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Let me be clear up  front -  The 47 month sentence on Jim Solis was way too light.  He should have gotten the maximum sentence for what he did to our judicial system.  But that is not the issue here.

From the Herald - Yolanda De Leon's cry me a river.

"'She told the court that Solis and co-conspirators had tarred and feathered her with the criminal charges they had brought against her and had then conducted a public lynching.
She noted that the defamation lawsuit and charges against her had fallen in Limas’ 404th court. “It was no surprise or accident.”
“I had no chance,” she said, adding that she had had no way to defend herself. “Everything was controlled,” she added, noting that they had destroyed her reputation.De Leon spoke of the public embarrassment and humiliation she suffered, but also the harm to her husband, children, siblings, family and in-laws. She also said that their actions had been “hateful, spiteful and mean-spirited.”
There were “many dark days” and “despair,” De Leon said, noting that she had lost friendships due to the ordeal, had left the practice of law due to the cloud over her, and had even gotten to the point of being glad that her parents were not around to see this."

Source:  The Herald


I do not doubt that De Leon and others were targeted for their conduct.  But facts do matter.

The facts of the defamation case against De Leon, Zavaletta and the Herald are left out of the above referenced article because they do not play well for De Leon or the Herald - hence trash journalism.

De Leon, was sued for allegedly releasing confidential information related to men accused of child abuse, but not prosecuted.

For the record, children do lie.  A long time ago I  defended a man accused of abuse because the allegations made by the investigator made the claims too bizarre to believe.  The state, not my client, alleged that in the course of 5 minutes a little girl ate a package of white powdered donuts, drank a coke and then fell asleep only to be awaken in a moving car by the driver molesting her.  The 5 minutes was not disputed by anyone.  The snacks were bought at a store 5 minutes from the fair where they were headed.  These cases at  times can be impossible. 


In my  first child abuse case I stood with the little girl to the point I was willing to go to jail rather than be silenced in my investigation against the alleged abuser.  In the end the little girl was protected because everyone had their eyes on her to insure she was safe.  The Texas Supreme Court issued a mandamus against the judge who tried to stop my investigation.

See Grigsby v. Coker


"The indictments focus on confidential information that was released to district attorney candidate Peter Zavaletta during the March primary election.

That information was used in political advertisements that appeared in several newspapers.

The information belonged to the Cameron County's Child Advocacy Center and was not for publication, Villalobos has said."

Source:  Valley Central

Source:  Valley Central

My question is, what about the pain and suffering De Leon caused these men and their families by her conduct.  De Leon has no conscience.  She did what she did to settle a political score with Villalobos and did not care one bit about the pain and suffering she caused these men and their families. 

Why is this truth not in the Herald?  Emma Trevino-Perez never met a piece of trash journalism she would not put her name on.  Of course she knows as well as I do - Daniel Cavasos would never allow for the truth to be printed-  Emma is not a journalist.  She gets clearance as to what she can say like a puppet and then says it, knowing full well her story is trash.  This is why the American people consider journalists to not be trustworthy.  Her conduct in trashing Villalobos' attorneys on her Facebook page during the trial should have resulted in the paper pulling her from the courtroom - but it  did not because truth was not the paper's goal.

Yes, the Texas Supreme Court threw out the court of appeals decision against the Herald, De Leon, and Zavaletta.  But why?  It had nothing to do with the merits of the case.  It was based on the bribe.  According to the Texas Supreme Court because Limas ruling was void, the court of appeals had no jurisdiction to rule in the case.  The legal point remains pending.  But the fact remains, independent of any bribe to Limas the court of appeals found against the Herald on the law.   Why is this never reported. 

Supreme Court Opinion

Equity demands you enter court with clean hands.  De Leon's hands were anything but clean.  Judge Hanen's decision to ignore the damage De Leon did to the men and their families she allegedly defamed, informs an objective observe he was biased in his issuing of restitution to De Leon.

De Leon's hands were and remain as dirty as any one's.  When is she going to say "I'm sorry" to the men whose reputations she destroyed - along with the damage to their families.  Never - because she has no conscience - she only  cares about crying her river while ignoring how her dirty hands put her in this mess.


Trey Garza said...

Solis' sentence was far too harsh. One day in jail for Solis is equal to 100 days for a non lawyer. He admitted he broke the most sacred oath to a lawyer, protect the public trust. His fall was much farther than any of the people I have ever represented in my short career. I pray that his acceptance of his wrong doing, and his prayer of forgiveness is heard by higher powers than the courts of men.

It is a shame that we are going to spend taxpayer dollars to jail Solis when there are far more deserving criminals in the world.

YES he was wrong, but his crime never physically harmed anybody, he is not a rapist, a murderer, nor a thief. He is a corrupt politician, his bad is also mixed with his good.

I am ashamed of my close friend who revel in his pain. Many of my friends wanted a harsher sentence, yet they have no clue what true crime is.

Solis is a guppy. Rosenthal and others are sharks and deserve much harsher sentences. Solis was a local boy made good and corrupted by others. Those others should be paying for his error, they led him to it.

Let he is without sin cast the first stone.

Trey Garza

BobbyWC said...

First, Trey - thanks for your post - I do not look for posts which agree with me - I look for posts which extend the discussion

Thanks for extending the discussion and starting an intelligent exchange - this is when the BV works best

FYI Trey -

email me at

I want to send you something I think you will find interesting

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

In responding to Trey - I see valid responses which are part of a valid discussion with different opinions - just be professional - no reason to be nasty - make your argument in a professional manner - it makes for a more reasoned response

bobby WC

Trey Garza said...


I do not seek, nor do I desire the public's approval. I only desire that our community be informed, and hear the "independent" side of the story.

It is easy to attack others when you are not risking your skin at the front lines.... but walk a mile in your enemy's shoes and you will quickly lose your desire to fight.

Blogging is a battlefield . . . . but outside the blog sphere . . . our community needs action, not just words.

Walk into our courthouse and fight for a side, any side, and then tell us what it is like to work for people.. . . not the government . . . but real live people.

I promise you that you will have a different perspective on . . . "US" and who "WE" are.

Love your blog, thanks for keepin it real.

Trey Garza

BobbyWC said...

I think in part what you are saying is part of my post - the Emma chose to leave out the full story because it did not make the Herald look good or tell the truth about De Leon - she started it with her dirty tricks and then pulls a cry me a river - any real journalist would have told the entire story

But Trey please email me so I can send you something - its not work - you will understand when you get it

Anonymous said...

Trey Garza,

Corruption of the judicial is highest crime a person can commit. When done by a lawyer it is beyond despicable. It destroys the heart and soul of a community. Comparing it to the crimes you mention shows a complete lack of understanding of how a civilized society works.

BobbyWC said...

Thanks for adding to the discussion - My position is clear - the sentence is too low - but I think Trey's point is - Solis was not a leader -

But he was a participant - no one forced him to participate -

Now I think part of Trey's comment is premature - if Limas, Villalobos or Rosenthal do not get significantly higher sentences then I think Trey's point becomes even more true

I can only hope the 47 months Solis got means Limas, Rosenthal, and Villalobos will be getting a lot longer.

If Limas does anything less than 10 years I will be pissed - this guy had zero remorse - he is the lowest of the low - justice will not be served if he dies anywhere but jail

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Do not forget that Rosenthal was the "brains" behind most of the deals. He is a big city boy, rich to begin with, who thought he could come down to the Valley and do a real screwing of the system as a plaintiff's attorney. He was correct right up until the end. If they ever need a poster boy for narcissism this is their boy. I don't think there are very many floor length mirrors in Federal lockups.

Anonymous said...

To change the topic a moment: Elia Cornejo Lopez has filed a suite because her name was sullied and her reputation was dirtied? What the hay? I didn't know all that, but now I guess I will find out during the court case. Is she so hard up for attention she wants everyone in the County to know what kind of person she is? Talk about ill advised, and she is representing herself, you know what kind of person represents themself, don't you.

Anonymous said...

It is a shame that we are going to spend taxpayer dollars to jail Solis when there are far more deserving criminals in the world.

YES he was wrong, but his crime never physically harmed anybody, he is not a rapist, a murderer, nor a thief. He is a corrupt politician, his bad is also mixed with his good.

Wrong. He compromised the integrity of the Cameron County judicial system. It is individuals like him that make the work that all attorneys, including yourself, harder, or rather, for naught, when they buy favorable decisions from a judge. Harmed anyone? What about the harm he caused good, hard-working, honest folks in the legal field and their ability to put food on the table for their families? What about the victims who never had a chance because the odds were weighed against them from the get-go?

Enduring defamation and slander have a tremendous effect on a family and an individual’s career. Look what it did to De Leon?

You, Trey, of all people should know what that does to family with your own sister-in-law city commissioner who endures it often. She is YOUR wife’s sister after all. Perhaps instead of defending Solis, you should be defending and fighting for her.

BobbyWC said...

Nice post - very focused - I think people rarely understand the damage done to the honest lawyers and their clients because of the corruption by some lawyers and some judges

The damage to humans is actually quite real

But like I said, Trey's point will only be made clear once we see how long Limas, Villalobos and Rosenburg get - if Solis ends up with more then I think Trey's comment becomes very real - the top guys needs a lot longer sentences

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Also, lets not forget how De Leon's and Zavaletta's conduct destroyed families - it is not always about bribes - political corruption for personal gain also destroys families

This was my entire point of this post

Bobby WC