commission and AG's office gets everything is for the city commission to force Diane Dillard to produce her client file.   Until this city commission is willing to do this, then this is all for naught.

My sources are telling me Tony Martinez is mad as hell.  Charlie Cabler is pissing his pants 24/7 waiting for Tony to come into his office and fire him.  The fact Tony cannot do this without the consent of the city  commission is lost on Tony Martinez. 

As one administrator told me "it's like knowing the Gestapo is coming and you just have to sit and wait for your time."

I am sorry Diane Dillard is in this mess - but it is of her own making.  You do business with the devil and he will take you down.  Tony Martinez cares not a rats ass what happens to Diane Dillard and her husband Judge Hanen - he is out to protect himself at any cost.


He has joined the firm of McDermott, Will and Emory LLP.  How this will impact further proceedings in the Villalobos case is unknown.  But based on what I viewed Greg Surovic has this under control.

Monday, September 23, 2013


Judge Gonzales courtroom is just down the hall from where Judges Linda Salazar and Erin Garcia perform civil marriages for a fee.

It would be nice if all judges once a month offered free weddings.  But the reality is, without the  fees from weddings we would never get qualified people to run for JP.  The pay is just way too low without the wedding fees.

I find it cynical that David Gonzales is using free civil marriages as a distraction from the fact everyone knows his ties to Villalobos and in particular to all the bogus forfeiture cases which helped to get Villalobos convicted will be used against him.  Yea, I do not believe the people are that cynical. 


This morning when I read his trashing of Southmost, a part of Brownsville he obviously knows nothing about, I knew we were back to the same old psychotic muse inspiring the Imp's writing.

His psychotic muse needs an editor - someone - anyone - tell me what this sentence written by the Imp means -

"Would City Hall folks immediately call a news conference to at least $300 would soon be invested in Southmost?"

Further on he misspelled "seen" as sen, but caught it in a later edit. I do not give a crap about this nonsense - for me it was an indication of something wrong. If the Imp knew anything at all about Southmost he would know it is rich in real culture, music and food. These families have been there for generations and protect their neighborhood.

I would never even consider living in north Brownsville. The year I lived off of Alton Gloor, while I liked my rental home, I hated the area. No one knew anyone - it was just cattle in a cattle car waiting to move on to the slaughter house.

Not Southmost - everyone knows one another. They are family - neighbors - the weekends are the best barbecues in Brownsville with the best music. There is no need to go to a bar when the entire community is cooking outside playing great music and having a great time.

Now I live on the edge of Southmost and my neighborhood is Halloween central. They come from all over Brownsville for our celebration. I am really going to do the house up this year. We are neighbors. We love to cook over mesquite. We love our music - we love to sit out front and talk nonsense while having a beer - we love life.

It is sad the Imp has no concept of real wealth, family, or being part of a tight neighborhood.


He accuses me of stealing Montoya's report. What did Montoya report. He did an open records request and the city rejected it. Where is his background research? - non-existed. Where is the key link between Judge Hanen and Tony Martinez, other than Diane Dillard getting work? Non-existent.

Some 15 days ago the BV broke the entire story with documentation of Diane Dillard's real estate work for the city.   Now, Montoya's story is important for the cover-up - but it provides no details.  I want to stress I think Montoya's story is very important - it proves just how far Tony Martinez will go to protect himself. 

See September 8th post. 

The Imp and his psychotic muse actually believe that the people of Brownsville will forget they read the entire story here at the BV 15 days ago.  Guys, he truly has no idea he is lying - that part of his brain was lost a very, very long time ago. 

On September 9th, the BV posted the news of the meeting between Tony Martinez, and Diane Dillard and her husband, federal judge Hanen, in the Hanen home.  The follow up story documented with facts generated 49 comments.

But the Imp wants all of Brownsville to know these two stories never happened - you imagined it.


This morning I spoke with the city secretary and she stated she would look into the status of my request.  Nothing - no response and no notice in the mail rejecting my request.  I put in the mail today to the AG a request for an enforcement action against the COB.

All Tony Martinez is doing is making things worse for federal judge Hanen and his wife.  In the end, the AG may rule some information as protected by attorney client privilege - but the projects she worked on are not subject to attorney-client privilege.  All of the real estate deals were done in public.  All we want to know is which ones she worked on.

More tomorrow on how the city commissioners can end Tony Martinez's political  career.



Tony Martinez may go down as the dumbest mayor in the history of Brownsville.  This morning I am reading that the city is basically refusing Montoya's open records requests regarding Diane Dillard, wife to federal judge Andrew Hanen.

See BV's Original Post

Montoya is reporting that based on the following request the city is seeking an AG Opinion on most of his request.

"1. for "all disbursements to vendor Diane Dillard" and,
2. "all responses to city RFPs (Requests For Production(?) (sic) Proposals from vendor Diane Dillard."

I have done these before and my request reads as:

"Please produce all paid or pending invoices submitted by Diane Dillard or her law firm since May 2011."
In fact I just got a response from cameron county concerning a specific lawyer.  The county sent me the invoices submitted by the lawyer.  I asked for all pro tem appointment invoices and the county released them.
The city has failed to timely respond to my open records request.  This is where the AG's office is a complete and total joke.  I can file a complaint today and in their opinion they will say the city has waived any objection and that if they want to agree with the city's late objection they will uphold it.  This is why the Open Records law in Texas is a complete and total joke - the jokester is the Dishonorable Greg Abbott - Texas Attorney General and Republican Candidate for Governor.
Isn't it a great system - AG Abbott who could have cases before Judge Hanen gets to decide if he will run cover for Diane Dillard, Judge Hanen's wife.  Our system is beyond broken - it is not subject to repair.  Any time anyone sues the state or state official from this area it could end up in Judge Hanen's court.
I can assure my readers any objection at this point from the city as to my request will result in me filing a judicial complaint against Judge Hanen.  Any order by Greg Abbott protecting Diane Dillard, will be added to the complaint as evidence of cover-up.
From appearances point of view, what we have is Tony Martinez running cover for Diane Dillard - which in effect is running cover  for federal judge Hanen.  With Judge Hanen being a Republican, knowing everything we know about Greg Abbott, we can expect his office to run cover for his fellow Republican.
If these idiots from hell want to make this into a major investigation - I will accommodate them. 
I have informed the city secretary's office that they are late in responding to my open records request.  I am waiting to hear from the city secretary.
Mind you, the city secretary has no control over this.
I can tell you for a fact - Charlie Cabler was running his mouth about this the day before the Brownsville Voice first post - that would have been September 7, 2013.  He had on his desk all of the documents requested by Montoya the day before, and was pacing in fear of being fired by Tony Martinez if he released them.  It seemed he was very upset and decided to vet by running his mouth all over town.
City officials had informed the BV in the past of Diane Dillard's contract work with the city.  But when you are dealing with a federal judge, you need to make sure you have an issue before you publish an article on the allegations.  It was when it occurred to me that Tony Martinez had no way of knowing what the FBI had or did not have on his son Trey Martinez, that I knew I had a story.  Cabler fearing for his job, only made it even more apparent Tony Martinez was up to no good.
When you operate in secrecy, you invite speculation.  The sealed event in the Villalobos trial very well could have been an order by Judge Hanen to the parties to brief the issue of his wife working for the  city of Brownsville at Tony Martinez's request while the court was reviewing evidence which could have implicated Trey Martinez in a cover-up for Limas or Villalobos or even outright criminal conduct.
Because of Tony Martinez's decision to play games with the open records request, it is time Judge Hanen recuses himself from any  further involvement in the Rosenthal or Villalobos cases.
I want to be clear - there is no evidence Judge Hanen is party to this cover-up - this 100% smells of Tony Martinez and his endless machinations to run Bedlam as its senior patient.
Judge Hanen needs to put the integrity of the federal judiciary ahead of his own interests and remove himself from any further proceedings involving Villalobos or Rosenthal.  It is not a question of any wrongdoing by Judge Hanen - I am sure he is as shocked as the rest of Brownsville concerning Tony Martinez's endless game playing.  He should express his disappointment in the city in making matters worse and then recuse himself.  In fact his wife, Diane Dillard should inform AG Abbott that she wants all documents released.
Judge Hanen and Diane Dillard have now learned, when you do business with Tony Martinez you do business with the devil himself.  Other people doing people with Tony Martinez better note, if to protect himself Tony Martinez will throw a  federal judge and his wife under the bus, what will he do to you?

Saturday, September 21, 2013


I rarely if ever use a coupon because the things I buy do not have coupons. Sometimes I can buy two bags of my Jakarta coffee with two dollars off, but those coupons are very rare. At CVS I wait for my 30% coupon via email and then do my monthly shopping. I give them my phone number and they take 30% off at the register. This saves me on average $20 a month.

So here is this twinkee at HEB - 22-26 years of age maybe - who decides she is the coupon queen. She gets in the line for 10 items with 50 items of hair products. The first group of products will not ring up as she wants it because the HEB coupon is for the sample size and not the full size.  She refuses to believe the cashier so an assistant manager has to go get the products to prove they exist.  So now they have to undo the 10 full size already charged.  Now she has 10 more of another product and wants to use the HEB coupon along with the merchant coupon.  The HEB coupon says you cannot use their coupon with other coupons.

To this twinkee it means calling over the manager again.  Another argument - she will not budge.  She demands to see a copy of HEB's official policy printed from online.  She claims HEB online states you can mix coupons. So now they call another manager who tries to explain this to her and she refuses to listen. 

I know this seems short - but at this point I am on line going on 20 minutes with the line not moving.  She is waiving around her big coupon purse explaining to people she is entitled to double coupons so she can get everything nearly free.  Never mind she got on the 10 items of less line with 50 items.

Finally the manager has had it with this lady and clears the cashier's register and tells the cashier to start ringing up the other customers.  This lady was not giving up.  She finally left with nothing when she realized no one was going to play her game.

Not that facts matter to many people - but stores which do the double coupons, charge the loss to the customers who do not use the coupons.  When I lived in Dallas I would not shop at any store with double coupons.  Why should I pay for the products bought by the people using coupons?

I am not going to buy something I do not want just because it has a double coupon value.


They had a lot of $1 books for Bela with a 10% off coupon.  So I bought 5 books and saved 50 cents.


" A Catholic official says the Vatican has removed a bishop in Peru amid allegations that he sexually abused minors.

Bishop Luis Bambaren told reporters Friday that 53-year-old Gabino Miranda had been removed as part of Pope Francis' "zero tolerance" policy against abuse.

Peruvian authorities said in a statement they are investigating the charges against Miranda, who is the second known bishop to be removed recently by the Vatican amid abuse allegations."



For me the worst critics are those who insist that good is only what they like. For me this book was maybe a C+, but based on my review you may find it is exactly what you are looking for.

I love fiction books which deal with archeology, anthropology, myth, history - you get the picture -  for me the key is the book being filled with details.  Other authors put a lot of research and detail into such books, buy Andy McDermott, is very short on details. 

I understand that some people may find all of the detail too much for the book to be enjoyable.  For me detail in these type books is like garlic, you can never have too much.

I am reading a second book by McDermott which has the same basic problem - 120 plus pages into the book and it is all car chases, shootings, moped chases, falling from buildings - and on and on and on .  At 120 plus pages he finely turns to some detail, but only in moderate levels.

The underlying story in "Hunt for Atlantis" is good.  Maybe about two-thirds through the book you begin to see the twist, which causes a change in direction.

If you prefer light on detail, and heavy on shooting and chases you will like this book.  If you prefer the other authors who are heavy on detail but light on shooting, you will enjoy the book, but it will not be memorable

Friday, September 20, 2013


The DOJ has failed to file a timely presentence investigation report thereby necessitating a delay in Villalobos' sentencing. The delay is just part of the process to keep the negotiations going.

The DOJ has indicated that it is unopposed to the sentencing hearing being reset to February 2014.

See Unopposed Motion

Villalobos was convicted on 7 counts on May 24th, 2013.  Assuming his sentencing moves  forward in February by the time all is done it could be a full year after his conviction before he has to report to prison.

Whomever it is the DOJ is seeking to indict with Villalobos' help, he/she better be as big as the state of Texas. 

Courthouse watchers know what is going on.  The DOJ does not serve transparency by being party to this delay.  They just need to admit they are in negotiations with Villalobos for a possible recommendation in a reduction in his sentencing.  They would be revealing nothing courthouse watchers do not already know.

But the people, who do not understand the system simply will assume it is same old same old and in the end the victim will be the credibility of our legal system.

It is sad the defamation and vulgarities are already flying.  This is in part why we never move forward.  In the race for Commissioners Court I want to know what the incumbents have done to move Cameron county forward over the last 4 years, and how they intend to move Cameron county forward over the next four years.

The key language as to the future is, does the candidate have a game plan for  turning Cameron county into a metroplex with Brownsville at its center.  If they do not they will not get my vote.

Now, not everyone may agree with me about turning Cameron county into a metroplex with Brownsville as its center, but this does not mean those people should not define what they are looking for in a candidate.  If your only standard is "anyone but ..." then you are the problem.  If you intend to vote based on vulgarities then you are the problem.

In the primaries I will be voting Democrat, but come November, my only concern when I cast my ballot will be the candidate's ideas.  I do not care if you are a Democrat, Republican, Independent or whatever, I will be looking for candidates with real ideas in how to move Cameron county forward.

I have zero expectations that the Brownsville City Commission will ever move Brownsville forward.  It is a lost cause.

At this moment, all candidates have a chance for my vote - it begins and ends with their ideas.

I can only hope my readers will demand that the candidates for Commissioner Court outline what they have done in the past to move Cameron county forward, and what they will do over the next four years.  For new candidates - just give us your game plan for moving Cameron county forward and why your plans are better than the incumbents.   For me this election is wide open. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013


"The church sometimes has locked itself up in small things, in small-minded rules," Francis said. "The most important thing is the first proclamation: Jesus Christ has saved you. And the ministers of the church must be ministers of mercy above all."

.... .

But he continued: "A person once asked me, in a provocative manner, if I approved of homosexuality. I replied with another question: 'Tell me: when God looks at a gay person, does he endorse the existence of this person with love, or reject and condemn this person?'"

"We must always consider the person. In life, God accompanies persons, and we must accompany them, starting from their situation. It is necessary to accompany them with mercy. When that happens, the Holy Spirit inspires the priest to say the right thing."

.... ..

"The admonition will especially resonate in the United States, where some bishops have already publicly voiced dismay that Francis hasn't hammered home church teaching on abortion, contraception and homosexuality — areas of the culture wars where U.S. bishops often put themselves on the front lines. U.S. bishops were behind Benedict's crackdown on American nuns, who were accused of letting doctrine take a backseat to their social justice work caring for the poor — precisely the priority that Francis is endorsing."

Source:  Yahoo News

While Pope Francis' position may anger those who live to judge, I believe it will bring many back to the church.  This is a message the young can live with.  In time I believe he will be remembered for bringing about a Renaissance to the Catholic Church.


Two days of sun - so, so nice - but mind you were are just days away from another storm which is already mostly in the gulf hugging the Mexican coast.

I'm grabbing my coffee, a new book - and going for a vitamin D treatment - namely reading around the pool.  With any luck the sun will dry out that last small section of my backyard which still needs mowing.
For me there is more to blogging than merely reporting news, corruption, or doing a commentary.  I actually spend a lot of my day in private prayer.  For me Joshua [aka Jesus] told us to use only one prayer.  For me the ultimate act of wanting in faith is when a person prays for something specific - like good health. 
Matt 6:
King James Bible:
[6] But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.
[7] But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking.
[8] Be not ye therefore like unto them: for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him.
[9] After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.
[10] Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.
[11] Give us this day our daily bread.
[12] And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
[13] And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.
[8] is very clear - you need not pray for anything specific because God already knows what you need.  I never pray for anything.  I find people who pray for specifics lack faith in the very teachings of Joshua [8] Be not ye therefore like unto them: for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him
I am  working on stories.  But I am also taking a lot of time to reflect in how best to help a family in need.  Money is never the solution. 
On this question I am always guided by a Chinese Proverb
"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."
But how do you teach someone who refuses to ever learn?  The welfare state has taught this family to wait for the government to solve everything.  Unfortunately, the government cannot solve their problems - so they sit and get worse off by the day.
Consider today's post a day for pondering
Psalm 23 and the Lords Prayer are part of my daily reflection.